Can you visualize where your business currently is and where it should be? Tricky, isn’t it? 


While the business objective can be summed up into just a few sentences, the visualization of the step-wise process and nitty-gritty details of the specific workflow to reach the outcome is super complex. Business analysts can imagine how complicated and tedious it is to visualize the business processes and keep tabs on everything going on in an organization. And then comes the business process model in the picture. It is a great business tool that is of utmost importance and proves to be helpful. 


Let us dive deep into the business process model and its various aspects.



What is a business process model?


A business process model is a graphical representation that illustrates the nuts and bolts of a particular workflow. This organizational tool helps map the baseline and determines the improvements required in the future. The business process model illustrates the intricacies of the connecting activities. Its primary focus is on in-depth analysis, stimulation, identifying bottlenecks, and optimization inefficiencies.


The significance of the business process model cannot be overlooked. Let us have a look at them.


  1. Seamless adoption of new strategies - The changes as per the new strategy must be aligned with the business operations for smooth execution to reach the goals.
  2. Smooth communication process - When you have an idea of the tasks lined up, methodology, and proper documentation, the communication process is improved significantly. A business process model helps make well-thought-out decisions and is, hence, less chaotic.
  3. Improved operational efficiency - Process optimization is achieved by minimum disruptions, eliminating redundancies, and proper utilization of resources.
  4. Better control and consistency - Due to proper documentation of every process, there is less guesswork, enabling efficient control and consistency.
  5. Standardizing of procedures - A standardized process helps in saving time in giving training to new employees.
  6. Competitive edge - The process of redesigning and improving, which otherwise is a tedious task as a slight change in an approach leads to further changes, becomes easy to implement because of the business process model, which gives an edge over the competitors.
  7. Enhanced team collaboration - The business process model helps keep track of activities, provides transparency, and ensures everybody is on the same page.


Now the question is how to create a business process model and what its components are. So let us understand these aspects of the business process model.


What are its steps and essential components?


Before kicking off the business process model, the following steps must be applied.


Step 1: Define the purpose.

Step 2: Plan and map the process.

Step 3: Set actions and assign tasks.

Step 4: Run the process.

Step 5: Implement the process in a live environment.

Step 6: Review the results obtained.

Step 7: Replicate the process to achieve the desired results.


Let us now go through the essential components of the business process model.


  1. Process - Shows the starting point and endpoint. 
  2. Activities - Performed by the system or a person.
  3. Flows - Describes the direction of execution.
  4. Gateways - Depending on the situation, these are decisions that can change the path.
  5. Events - These are trigger points that re-direct the path.
  6. Participants - Naming the specific people or system which performs the activities.


Too much to be taken into account for creating a business process model, right? SlideTeam professionals have curated the top 10 business process model templates for improved operational efficiency. These templates are pre-designed and can be easily modified as per the requirements.


So download these ready-made templates and let your business scale new heights.


Top 10 Business Process Model Templates to Download

Template 1

Offshoring Business Process Model With OnsiteDownload Offshoring Business Process Model With Onsite Template


Illustrate the complete workflow of your business process model by incorporating this amazingly-designed template. Also, the interconnectivity of each business operation can be showcased effectively by employing this striking business process model. As the template is editable, you can easily modify the content. 

Template 2

Testing Business Process Model

Download Testing Business Process Model Template


The complete testing of the business process model and all the relevant information can be illustrated by downloading this template. Additionally, the step-wise process stated in the template helps get insight into the business process model’s significance for efficient execution.

Template 3

Six Months Business Process Modeling Optimization Roadmap

Download Six Months Business Process Modeling Optimization Roadmap Template


Incorporate our customizable business process model template for highlighting the monthly roadmap for optimization of resources. Furthermore, this well-structured template is a must to present the different phases of process modeling lucidly.

Template 4

Business Process Modeling

Download Business Process Modeling Template


Illustrate the five-step procedure of developing a business process model by introducing this content-ready template. Additionally, the focus areas of each point can be described by downloading this pre-built business process model template.

Template 5

Business Process Modelling

Download Business Process Modelling Template


Give an overview of your company’s functional components by downloading this professionally-designed business process model template. You can also discuss the ERP system architecture with employees by downloading this customizable, complete deck. Moreover, the manager can demonstrate the whole implementation process effectively by utilizing this template. 

Template 6

Complete Guide To Input Output Business Process Model

Download Complete Guide To Input Output Business Process Model Template


Give insight into the input/output of the business process model by introducing this content-ready template. In addition to this, you can outline the critical business functions and their features with the help of this pre-designed business process model template. You can also discuss the project improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma and DMAIC by introducing this template.

Template 7

Scalability Of Business Model

Download Scalability Of Business Model Template


Elucidate the factors of scalability of the business process model with the help of this pre-designed template. Comprising ten slides, this complete deck covers topics such as framework and steps to achieve scalability in business. Furthermore, this complete deck is beneficial for showcasing the internal and external scalability of a business process model.

Template 8

Process Model

Download Process Model Template



Discuss the SIPOC process model with your colleagues by downloading this business process model template. Furthermore, this contemporary complete deck helps you explain the monitoring and response plan for mitigating the defects and gaps in the process. Download this attention-grabbing template for illustrating the different techniques for improving the existing business process model.

Template 9

Business ProcessDownload Business Process Template


Give the layout of the operational process by incorporating this business process template. You can choose the format which fits your requirements and modify the design elements. Additionally, this template showcases your expertise in the niche, as this complete deck is professionally-designed.

Template 10

Business Process OptimizationDownload Business Process Optimization Template


Mention the highlights of business process management and discuss its model by downloading this modern-looking complete deck. Illustrate the different tools and techniques for developing a robust business process model by employing this template.


Emphasize the power of business process models for an organization’s overall improvement by introducing our top 10 business process model templates. These well-crafted templates cover various aspects of business process models and are handy in conveying your ideas and strategies to the team. Download these business process model templates and revamp the traditional corporate strategies like a pro!

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