"In today’s modern world, people are either asleep or connected." If this quote by Janice Reinold of Rosetta Marketing is any indication, it won't come as surprise why most of us stay glued to our mobile devices like phones and tablets 24 hours a day. And the reason is simple; these devices are user-friendly. A 10-year-old kid as well as his grandparents can just shift the universe with just a few taps, courtesy of the power of these smart devices. From social media to video conferencing to online payment wallets, and everything in between, we rely on mobile devices more than ever. They are like a supercomputer in your pocket!


Not only that, but mobile phones reign supreme in terms of internet usage also. According to a survey, the percentage of internet usage on mobile phones has risen to nearly 90% and, thus, contributes to a majority of the global web traffic. In view of the potential and engagement that mobile devices have, it will bode well for brands to introduce mobile marketing strategies in their campaigns for maximum outreach.


So What is Mobile Marketing?


The digital marketing strategy of sharing business information targeting mobile viewers on their smartphones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices by email, SMS, social media, websites, and apps is called mobile marketing. In view of the time an average person spends on their mobile phone, effective mobile marketing is necessary.


To take your digital marketing game a notch higher, we have come up with the ultimate guide to mobile marketing strategies for driving traffic to the website and converting passive visitors into long-term paying customers. Integrate these strategies into your brand marketing plan and ramp up your sales like never before.


The Time-Tested Mobile Marketing Strategies


  • Geofencing 

It is an effective location-based marketing technique where a specific geographic area is marked as a virtual fence. Once a website or app user enters the area, they receive push notifications. Companies can convey messages regarding the ongoing sale, activated coupons, and other user engagement content to drive traffic.


  • Mobile optimization of the website infrastructure 

A mobile-friendly design and development platform makes a business website easy to navigate. The use and promotion of company mobile apps is a smart way to fully cater to this sales-driven marketing technique.


  • Mobile and SEO-friendly content 

The way content is presented on mobile is different from that on a website. Mobile-friendly content includes good headlines; short sentences which are easy to skim through; and the use of images. SEO-optimized content covers the keywords which users mostly search for.


  • Voice search-enabled features 

Voice marketing is no longer a thing of the future; it is the present. Smart devices are now omnipresent, so voice search optimization is a great mobile marketing technique. 


  • Text messaging 

It may seem pretty old school, but text messages drive sales. SMS ensures immediate delivery; is trackable if the user has viewed the message, and is an easy platform for potential customers to give feedback.


  • Videos and GIFs 

Videos with captions are a great way to engage viewers and create interest in the products. GIFs are another form of amusing content which is easy to digest and reflect on.


  • Easy support 

Customer support should be top-notch as a happy and satisfied client opens a gateway of client opportunities. Easy and uncomplicated support encourages the clients to clear their doubts and pursue further.


  • Personalization 

Personalization always leaves a great impact on the customer. Identify customer requirements, provide suggestions as per their past purchases or wishlist items, and voila! you retain the customer and often provide a satisfying experience.  


  • Form 

Building an in-form to improve on the services or providing a free PDF of your product helps gather information to send promotional messages and e-mails to stay on the top of the user’s mind. This is a subtle way of increasing the list of people who might be interested in the future as well.


  • Campaigns involving users 

Users enjoy interacting with campaigns that give them a sense of being valued. Marketing campaigns that allow customers to express their feedback in innovative ways prove to be game-changers in brand marketing.


The above mobile marketing strategies will definitely help you supercharge your company’s growth. To further ease out the whole process of mobile marketing and its execution, SlideTeam professionals have designed the following top 10 mobile marketing strategies templates. These content-ready templates are easy to tweak and adapt to the changing client demands. Download our professionally-designed mobile marketing strategies templates and influence your customers now!


Top 10 Mobile Marketing Strategies Templates To Download

Template 1

Mobile Marketing Approach


Download Mobile Marketing Approach Template


Discuss the approach you propose to execute the mobile marketing plan by downloading this complete deck. Download our pre-designed mobile marketing strategies template to showcase the framework to perform specific tasks in detail. Moreover, you can mention the key steps to achieve marketing goals using this template.

Template 2

Mobile Marketing Strategy


Download Mobile Marketing Strategy Template


Present the elevator pitch for mobile marketing strategies engagingly by downloading this attention-grabbing complete deck. Utilize this mobile marketing strategies template to highlight the resources required and the execution roadmap comprehensively. Furthermore, you can discuss the budget and other crucial information using this template.

Template 3



Download Mobile Strategy Template


Give a product overview and key statistics regarding mobile marketing lucidly by introducing this ready-made complete deck. This attention-grabbing mobile marketing strategies template is easy to customize and meets the needs of the customers. Using this contemporary marketing template, you can highlight the app metrics dashboards as well.

Template 4

Mobile Marketing


Download Mobile Marketing Template


Elucidate the customer’s key concerns and propose a strategy to amplify the brand image by downloading this professionally-designed mobile marketing strategies template. Comprising 61 content-ready slides, this complete deck covers various topics of the organization’s mobile marketing plan. 

Template 5

Mobile Strategies


Download Mobile Strategies Template


Take advantage of our fully editable mobile marketing strategies template to showcase your expertise in increasing your enterprise’s sales. Download this ready-made complete deck to develop and present the marketing plan, including the key statistics, dependencies, and competitors, to provide a comprehensive view of the business plan. 

Template 6

Marketing Planning And Process Through Mobile Apps


Download Marketing Planning And Process Through Mobile Apps Template


Demonstrate the process of developing a mobile marketing strategy using this pre-designed template. The illustrative template allows you to present the roadmap and can be easily customized to fit the client’s needs.

Template 7

Key Steps To Develop Mobile Marketing Strategy


Download Key Steps To Develop Mobile Marketing Strategy Template


Mention the critical steps of executing mobile marketing into your branding campaign by introducing this template. State the step-wise process and impress the client using our mobile marketing strategies template.

Template 8

Key Types Of Mobile Marketing Strategies


Download Key Types Of Mobile Marketing Strategies Template


Give the highlights of your marketing campaign using our contemporary mobile marketing strategies template. This template comes in handy when giving a brief of the plan for a  productive brainstorming session.

Template 9

Mobile Marketing Strategy Template


Download Mobile Marketing Strategy Template


Download this attractive mobile marketing strategies template to prove your expertise to the customer. Illustrate the key points and present your ideas effectively by utilizing this impressive template.

Template 10

Marketing Roadmap

Download Five Years Mobile Marketing Roadmap Template


Incorporate this striking mobile marketing strategies template to elucidate the marketing campaign roadmap. Give the client an idea about the deliverables expected within a stipulated time using this template.


In recent years, mobile marketing has proved to be one of the most effective methods of boosting the ROI. Using a mobile marketing plan not only gets your business noticed but also helps you outshine your competitors. Download our customizable mobile marketing strategies templates to amplify your efforts and bag clients right away!


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