Cloud adoption in business has increased manifold in the past few decades. According to a recent survey, 83% of company workloads are already cloud-based. This trend is not going to slow down. In fact, companies are planning to move to cloud computing completely. Wondering why? This blog will shed light on cloud computing benefits and more. 

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In simpler terms, cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of computer services using the internet instead of local computers or servers. There are several benefits of cloud computing that organizations gain by making this technology transition.


Let’s check them out.


Benefits of Cloud Computing


  • Saves money

The conventional servers require frequent upgrades, which are expensive for companies that do not have high ROI or are still in the start-up phase. There is no cost for purchasing and maintaining any equipment on the cloud. Another expense for companies that are not cloud operational is to hire a dedicated tech support team to fix technical issues. Both these problems are tackled by cloud service providers, resulting in saving cash in the long run.


  • Minimum operational issues

Cloud service providers are solely responsible for making their cloud server bug-free by automatic updates and upgrades. The cloud service provider is most likely to be looking for the solution even before you realize a glitch. The cloud computing hosts take care of incident reports before the company IT team figures out the problem. This saves the IT team’s time and efforts to fix the operational issues and does not let the business suffer in the meanwhile.


  • Easy team collaboration

Cloud computing allows all team members to have real-time access to shared files, irrespective of their location. The day-to-day activities are effectively streamlined by adopting cloud computing in business. Data on the cloud is also accessible on smartphones, facilitating work from home options for organizations. Inherently,  cloud computing improves workplace productivity.


  • Reduced carbon footprint

Less physical servers lead to less resource consumption. Moreover, as files can be shared easily through the cloud, the need for printing the data reduces significantly, which also plays an important role in reducing the carbon footprint and saving the planet. No need for over-positioning of resources makes cloud computing an energy-efficient technology. This also showcases the company’s objective of encouraging its employees to reduce their carbon footprint.


  • Data security

A security breach can lead to defamation and have serious ramifications on brand positioning. So to avoid it, the cloud allows file security and control features. Cloud providers ensure authentication, encryption, and access control features that enhance data security. Such advanced features of the cloud make it safe from cybercrimes and data breaches.


  • Loss prevention

There is no need to worry about critical data loss due to computer dysfunction, power outage, or natural disasters. If we are dependent on the traditional on-site infrastructure, the data is still vulnerable to viruses, malware, and other hardware malfunctions. The data stored on the cloud is safe and secure. Cloud computing allows full disaster recovery and backup of the organization in case of any emergency.


  • Rapid deployment

The speed of cloud computing is way quicker. The in-house technology can take many days to implement a change or upgrade, whereas the cloud can deploy critical technology delivering results in significantly less time. Rapid deployment of services directly affects the productivity of the business and saves costs to the company.


  • Flexibility and scalability

The needs of a large company are different from that of start-ups. To suit the operational needs, cloud services can be upscaled or downscaled quickly and easily. If the business demands are increased, then the cloud capacity can be increased easily without any physical infrastructure investment. The fluctuating business demands can be easily met with ease of scalability, for which the cloud offers numerous subscription plans. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in saving capital. 


  • Quality control

As many people have access to a single file, the process is streamlined, and people are on the same page. It is easy to monitor and ensure quality control with the help of cloud computing. As many people in real-time can access one file, the fear of data replication is minimized. Plus, the access control options such as ‘view only’ ensure that only people who are given access can edit the file. Cloud enables users to decide the level of access they want to give to others. 


Industries adopting cloud computing 


  • Retail

A significant portion of the retail industry relies on e-commerce, which requires good internet services. It helps customize the user’s shopping experience by recording the buying history, coupon codes, special membership offers, and other details that require large data files. Cloud computing technology helps in saving data and marketing products at greater efficiency. Also, as the customer base grows, the cloud services can be easily scaled. It also improves supply chain management by showing real-time results with the entire company. 


  • Education

This industry has recently undergone a massive transformation. Online classes have been the need of the hour, and cloud computing has enabled a smooth transition from the conventional teaching method to more technologically-enhanced virtual classrooms. The modern approach to teaching has made students technology savvy. Cloud computing also enables better collaboration with teachers and fellow students, which is crucial for the child’s overall development. 


  • Healthcare 

By introducing cloud computing in the healthcare industry, the patient’s medical history documents can be stored and accessed without hassles. Cloud computing helps hospitals and other medical institutions have electronic health records of patients. Telemedicine is another sector that benefits from cloud applications. As the patient data is accessible from anywhere, the overall patient experience is improved. Virtual medication and health care services have become a boon for patients who cannot visit the doctors in person. 


  • Finance

Client communication and finance management are crucial for finance industries. Financial institutions also require various analytical tools which can be easily accessed using cloud computing. This sector requires a huge database, including several transaction records, which must be stored securely. This requirement is fulfilled by storing data on the cloud. Mobility is also one of the key features of cloud computing, which is advantageous in the financial sector.


  • Marketing

In view of the high dependence on internet services, cloud computing contributes to advertising and marketing to create and promote content. Another advantage is that it helps in tracking leads and having an effective sales management cycle. The cloud-based services also allow automated marketing campaigns which save a lot of time.


10 Best Cloud Computing Templates to Download


Adopting cloud computing for business has numerous benefits. To help you with an easy transition, SlideTeam has designed the 10 best cloud computing templates. Utilize these ready-made templates to acquire a competitive edge.

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Cloud Computing


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Marketing For Cloud Computing


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Template 3

Cloud Computing Roadmap


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Template 4

Benefits Of Cloud Computing


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Template 5

Top Cloud Computing Security Alliance


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Template 6

Cloud Management Strategy Framework


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 Cloud Computing Service Benefits


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Template 8

Marketing Plan For Cloud Services


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Template 9

Cloud Computing Services


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Template 10

Cloud Computing Security


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In the end..


Cloud computing is the go-to technology for keeping your business up and running, no matter what. With so many advantages which cloud computing offers, ‘going cloud’ is a sure-shot way to succeed and stay relevant in the dynamic market.