The significance of time management is not understated. It is one of the critical factors that ensure success in the workplace. Effective time management enables quicker progress in accomplishing the target. Planning ahead of time is what makes all the difference between a well-structured project and the one that is just haphazardly collected somehow! 


A project includes several activities that involve different departments. Keeping track of all the events without missing a deadline and managing all the team members so that every person is on the same page is no cakewalk. Timeline is an incredibly popular time management tool that is indispensable for any business project. 


Timeline is a useful management tool that allows a brief overview of activities that are coming up concerning the ticking clock. The chronological display of events prevents falling back from the proposed due date of a task. The timeline also helps to prioritize activities and also keep the team members motivated. 


As the timeline plays a vital role in the corporate world, SlideTeam professionals have designed Top 10 Free Timeline Google Slides Templates. With our Google Slides compatible templates, you can take advantage of the innumerable positive impact of the timeline on work. 


Without further ado, scroll down and download the ready-made, free timeline Google slides templates now!


Top 10 Free Timeline Google Slides Templates to Download


Template 1


Gantt-Chart-Free-PowerPoint-TemplateDownload Free Gantt Chart PPT Template


Project managers can utilize our free timeline Google slides template to highlight the key milestones to be achieved along with time. Discuss the activities which are on priority using our pre-designed free timeline template. The different colors can be used in this editable timeline template to bring focus of the audience.


Template 2



Download Free Path To Career PPT Template


The career timeline is crucial for making the right choices, which can be illustrated using our free timeline Google slides template. You can employ this editable free timeline PPT to describe the career path. Coaching institutes can incorporate this stunning PPT for explaining different career paths to students.


Template 3



Download Free Timeline PowerPoint Template


You can download our customizable free timeline Google slides template to showcase the different events. This PPT template can be employed to describe the steps of making a detailed timeline for projects. The color palette used her instantly grabs the attention of the audience.


Template 4



Download Free Timeline PowerPoint Template


Project managers can incorporate this editable free timeline Google slides template for listing the critical events of the project. This PPT layout can be of great assistance for team members to get an overview of the completed activities. 


Template 5


Zigzag-Roadmap-Free-PowerPoint-Template (2)

Download Free Zigzag Timeline PowerPoint Template


With the help of our amazingly designed, free timeline Google slides template, managers can communicate the different activities effectively to the teammates. This editable PowerPoint template can be employed to keep track of the progress of various activities. Using this visually appealing free timeline template, you can keep your employees motivated.


Template 6



Download Free Brainstorming Timeline PowerPoint Template


Brainstorming is essential for coming up with the best solution to any business problem. Download our free timeline template for giving the right direction to the discussion without missing important points. You can modify this template as per your convenience, as it is entirely editable.


Template 7



Download Free Time Management Timeline PowerPoint Template


The significance of time and timeline in the workplace can be described with the help of our predesigned free timeline Google slides template. You can download this visually appealing PowerPoint template for explaining management students about the need for a project timeline for the successful completion of the project.


Template 8



Download Free Purchase Funnel Timeline PowerPoint Template


Marketing and sales companies can download this striking free timeline Google slides template to track the progress of the consignment. Marketing firms can easily incorporate this versatile free timeline template for explaining and assigning tasks to the colleagues.


Template 9


Features-Highlights-Free-PPT-Template (1)

Download Free Timeline Highlights PowerPoint Template


The timeline’s significance can be elaborated in detail with the help of our pre-designed free timeline Google slides template. The color palette used here is eye-catching, which serves the purpose.  You can download this free timeline template for stating the main points while creating a well-crafted timeline. 


Template 10



Download Free Career Timeline Steps PowerPoint Template


Career progression, along with the timeline, can be elucidated using our ready-made free timeline Google slides template. You can also showcase the various designations of an employee using this contemporary free timeline template. 


Achieve entrepreneurial success and never miss a deadline by downloading this Top 10 Free Timeline Google Slides Templates. Give a clear overview of the proposed activities in chronological order by incorporating our attention-grabbing free timeline templates.