Life and death meet face to face at the time of war. Everything collapses and lots of lives are lost but sadly, war is sometimes inevitable. While nobody likes the idea of having to leave their family and friends, some of our fellow countrymen have taken up arms to defend their country.  It takes great valor and sacrifice to do what our soldiers do.

“We sleep peaceably in our beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf.”- George Orwell

Military power has a critical role in the creation and sustenance of the international political and economic order. A strong military ensures a higher degree of security and stability. It also gives the ability to seize or reduce its neighboring countries and potential rivals in areas such as economics, political or resource-based power. History tells us about the countries whose eventual downfall came on the battlefield.

“The Army is the true nobility of our country.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

It is for the military men who sacrifice their lives so that we can live in a free and prosperous society. Even more so, the brave soldiers and veterans risk their lives to safeguard our freedom and liberty. We enjoy liberty and freedom much because of the courageous men and women at the battlefield who dedicate their lives to protect their nation. The selfless act of valor of our military men and women deserves to be honored.


May is celebrated as Military Appreciation Month as it includes many United States military celebrations and commemorations, such as Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Armed Forces Day, and most importantly, Memorial Day. Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May to pay homage to the men and women who have died while serving in the military. As our military force deserves to be honored and appreciated, SlideTeam has designed Top 25 Army & Military PowerPoint Templates for you to download.


Explore these professionally designed PowerPoint templates and appreciate the fearless soldiers.


Top 25 Army & Military PowerPoint Templates to Download


Template 1


Soldiers People AmericanaDownload Soldiers People Americana PowerPoint Template


Military forces play a crucial role in the safety of the citizens of the nation. Emphasize the significance of the armed forces by downloading this striking military PowerPoint template. It can be employed to announce events such as Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day to showcase all the pride and strength of our soldiers. The simplistic yet elegant style and fully-customizable layout make this PowerPoint background a great option for any military-related website.


Template 2


Veterans Day AmericanaDownload Veterans Day Americana PowerPoint Template


Perfect for events such as Memorial Day, download this military PowerPoint theme to commemorate exceptional service of the military men and women. The flag background of this military PowerPoint template makes it suitable for paying tribute to the soldiers who fight for the country’s safety. A military school, army, and military service advertisement website can easily incorporate this attractive PowerPoint theme


Template 3


Soldiers Undergoing Army Training Challenges Download Soldiers Undergoing Army Training Challenges PowerPoint Template


Training institutes website can easily employ this editable military PowerPoint template. Also, it fits the war military club, veterans association, etc. websites and can help in raising funds for the wellbeing of the families of the martyrs. Encourage students to take military services as a career with this military PPT background. The significance of good health can also be discussed with the assistance of this splendid army PowerPoint layout.


Template 4


Army Helicopter Blackhawk AmericanaDownload Army Helicopter Blackhawk Americana PowerPoint Template


Armed forces deserve all the respect from the citizens which can be elaborated by this attractive military PowerPoint theme. You can employ this fully customizable army PowerPoint template for a military school website. Recruitment of any branch of the service like air force, navy, etc. can be effectively communicated with the help of this military PowerPoint template. 


Template 5


Soldiers Army YouthDownload Soldiers Army Youth PowerPoint Template


Download our eye-catching military PowerPoint template to honor our soldiers for events such as Army Day and Memorial Day. The patriotic design of this pre-designed military PowerPoint theme makes it perfect for school and college projects. This army PowerPoint theme can be useful in case of selling military gear. It is high-quality, easy to edit, and customizable military PPT background.


Template 6


Navy Slide Showing Our MissionDownload Navy Slide Showing Our Mission PowerPoint Template 


Incorporate this military PowerPoint template for highlighting the missions of the armed forces for a seminar or conference. Information regarding recruitment in military services can be illustrated on the website by employing this eye-catching PowerPoint background. You can create a navy website showcasing the pride and valor with the help of this editable military PowerPoint layout.


Template 7


Image Representing Navy Battleship Miniature On TableDownload Image Representing Navy Battleship PowerPoint Template


Our navy PowerPoint theme can be downloaded by school teachers to educate students about the armed forces of the country. The history of the navy can be elucidated in seminars and conferences by utilizing this easy-to-edit military PowerPoint template. Activity camps can also incorporate this attractive PowerPoint layout for showcasing the details of model making competition.


Template 8


Military Man Saluting In Uniform And CapDownload Military Man Saluting PowerPoint Template


Pay a tribute to the brave soldiers of the military with this editable army PowerPoint template. You can download this visually appealing military PowerPoint theme for the website that sells military uniforms and can increase your customers. You can also utilize this professionally designed military PowerPoint background to give details of the events of celebrating the nation’s armed forces. 


Template 9


Navy Commander Officer With Marine ShipDownload Navy Commander Officer With Marine Ship PowerPoint Template


Download this navy PowerPoint template to showcase the honor for the defense forces. Boot camps, military clubs, military service promotion websites, veterans associations, etc. can utilize this versatile military PowerPoint theme. Recruitment agencies can employ this aesthetically appealing military PowerPoint background to mention the eligibility details of the interested candidates.


Template 10


Our Mission Shown By Navy ImagesDownload Our Mission Shown By Navy PowerPoint Template


For strategy mission implementation, the defense team can utilize this professionally designed military PowerPoint template. To have a clear organizational mission for everyone to function at the highest level, employ this splendid looking military PowerPoint theme. Seminars regarding military services can incorporate this ready-made army PPT theme.


Template 11


Air Force Formation IconDownload Air Force Formation Icon PowerPoint Template


Highlight the training given to armed forces with the help of this striking military PowerPoint template. Moreover, the contents are also customizable to suit your needs. You can download this military PowerPoint background to highlight the formations made by our soldiers to fight against the enemies across the border. Training institute websites can employ this editable PowerPoint template.


Template 12


Black Bird Army AmericanaDownload Black Bird Army Americana PowerPoint Template


Honor the guardians of the sky with this ready-made armed forces PowerPoint template. Highlight the services offered by military forces to safeguard the borders with the help of this editable army PowerPoint theme. Military services and army recruitment campaigns can be communicated effectively with the assistance of this professionally designed PowerPoint background.


Template 13


4 Step For Command ProcessDownload 4 Step For Command Process PowerPoint  Template


Details of the command process in the military can be efficiently illustrated by utilizing this infographic military Powerpoint template. Download this infographic military PowerPoint theme to highlight the missions which are being relayed from one commander to another. In line with this editable PowerPoint layout, a proper command process can be ensured.


Template 14


First Aid Kit In A Military BunkerDownload First Aid Kit In A Military Bunker PowerPoint Template


The need for first aid kits can be emphasized with the help of this amazingly designed military PowerPoint template. Use this editable army PowerPoint background for seminars addressing the health care facilities at the military camps. Medical facilities can also be showcased by utilizing this high-quality PowerPoint template.


Template 15


Military Badge Blue And WhiteDownload Military Badge PowerPoint Template


Use this high-quality PowerPoint background to pay tribute to the martyrs. Incorporate this attractive military PowerPoint template into your history class to educate students about the armed forces. Blogs and websites illustrating the services of defense forces can download this aesthetically appealing military PowerPoint layout. Army and Military Templates can be showcased to honor the brave soldiers. 


Template 16


Military Badge Icon For BraveryDownload Military Badge Icon For Bravery PowerPoint Template


Show your appreciation for excelling troops by downloading this editable military PowerPoint template. Utilize this patriotic PowerPoint theme to build a website for NGOs, military, and army recruitment. Incorporate this visually appealing military PowerPoint background for military-related presentations in seminars and conferences.


Template 17


Swat Icon Showing Special Military OfficerDownload Swat Icon Showing Special Military Officer PowerPoint Template


Introducing this pre-designed military PowerPoint template to mention the responsibilities and duties of the military officers. Utilize this ready-made army PowerPoint theme to showcase the accomplishments of defense forces. This military PowerPoint background can be used to elucidate the members' duties and line up. 


Template 18


Air Force Airplane IconsDownload Air Force Airplane Icons PowerPoint Template


Employ this attractive military PowerPoint theme to understand the structure of the airplane. This fully customizable army PowerPoint layout can be downloaded to serve your military-related websites and blogs. Jet construction companies can incorporate this editable PowerPoint layout.


Template 19


Navy War Ship With Fighter Jets On Board In OceanDownload Navy War Ship With Fighter Jets PowerPoint Template


The department of defense is one of the most crucial sectors in maintaining national security. Download this editable military PowerPoint template to explain the role of the navy in safeguarding the coasts of a nation. Incorporate this striking military PowerPoint theme and discuss the responsibilities of our navy department effectively. 


Template 20


Navy War Ship With Anchor SignDownload Navy War Ship With Anchor Sign PowerPoint Template


Military service and army recruitment campaigns can be addressed with this visually appealing PowerPoint theme. News related to armed forces can be communicated effectively by this pre-designed military PowerPoint layout. The training required for navy recruitment can be mentioned to encourage more candidates to choose the armed forces as their career.


Template 21


Army Base Camp IconDownload Army Base Camp Icon PowerPoint Template


Sell products associated with the army camps, outside adventures by utilizing this editable military PowerPoint background. Websites related to military facilities can download this ready-made army PowerPoint theme. Army and Military templates can be used for informing about the details of camping.


Template 22


Military Resolution Making ProcessDownload Military Resolution Making Process PowerPoint Template 


Emphasize the power of the defense department by incorporating this professionally designed military PowerPoint theme. Highlight the military resolutions with this editable military PowerPoint template. The stepwise military resolution can be communicated efficiently with this striking PowerPoint theme. 


Template 23


Army Opinion Creating Model TemplateDownload Army Opinion Creating Model PowerPoint Template 


A military force is a large organization that follows an organized workflow. Elucidate the responsibilities with the help of our professionally designed military PowerPoint template. Military-related events can easily download this editable defense forces PowerPoint theme.


Template 24


Navy Officers Giving Guard Of Honor In ParadeDownload Navy Officers Giving Guard Of Honor PowerPoint Template


Download this attention-grabbing military PowerPoint theme for a dedicated blog or website to share content appropriate for warfare. Seminars addressing the military services can incorporate this attractive military PowerPoint template. Commemorate the sacrifices of our soldiers by utilizing this military PowerPoint background for events such as Memorial Day. Army and Military Templates are useful for encouraging youth to opt for armed forces.


Template 25


Black History Month Us MilitaryDownload Black History Month Us Military PowerPoint Template 


Employ this visually appealing powerful template to educate students about the history of military forces. With this comprehensively designed military PowerPoint template, you can elaborate on the success stories of our martyrs. Download this stunning military PPT background for military-based websites.


Great men and women in the military have families of their own who they have to leave behind to defend their country and for the safety of citizens. Commemorate our army heroes with these Top 25 Army & Military PowerPoint Templates. 


Download these templates to keep the spirit high and strong!