In today’s time, we work relentlessly to keep up with the fast-paced world and leave a good impression at our workplaces. Although it seems that we are working 24/7, we lose track of time which is hugely frustrating. As time seems to fly by in a wink of an eye, time management is the top concerning issue for most entrepreneurs. It is one of the major corporate challenges we face perhaps because we have no time to address it! 


“The key is not spending time, but in investing it.” - Stephen R. Covey


Time management plays a crucial role in the business world, where time is money. As the clock is always ticking, so are the tasks to be accomplished, making it a never-ending affair.  Networking, strategizing business plans, setting up meetings, and monitoring sales are just a few business activities that entrepreneurs have to juggle with. While amplifying business growth, we are so engrossed in work that we tend to miss a thing or two. To avoid this, efficient time management in the workplace should be practiced for which calendars and schedules are vital tools. So, let us share 10 Best Tips for Managing Your Calendar and Schedule to meet the project deadlines!


10 Best Tips for Managing Your Calendar and Schedule Efficiently


  • Prioritize- Prioritize! Prioritize! Prioritize! We all have heard of this word, and individuals can not ignore its significance in the corporate ambiance. Scheduling tasks as per the priority makes sure that the essential issue is tackled and focused upon. Prioritization enables faster and more positive results.
  • Use color code- Different colors can be used to mark each activity. By applying the color-coding technique, you can quickly glance over and get an insight into the nature of the business activity. E.g.,- Red color can be used to mark tasks that need urgent attention.
  • Include breaks to re-boot- Scheduling activities back-to-back seems fair at first but is not practical. Each work activity needs full concentration and focus, which is possible only when adequate breaks are incorporated. Buffer time helps us to reboot and perform better.
  • Use of reminders- Reminders play a crucial part in keeping things on track. Timely reminders give us an overview of the next task,  to not lose track of time.
  • Regular performance review- Reviewing performance helps to enhance work productivity. It reflects the business activities that took longer than expected to be worked upon in the future. 
  • Staffing practice optimization- Involving the team results in a significant development, but it involves a key factor to be considered. Team collaboration is fruitful when the staffing practices are optimized according to the skillset and with clear insight. 
  • Highlight the key points to remember- Key points or notes are of considerable advantage for providing a brief reference of issues to be addressed and taken care of.
  • Aim to be before the scheduled date- Due to a few unavoidable circumstances, it is not always that every activity gets completed in the estimated time. Buffer time comes to the rescue in such cases. Hence it is recommended to achieve targets before the scheduled date. 
  • Set realistic time limits to tasks- Creating a calendar and schedule with unrealistic time limits serves no purpose. Realistic time limits don't skyrocket the pressure among the team members and help them in staying motivated.
  • Review past month’s calendar and schedule- Learning from past calendars are one of the best ways to improve the path of achieving work-life balance. Individuals must not skip a timely audit of the calendar and schedule.

Although managing calendars and schedules efficiently are nerve-racking, it is of utmost importance to balance different tasks simultaneously. For better productivity and staying focused, SlideTeam designers have curated Top 10 Calendar and Schedule Templates. These contemporary templates are of immense utility as they help meet deadlines using the 10 Best Tips for Managing Your Calendar and Schedule Efficiently discussed above. 


Download now and seize the day!


Top 10 Calendar and Schedule Templates to Download


Template 1


Annual Schedule For Project With 12 MonthsDownload Annual Schedule For Project With 12 Months Template


Project activity details can be discussed with the team members by introducing this editable calendar and schedule template. Give an overview of the project activities of the entire year with the help of this content-ready template.


Template 2


Monthly Project CalendarDownload Monthly Project Calendar Template


Monthly calendars are of great rescue to get the tasks done on schedule. Download this visually appealing calendar and schedule template to keep track of the progress of the project. The color-coding technique here is useful for grabbing the attention of the user.


Template 3


Delivery Timeline With Schedule And ResourcesDownload Delivery Timeline With Schedule And Resources Template


As this template includes project notes, you can introduce this comprehensively researched calendar and schedule template. Managers can effectively communicate the phases and the delivery timeline by downloading this template.


Template 4


Create A Weekly ScheduleDownload Create A Weekly Schedule Template 


Prioritize the weekly activities by incorporating this ready-made calendar and schedule template. Give a brief of the task description, project start and end dates, and other relevant business details by employing this customizable template.


Template 5


Daily Employee Engagement CalendarDownload Daily Employee Engagement Calendar Template


Employee engagement helps optimize the workforce, which can be addressed by downloading this amazingly designed calendar and schedule template. The color palette used here makes this template striking and showcases the color-coding technique for managing time proficiently.


Template 6


Three Months Content Calendar RoadmapDownload Three Months Content Calendar Roadmap Template


Communicate with your colleagues about the various project activities by employing this pre-designed calendar and schedule template. This template can be used by the organization’s content team to stay on track with project timelines.


Template 7


Project Management Implementation TimelineDownload Project Management Implementation Timeline Template


Download this comprehensively researched calendar and schedule template to discuss the project timelines with your colleagues. Give a useful glance at the project by using this professionally designed template.


Template 8


Monthly Meeting Plan CalendarDownload Monthly Meeting Plan Calendar Template


Have sufficient time management by utilizing this stunning calendar and schedule template. Describe activities day wise by downloading this amazingly designed template. You can add key points using this editable template.


Template 9


Transition Plan Project CalendarDownload Transition Plan Project Calendar Template


Activity wise project plan can be demonstrated to the team members by introducing this calendar and schedule template. Using this ready-made template, you can mention the activities and plan accordingly.


Template 10


Annual Schedule CalendarDownload Annual Schedule Calendar Template


The annual schedule can be efficiently depicted by team leads with this contemporary calendar and schedule template. Download this attractive template and keep track of various scheduled activities.


Rightly said,

“A plan is what, the schedule is when. It takes both a plan and a schedule to get things done.” – Peter Turla


Ace the business game by taking the assistance of the 10 Best Tips for Managing Your Calendar and Schedule Efficiently. Download these striking calendar and schedule templates and do not miss a single deadline; instead, STAY AHEAD!