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Top 10 Market Opportunity Analysis Templates For Developing a Robust Business Strategy

Top 10 Market Opportunity Analysis Templates For Developing a Robust Business Strategy

Malvika Varma

Malvika Varma

March 26 2021

Every entrepreneur wants to chase the ‘next big thing’. But not all big ideas are worth pursuing. In fact, chasing too many ideas can be risky for the business. Count in the fierce competition, and the ultimate chaos ensues.


So what is the mantra for success?


Place your bets on the idea which has the highest potential to succeed. That is it!


But easier said than done, right? How does one arrive on this highest-potential idea?


The answer lies in a well-informed market opportunity analysis. Business is susceptible to the fluctuation of market trends, customer behaviors, and technological and scientific advancements. One needs to be an early bird to tap the market potential and foresee future demands to stay ahead of the competition. Failure to do so may result in a waste of resources and even the business. Market opportunity analysis is the perfect tool to beat instability and develop a robust business strategy. Let’s dig a little deeper. 


What is market opportunity analysis?


Market opportunity analysis is a technique that determines the attractiveness of opportunities for growth in a specific market or business area by synthesizing market research and client data. It is an indispensable part of a successful business strategy for launching a product or service to unlock hidden potential and develop avenues for increasing revenue. A typical market opportunity analysis should answer the following questions.


  • What are the most profitable sectors of the market?
  • What are the unique features of the company?
  • What are the environmental trends driving the market?


Not to be confused with market research, which involves the collection of data from different channels of the target market; market opportunity analysis involves the usage of data to define and evaluate the potential of an opportunity. It is categorized into the following types:

  • Consumer segmentation

Segmenting the consumer based on common characteristics is advantageous to interpret the behavioral trends. Customer segmentation can be based on age, gender, educational qualification, income level, or occupation. It helps in understanding the most responsive and, hence, a profitable segment of the market. Different categories of customers have different demands that drive specific product features.

  • Situational purchase analysis

This type of market opportunity analysis deals with situational conditions such as the need for a product or service at a particular time of the year. It helps in carrying out promotions at the right time to attract consumers by providing the product or service related to the situation. 

  • Direct competition

You must understand the market’s key players and realize why the competitor is even a competitor in the first place. This type of market opportunity analysis helps tweak your campaigns to win clients by a real-time, tested, and proven business strategy. Assessing the direct competition also allows in making realistic benchmarks to pitch the efforts in the right direction.

  • Indirect competition 

Analyzing the indirect competition helps create an additional growth opportunity. It also gives an insight into the business opportunity if the primary business vertical is non-functional for a particular period. You can understand how the same industry’s indirect competition can impact the business by changing the critical variables of their business plan.

  • Foreign market trend

Foreign market analysis is crucial to understand and foresee future demands. It helps in exploring new business opportunities by gaining insight into the global scenario. This type of analysis is advantageous to develop new products for the market.

  • Environmental analysis

Technological, scientific, geographical, financial, and political events have a significant impact on business. Environment analysis helps a company get prepared for the change in market demand and staying relevant. Geo-political issues can obstruct the availability of imported goods which can be estimated with a thorough environmental analysis. 


Take well-informed decisions with the help of these top 10 templates

Good market opportunity analysis is essential to identify new business growth opportunities and understand market demand. SlideTeam has designed these contemporary templates to give your business a competitive advantage. Introduce these content-ready market opportunity analysis templates and ensure that all your resources are focused on developing a robust business plan and not making presentations from scratch. 


So what are you waiting for?! Scroll below and download the most suited template with just a click!

Template 1

Market Opportunity Analysis


Download Market Opportunity Analysis Template


Establish the key statistics of your business by introducing this professionally-designed template. Comprising 33 content-ready slides, this complete deck covers various topics such as market survey, sizing, opportunity analysis, and marketing intelligence framework. Identify and discuss the value propositions of business using our template.

Template 2

Opportunity Analysis


Download Opportunity Analysis Template


Conduct an effective market opportunity analysis by presenting the data on the Ansoff matrix of our pre-designed template. You can also discuss the 5 Cs of marketing and develop a rewarding campaign by downloading this attention-grabbing complete deck. 

Template 3

Opportunity Assessment


Download Opportunity Assessment Template


Discuss the three steps of assessing an opportunity by incorporating this striking template. Additionally, discuss the business strategies with your colleagues by downloading our high-quality complete deck.

Template 4

Market Opportunity


Download Market Opportunity Template


Demonstrate the factors that drive the market trends and make a business plan accordingly by employing this template. Also, state the key findings of business and the projections with the help of this customizable template.

Template 5

Effective Ways To Identify New Market Opportunities For Your Business


Download Effective Ways To Identify New Market Opportunities For Your Business Template


Discuss the strategic business options and identify the best-suited opportunity by downloading this complete deck. As this template is editable, you can modify the content as per the business requirements. 

Template 6

Tools To Analyze And Identify Market Opportunities For New Product


Download Tools To Analyze And Identify Market Opportunities For New Product Template


Give an overview of the growth matrix and various proposed ways for business growth by incorporating this creative deck. You can also present the product features which can be improved by introducing this template.

Template 7

The Competitive Market And How To Capitalize Business Opportunities


Download The Competitive Market And How To Capitalize Business Opportunities Template


Give an insight into the market research and its key findings using this template. Additionally, you can illustrate your PESTLE analysis and have a practical brainstorming session with colleagues by downloading this editable template.

Template 8

Market Opportunity Analysis1


Download Market Opportunity Analysis Template


Illustrate the key questions which must be addressed to formulate an effective business strategy by employing this stunning template. Furthermore, marketing students can utilize this template for projects and seminars.

Template 9

Market Opportunity Analysis Ansoff Matrix


Download Market Opportunity Analysis Ansoff Matrix Template


Ansoff matrix helps in easy data interpretation. Download this template to present your findings impressively to your audience. Moreover, this template helps in deducing the most profitable action plan for the company.

Template 10

Funnel To Conduct Market Opportunity Analysis


Download Funnel To Conduct Market Opportunity Analysis Template


Present the process of conducting a successful market opportunity analysis by downloading this template. Also, this content-ready template is editable, so you can add the key findings in this template. 


Market opportunity analysis ensures that the business strategy is foolproof and will flourish in a new marketplace. Put your best foot forward by downloading these content-ready templates and ensure every product launch gives anticipated results and more!

For more on how to overpower your competition with insights, check out our Ultimate Guide To Brand Identity For Fostering Client Loyalty.

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