In the 1980s, Coca-Cola faced fierce competition from Pepsi and boarded on a bold move to gain an edge. They introduced 'New Coke' to revolutionize their flagship product. The reaction was far from what they had anticipated. The introduction of New Coke sparked a flood of public discontent and fury. Negative feedback poured in, causing Coca-Cola's market share to plummet and creating a crisis for the company. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Coca-Cola swiftly strategized. They made the audacious decision to return the original formula as 'Coca-Cola Classic,' accompanied by a carefully crafted marketing campaign celebrating its beloved taste. The impact of this strategic shift was nothing short of extraordinary. The triumphant return of Coca-Cola Classic resonated with consumers, reigniting their loyalty. Coca-Cola swiftly regained its market share, solidifying its position as a global beverage leader. 


This example serves as a compelling reminder of crucial lessons in business strategy:


  1. Understanding customer preferences and their deep connection with a brand is paramount.
  2. Remaining faithful to a brand's core identity and heritage can wield immense power in preserving customer loyalty.
  3. Having the courage to acknowledge and rectify mistakes through course correction is vital in the ever-evolving business landscape.


Business Strategy Google Slides Templates with Samples and Examples

Compelling templates are vital for building company strategies to stay true to your brand's fundamental identity and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. If you're in search of such templates, worry not! We have designed powerful templates that will assist you in making bold decisions when needed, ultimately securing long-term success. Stay agile in a fast-paced business world with our fully customizable and editable templates.


Let us take a tour of these templates now!


Template 1: Business Strategy Best Practice Tools and Templates Set 

Explore a variety of strategic frameworks, analytical models, and practical slides that will empower you to craft a winning strategy. Stay one step ahead of the competition, navigate market changes with agility, and drive sustainable growth for your business. Ignite your strategic vision and propel your organization to new heights using our business strategy best practice tools and templates. Get it now to transform your business and achieve runway success.


Business Strategy – Best Practice Tools and Templates Set 1


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Template 2: Business Strategy Best Practice Tools Templates 

Discover a wealth of strategic tools in our comprehensive PPT deck. From PESTLE analysis to scenario planning, OGSM framework to portfolio management, our deck equips you with the resources needed to revitalize your business strategy. Develop a practical roadmap infused with strategic insights to build a well-defined, impactful, and realistic business plan. Leverage the power of strategic planning to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and set long-term goals and priorities for your organization. Get it now to drive your firm toward unparalleled success.


Business Strategy – Best Practice Tools and Templates Set 3


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Template 3: Building Substantial Business Strategy PPT Deck

This presentation offers a comprehensive guide for management to secure a competitive market position. It focuses on enhancing product sales, achieving cost leadership, and improving workforce skills. The deck includes a company snapshot, growth assessment framework, competitive analysis, and strategies for overall growth. It also covers product-related expansion, including development parameters, new product initiatives, launch tracking, sales forecasting, and innovation management. Gain valuable insights and tools to develop a winning business strategy with our presentation.


Building Substantial Business Strategy for Firm Success


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Template 4: Business Strategy Best Practice Templates 

This comprehensive deck is designed to help firms identify their strengths and weaknesses, uncover opportunities, and set long-term goals for organizational success. It encompasses many tools and models to revamp your business strategy. Dive into the depths of the five forces model, conduct gap analysis, use the GE McKinsey 9 box matrix, develop a go-to-market strategy, and explore the Hambrick and Fredrickson strategy diamond and hedgehog model. It also covers the Hock model of behavioral design, the Hoshin planning system, Kay's distinctive capabilities framework, Kottler five product level model, Kotler's pricing strategies, and Lafley and Martin's five-step strategy model. Download it to gain invaluable insights and frameworks to elevate your strategic planning. 


Business Strategy – Best Practice Tools and Templates Set 2


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Template 5: Business Strategy Best Practice PPT Templates 

With this downloadable business strategy PPT template, corporates can delve deep into their internal and external landscapes, uncovering hidden opportunities and conquering formidable challenges. Craft well-informed strategies that drive sustainable growth and propel your organization toward a brighter future. Our template provides a structured approach to strategic decision-making, ensuring your activities are aligned with long-term goals. Embrace adaptability in dynamic market conditions, outpace your competitors, and secure lasting growth in today's fiercely competitive business landscape.


Business Strategy – Best Practice Tools and Templates Set 4


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Template 6: Determine the Right Pricing Strategy PPT Deck

Pricing is crucial for business success. This PowerPoint presentation helps you craft a robust pricing strategy to generate revenue, cover costs, and achieve profitability. With our slides, you can enter new markets, expand your customer base, and strategically position your prices for a competitive advantage. Adapt to market changes flexibly, respond to demand shifts, stay ahead of competitors, and make informed pricing decisions. Maximize revenue and maintain competitiveness using our comprehensive PowerPoint slide set. Get it now to unlock the full potential of your pricing strategy.


Determine the Right Pricing Strategy for Your Business


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Template 7: Business Strategy PowerPoint Presentation 

With the help of this template, you can leverage its features to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your target market. Dive deep into understanding customer segments, their specific needs, and preferences. Identify the factors influencing their purchasing decisions and tailor your business strategy accordingly to meet their demands effectively. Furthermore, use the template to analyze the competitive landscape within your industry. Identify your key competitors, their strengths, weaknesses, and strategies. This analysis will provide valuable insights to help you position your business strategically and gain a competitive advantage.


Business Strategy


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Template 8: Business Strategy Innovation PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Using this slide, define a structured framework for exploring and analyzing different aspects of your current business model. It guides you through the process, ensuring no crucial elements are overlooked. Using it, you can assess different strategic options and evaluate their potential impact to streamline your business model with your overall goals and objective. 


Business Strategy Innovation


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Template 9: Business Strategy PPT Template Bundles

Creating a business strategy can help you achieve long-term growth for your firm, and this PowerPoint Template will help you get there. This presentation template demonstrates what you must do to reach your objectives, including examining prior business strategies, setting clear targets, etc. Engage your audience with visually stunning slides that communicate your ideas with impact and clarity. 


Business Strategy


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Template 10: Business Transformation Strategy PowerPoint Template 

Plan a business transformation strategy using this PPT slide to give your organization a clear vision and direction. With this cutting-edge template, proactively respond to market shifts, technological advancements, and changing customer demands. Build a solid foundation for the future, ensuring your relevance and success in the evolving business landscape with PPT Slides dedicated to this. Get this presentation template now!


Business Transformation Strategy


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PS: Discover this comprehensive guide for a versatile and meticulously designed business strategy framework. Set out on an adventure with our comprehensive guide on business development strategies, which covers a wide range of plans and projects. Get hold of these Market Trend Analysis Templates for creating profitable business strategies. 


FAQs on Business Strategies


What are the four business strategies?


The four recognized business strategies are:


  1. Cost Leadership: Aiming to be the lowest-cost producer in the industry, companies using this strategy offer products or services at lower prices while maintaining acceptable quality through efficient operations and cost management.
  2. Differentiation: Companies following this strategy create unique and distinct offerings that set them apart. They achieve differentiation through product features, quality, branding, customer service, or innovative design, attracting customers willing to pay a premium for the differentiated value.
  3. Focus: This strategy targets a specific market segment or niche with specialized products or services. By concentrating efforts on a particular customer group, geographic area, or product line, companies effectively tailor their offerings to meet their target segment's unique needs and preferences.
  4. Growth: Growth strategies focus on expanding market presence and increasing sales and profits. Companies achieve this through market penetration, product development, market development, or diversification, depending on their goals and market dynamics.


What are five business strategies?


The five fundamental business strategies outlined are:


  1. Cost Strategy: Streamline operations and exploit economies of scale to provide products/services at competitive prices.
  2. Quality Strategy: Exceed customer expectations by delivering high-quality products/services through meticulous design, manufacturing, and exceptional customer experiences.
  3. Distribution Strategy: Optimize logistics and supply chain management to establish efficient channels for timely and cost-effective product/service delivery.
  4. Technology Strategy: Harness technological advancements such as automation, data analytics, and digital platforms to drive efficiency, innovation and enhance customer experiences.
  5. Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy: Safeguard and leverage intellectual property assets, including patents and trademarks, to gain a competitive edge through innovation and effective IP management.


What are business strategy examples?


Here are two business strategies examples:


  • Improving Customer Experience:

A key aspect of building a solid reputation is delivering exceptional customer service. Businesses often identify areas to enhance the customer experience and develop strategies to address specific challenges. For instance, a strategy focused on improving service may prioritize initiatives such as enhancing online support systems or establishing a more efficient call center.


  • Attractive Pricing Strategy Example:

Your pricing approach plays a crucial role in shaping customer perceptions. Offering affordable prices is an effective way to attract new customers while setting higher prices can create an aspirational value for your brand. Each pricing strategy requires a different business approach. Low-priced businesses rely on higher volumes for profitability, while those with higher prices maintain product exclusivity and enjoy larger profit margins per product.