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Shape Lives with Top 25 PowerPoint Backgrounds for School

Shape Lives with Top 25 PowerPoint Backgrounds for School

Malvika Varma

Malvika Varma

April 1 2020

“School is a building that has four walls with tomorrow inside.” – Lon Watters


The word ‘school’ takes us to the flashback memories. Memories of fun, laughter, friends, teachers, our study desk, winter breaks, and books that instantly uplift our mood. And not just these memories, the school adds different chapters in our lives!


We spend quite a significant time of our lives at school and we can definitely vouch for the influence it has on us, even as adults. Children of today are just a step away from becoming responsible adult citizens who will participate in making several important decisions for the nation. So schools undoubtedly play a crucial role in molding a country’s future generation. The school inculcates qualities in young, impressionable minds which make them better human beings. It gives the opportunity to not only learn about maths, science, language, and world culture but acts as a building block for the overall development of the child. Without this building block, the confidence, teamwork, socializing and other such instrumental qualities will go missing which shapes one’s personality and the way he/she deals with everyday situations.


Getting the attention of students is the first step towards educating them and introducing the learning process in the most interactive way is not an easy task. Communicating ideas to students requires a compelling method that lets them think beyond the bookish knowledge. 


Let us not get restricted to the usual books and journals for learning. Open the new gateways to knowledge with our eye-catching 25 PowerPoint Backgrounds for School. Dive into these amazing PowerPoint Backgrounds for School designed by our SlideTeam professionals and let the students’ imagination run its course. 


Top 25 PowerPoint Backgrounds for School to Download


Template 1


American Students Education PowerPoint TemplatesDownload American Students Education PowerPoint Templates


Education forms the fundamentals of any society. It is answerable for the social, economic, and political growth and development of society which can be explained with the school PowerPoint Template. The thread of society’s development largely depends upon the quality of education that is being communicated. So download this PowerPoint layout to illustrate the vital role of school in constructing a nation’s future by enabling the all-round development of its future citizens. The flag of America in this education PowerPoint background can be employed to highlight the education policies of a country. 


Template 2


School TemplatesDownload School PowerPoint Template


A school is a place where the kids get familiar with books and knowledge. It is the building block and the early experiences with other kids at school leave a lasting impression. Employ this school education PowerPoint theme to emphasize the importance of knowledge. The school teachers can introduce this PPT background for discussing the kindergarten curriculum with parents. Shopkeepers can also incorporate this institution PowerPoint layout to showcase the educational games for kids. 


Template 3


Learn Concept Education PowerPoint TemplatesDownload Learn Concept Education PowerPoint Templates


School helps in the overall personality development of students. Employ this schooling PowerPoint template to discuss the various character traits which are inculcated in children at school. The schooling is effective with positive reinforcement from parents which can be communicated to them with the assistance of this PowerPoint theme. Knowledge is no longer limited to books only. Interactive methods are developed to engage kids which can be elaborated by utilizing this PowerPoint background.


Template 4


School Children PowerPoint TemplatesDownload School Children PowerPoint Templates


This school children PowerPoint template can be utilized by teachers to promote the power of education. The knowledge given at school gives access to new ideas, including science and language which can be showcased using this amazingly designed PowerPoint theme. Students are given the opportunity to learn more about cultures, geography, and personal history which can be highlighted by incorporating this education PPT background.


Template 5


Elementary School Students EducationDownload Elementary School Students Education PowerPoint Template


This attention-grabbing PowerPoint template can be employed by educators to introduce the process of learning. Teachers can make them understand how education can be beneficial for them in everyday lives. The color palette used in this PPT background and the image of kids is useful in giving a sense of relatability and hence encouraging the students to enjoy learning.


Template 6


Value of School EducationDownload Value Of School Education PowerPoint Template


The value of school education in the lives of a person can be expressed effectively with this infographic PowerPoint template. Schools can introduce this PPT background for their website background and other media platforms for the promotion. This education PowerPoint theme can be introduced to create awareness about the importance of schooling.


Template 7


School Promotion How We Help The Local CommunityDownload School Promotion How We Help The Local Community PowerPoint Template


The vital role of education in improving the quality of life is significant and can be discussed with our attention-grabbing school PowerPoint template. Government officials and NGOs can incorporate this school education PowerPoint layout to promote the less fortunate families to enroll in schools with monetary aid provided. Local communities can be encouraged to send their kids to school for their bright future by creating awareness with this school PowerPoint background.


Template 8


PowerPoint Templates For School CrosswordDownload PowerPoint Template For School Crossword


The school crossword PowerPoint template is a versatile background that can be used to illustrate how education gives answers to even the complex queries. Education gives immense opportunities for students which can be showcased with the assistance of our school PowerPoint theme. Extra curricular activities can be promoted by our school PowerPoint layout.


Template 9


Pencils Education PowerPoint BackgroundsDownload Pencils Education PowerPoint Backgrounds


This awe-inspiring PowerPoint template can be utilized when presenting on topics relating to writing or storytelling. Students can incorporate this school PowerPoint background for notice boards and projects. Teachers can also employ our infographic PowerPoint template for discussing the extra curricular classes organized by the school. Arts classes can be introduced in the curriculum by our school PPT theme.


Template 10


PowerPoint Templates Training Wired To School ChildrenDownload PowerPoint Template Training Wired To School Children


Online learning is very important nowadays as it lets the students learn beyond the classroom. Schools can introduce this infographic PowerPoint to promote the e-learning facility. The advantages of online teaching can be elaborated using this PowerPoint theme. School websites can utilize our PPT background to list the features provided by them for better learning experiences of students.


Template 11


Environmental Education Showing Awareness Action And AttitudeDownload Environmental Education in School Showing Awareness PowerPoint Template


Environmental education is the need of the hour. Educating the young generation makes them responsible citizens which can be illustrated with our PowerPoint template. The different aspects of environmental education such as knowledge, skills, concern, citizens, participation, and research can be communicated with this school PowerPoint theme. 


Template 12


Visual Aid With Teaching And Student LearningDownload Visual Aid PowerPoint Template


Visual aid in school is of great advantage for students which can be elaborated using our school learning PowerPoint template. This education PowerPoint layout can be downloaded by school authorities for promoting their school and interactive teaching methods. 


Template 13


School Banner Project With Playing StudentsDownload School Banner Project With Playing Students PowerPoint Template


Our school banner PowerPoint template can be incorporated for various purposes. This PowerPoint theme can be very effective in conveying the message of teamwork which is imparted by school learning. Incorporate this PPT theme to make students and their parents well aware of the importance of sports for the development of a child. Extra curricular activity camps can also introduce our school children PowerPoint layout to advertise the event.


Template 14


Lessons Learned Creative Splash Pencil And Bulb With SchoolDownload Lessons Learned Creative Splash Pencil And Bulb With School PowerPoint Template


Innovative ideas are encouraged in the school environment and they can be efficiently conveyed to the viewers by employing this education PowerPoint theme. This school PowerPoint template can be downloaded by students for their projects and lay emphasis on the freedom of learning beyond books or journals.


Template 15


Students With Black Board Education IconsDownload School Students PowerPoint Template


School PowerPoint templates can be incorporated by schools and colleges to elaborate on the benefits of educating the youth. NGOs and other organizations can download this attractive school PowerPoint layout to promote education among the masses. School meetings can easily include this PPT background for stating various school-related information.


Template 16


Moral Education Of StudentsDownload Moral Education Of Students PowerPoint Template


Moral education results in the development of the basic attributes of a good human being. Discuss the subject of humane education, emotional intelligence, morals and values, conflict avoidance and environmental education with our school PowerPoint template. Elaborate on the effects of good moral education by incorporating our attention-grabbing PPT theme.


Template 17


School Promotion Our SpecialitiesDownload School Promotion Our Specialities PowerPoint Template


List the special features of your school and the various opportunities it provides to the students by utilizing our  PowerPoint template. This PPT background is perfect for any education center to highlight the key features of their institute. Our PowerPoint layout can be utilized for promoting various facilities like infrastructure, learning methods, etc. on the school's website.


Template 18


Global EducationDownload Global School Education PowerPoint Template


Online education has helped schools to widen up the scope of teaching which was earlier restricted to just lessons in the textbooks. Highlight the global education services provided by your institution with our school PowerPoint layout. Schools can incorporate this PPT background to showcase their achievements. You can discuss the guiding principles adopted by your school which helps students in achieving their dreams. Alumni success stories can also be showcased with this attractive PowerPoint background.


Template 19


School green board

Download Background With Green Board PowerPoint Template


Educators and scholars can download this versatile school PowerPoint theme to discuss the various subjects. Students can utilize this visually appealing PowerPoint template to discuss their project findings. The various spheres of life which get influenced by good school teaching can be discussed with this PPT theme.


Template 20


Innovative Competitions For School Students PowerPoint TemplateDownload Innovative Competitions For School Students PowerPoint Template


The importance of thinking innovatively can be illustrated with the assistance of our infographic PowerPoint template. School competition events can incorporate our attractive PowerPoint theme. The various activities conducted by school authorities to promote out of box thinking in everyday situations can be conveyed efficiently with this PPT background.


Template 21


Education Classroom PowerPoint SlideDownload Education School Classroom PowerPoint Slide


Incorporate our school PowerPoint template to discuss the need of educating the youth. Illustrate the power of education by utilizing this school PowerPoint theme. Educationalists and scholars can employ this PPT template to present the stats and findings related to the education system and other relevant data in an effective manner with our school PPT layout. 


Template 22


School Banner Project Showing StudentsDownload School Banner Project Showing Students PowerPoint Template


Our attractive school PowerPoint template is a perfect fit when presenting on topics relating to writing or storytelling. The teaching schedule of the classes can also be demonstrated by utilizing our school PowerPoint background. This amazingly designed PowerPoint presentation template can be used for various purposes. The friendly environment of school teaching can also be conveyed to parents by utilizing this school PowerPoint theme.


Template 23


E Learning Education PowerPoint TemplatesE-Learning Education PowerPoint Templates


E-learning at the comfort of sitting at a place and gaining world-class knowledge can be efficiently conveyed with our school PowerPoint layout. This school PowerPoint template can be downloaded for school websites to promote the facility of online teaching.


Template 24


Children With Recycle Symbol PowerPoint TemplatesDownload School Children With Recycle Symbol PowerPoint Templates


The crucial role of the young generation in saving mother Nature can be highlighted with our school PowerPoint template. Promote the message of green thinking and green living for the future of the country by employing our school PowerPoint theme. 


Template 25


Hand And Book Stairs Education PowerPoint TemplatesDownload Hand And Book Stairs Education PowerPoint Templates


This education PowerPoint template is best suited for conveying the powerful message of how knowledge leads to the staircase of success. Educators can download this visually appealing PowerPoint layout to spread the global message of empowering every citizen with knowledge.


“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

Give wings to your imagination by downloading these fully customizable PowerPoint Backgrounds for School specially curated to meet your needs.


Happy Learning!

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