If we look over the global corporate landscape, the businesses that have gained momentum in the past few decades, despite economic disruptions, are the ones that have embraced transformation. The new generation of entrepreneurs is ditching the traditional business rule book and looking forward to following the roadmap of innovation and growth.


Netflix is the perfect example of core business transformation. It has come a long way since 1997, and how! From a DVD rental service by mail based in California to an online entertainment streaming service with millions of subscribers worldwide. Netflix not only transformed its operational model but has also stepped into content creation. To succeed and outperform the competitors, prioritizing a strategic business transformation roadmap for process streamlining is the need of the hour. Let us dive into the details of business transformation and its roadmap.

What is Business Transformation?

Business transformation is a seismic shift or realignment in business operations by identifying techniques that do not give the desired outcome and opt for alternate solutions to utilize various resources. It focuses on increasing revenue, improving customer satisfaction, gaining market share, and mitigating expenditure to align with business goals. Maximizing a company’s potential is another aspect that is enhanced by business transformation as it helps in unlocking latent potential by breaking the stereotypes and opening up to new ideas.

What are the Types of Business Transformation?

Business transformation is broadly divided into the following five categories.

  1. Business process transformation
  2. Organizational transformation
  3. Digitization/data transformation
  4. Management transformation
  5. Cultural transformation

What is a Transformation Roadmap Plan?

A transformation roadmap plan helps ensure that the organization moves forward in the right direction. It is a beneficial planning tool to keep track of the progress and evolution of processes with time. It also gives an overview of the steps and the budget required to achieve the targets. 


To help you out with your organization’s transformation process, we have designed the top 10 5- year transformation roadmap plans for planning ahead. With these contemporary transformation roadmap templates, you can easily illustrate how the transformation process is crucial to meeting customer requirements and staying relevant in the dynamic market.


Without any further ado, let us scroll below!


Top 10 5-Year Transformation Roadmap Plans to Download

Template 1

5 Year Roadmap For Digital Procurement TransformationDownload 5-Year Roadmap For Digital Procurement Transformation Template


Discuss the digital procurement process with your colleagues and encourage them to suggest new organizational growth ideas by downloading this attention-grabbing template. Illustrate the key highlights of each year by incorporating this 5-year transformation roadmap plan. Managers can easily depict the journey, objective, and feature set with this editable template.

Template 2

5 Year Business Technology Transformation RoadmapDownload 5-Year Business Technology Transformation Roadmap Template


Showcase the complete transformation process for the company by incorporating this amazingly-designed 5-year technology transformation roadmap plan. IT professionals can take advantage of this pre-designed template for discussing the steps required to meet the desired outcomes. 

Template 3

5 Year IT Transformation Roadmap For BusinessDownload 5-Year IT Transformation Roadmap For Business Template


One of the major transformations in an organization is in the IT department, which can be effectively elaborated by employing this 5-year transformation roadmap plan template. The phases, such as transformation drivers, evaluate, envision, etc., can be illustrated understandably with this pre-designed template.  

Template 4

Digital Marketing Five Year Transformation Strategy RoadmapDownload Digital Marketing Five Year Transformation Strategy Roadmap Template


Digital marketing is one of the areas which require constant updating. Introduce our professionally-designed 5-year transformation roadmap plan to highlight the steps taken to improve the complete digital marketing process. The color palette used here instantly grabs the attention of the viewers.

Template 5

5 Year Roadmap For Capability Based Business TransformationDownload 5-Year Roadmap For Capability-Based Business Transformation Template


Demonstrate the institution’s capability-based transformation with the help of this intuitively-designed 5-year transformation roadmap plan template. As this template is entirely customizable, you can modify it as per the business needs. This template is handy during effective brainstorming sessions with team members.

Template 6

5 Year Agile Strategic Transformation RoadmapDownload 5-Year Agile Strategic Transformation Roadmap Template


Discuss the different phases, milestones, tools, and departments involved in the agile business transformation roadmap by downloading this striking 5-year transformation roadmap plan template. You can depict the necessary information interestingly by utilizing this template. This ready-made transformation roadmap plan template helps to glance over the activities in the years to come.

Template 7

5 Year Digital Transformation Execution RoadmapDownload 5-Year Digital Transformation Execution Roadmap Template


Showcase the digital transformation journey and its execution by downloading this content-ready 5-year transformation roadmap plan template. This pre-designed template helps track the implementation of steps in an organized manner. 

Template 8

Year Roadmap For Business Procurement TransformationDownload 5-Year Roadmap For Business Procurement Transformation Template


Download this content-ready 5-year transformation roadmap template for highlighting the phase-wise process of business procurement. The illustrations used here attract the audience’s attention and, hence, serve to convey the process. You can mention the key features of each phase by introducing this editable template.

Template 9

Five Year Agile And Devops Transformation RoadmapDownload Five Year Agile And DevOps Transformation Roadmap Template


Team leads can highlight agile-based business transformation by introducing this ready-made 5-year transformation roadmap plan. This template is also beneficial for explaining the workforce involved in the transformation process and the relevant information comprehensively. 

Template 10

Five Years Roadmap For Data Platform TransformationDownload Five Years Roadmap For Data Platform Transformation Template


Highlight the 5-year transformation roadmap plan for your company’s data platform by downloading this pre-designed template. The year-wise progress can be elaborated and presented in the meeting by introducing our contemporary business transformation template.


‘Transformation’ is the buzzword that has its perks in advancing the corporate ladder. Business transformation has enormous potential to emerge as a promising industry in competitive market scenarios. Master this critical skill by downloading our top 10 5-year transformation roadmap plans. With these content-ready templates, you can effectively convey the upcoming year’s plans with colleagues. Till then..


Happy Planning!


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