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Top 35 KPI-Dashboard Templates For Performance Tracking

Top 35 KPI-Dashboard Templates For Performance Tracking

Malvika Varma

November 11, 2020

Before driving a car, we check a few controls such as fuel level, tire pressure, engine temperature, etc. and look for any kind of malfunctions that may lead to mishaps. All these instruments and controls are present on the dashboard. Isn't it? The dashboard gives a glance of the health of the vehicle. Once we are assured that everything is working fine, we start the ride. Likewise, our business also requires certain measurable values (KPI) that are to be analyzed, grouped, and visualized (dashboard) to ensure that the company is heading in the right direction. Let us explore more about the KPI dashboard for performance tracking of business using this comprehensive guide.

What is KPI-Dashboard?

Professionals work day and night for the progression of their business. The overwhelming flow of new data daily makes it a grueling task for the managers to extract the most relevant data that impacts business. To reach the company’s goals and objectives and to keep a tab on success, entrepreneurs must have a close analysis of the measurable business metrics called Key Performance Indicator. Although KPIs are different for every industry, a KPI-dashboard, in general, provides meaningful insights into the data collected and visualized to ensure everything is running smoothly and efficiently. KPI-dashboards are an excellent tool to communicate the key performance indicators to the concerned business authorities.

Why is KPI-dashboard important in business?

KPI-dashboards are crucial in business for the following reasons.

  1. They keep track of the company’s health
  2. Help in evaluating the progress of the company over time
  3. Help in making adjustments to align with objectives
  4. Guide in tackling problems and opportunities
  5. Effective in analyzing the pattern over time
  6. Provide real-time insights into Return on Investment (ROI)
  7. Guide in making data-backed decisions
  8. Aid in efficient teamwork
  9. Provide easy interpretation of data
  10. Help in providing data transparency
“The use of KPIs is meant to improve and transform the organizational performance. -Pearl Zhu
Types of KPI-dashboard?

KPI-Dashboards are essential for every organization irrespective of the nature of work and size. Industries and departments use different types of KPI-dashboards for resource optimization and success such as:

  1. Sales dashboard
  2. SaaS dashboard
  3. Marketing dashboard
  4. Manufacturing dashboard
  5. Financial dashboard
  6. Retail dashboard
  7. Human Resource dashboard
  8. E-commerce dashboard
  9. Customer Service dashboard
  10. Warehouse dashboard


Now that we have discussed how important KPI-dashboards are for almost all businesses to perform well, we have come up with ready-made templates to ease out your work. No need to get into the complexities of creating KPI-dashboards from the scratch. Just download the most suitable one from our Top 35 KPI-Dashboard Templates For Performance Tracking. These dashboards are customizable and can save you from the headache of presenting the data effectively. 


Without further ado, let us scroll below!

Top 35 KPI-Dashboard Templates to Download

Template 1

Business Kpi Dashboard Showing Weekly Visits Bounce Rate And Traffic SourceDownload Business KPI Dashboard Showing Weekly Visits Bounce Rate And Traffic Source Template


The parameters of business can be disused using this creatively designed KPI-dashboard template. This business KPI-dashboard is useful to depict the weekly bounce rate and traffic source. Download this pre-designed KPI-dashboard template and have a great impression on the clients.

Template 2

Key MetricsDownload Key Metrics Template


The key metrics can be elaborated with the help of this stunning KPI-dashboard template. As this template is editable, you can modify the content as per the business requirement. The color palette used here instantly grabs the attention of the viewer.

Template 3

Product Delivery Timeline With Kpi And Marketing

Download Product Delivery Timeline With KPI And Marketing Template


The product delivery timeline can be effectively presented by downloading this editable KPI-dashboard template. The color coding used here makes it easy to comprehend for the viewer. 

Template 4

Supply Chain Management Kpi Dashboard

Download Supply Chain Management KPI Dashboard Template


Supply chain management and its KPI can be effectively illustrated by utilizing this pre-designed KPI-dashboard template. The various parameters of the supply chain are effectively presented using this visually appealing template.

Template 5

Hr Dashboard Number Of Employees

Download HR Dashboard Number Of Employees Template


The HR department can make use of this striking KPI-dashboard template. Discuss the salary, overtime ratio, and other relevant details on a single dashboard using this customizable template.

Template 6

Compliance And Legal Kpi Dashboard

Download Compliance And Legal KPI Dashboard Template


Download this compliance and legal KPI-dashboard to illustrate the related data and take action on it. This template gives insight into the data and can be used for brainstorming sessions.

Template 7

Hr MetricsDownload HR Metrics Template


HR metrics can be elaborated by introducing this pre-built KPI-dashboard template. Using this customizable template you can discuss with the employees the policies and the steps of developing the metrics.

Template 8

Quality Control Kpi DashboardDownload Quality Control KPI Dashboard Template


Quality control KPI dashboard template is particularly useful to ensure the quality is maintained in the business. The colors used here indicate the levels.

Template 9

Project Status Kpi Dashboard TemplatesDownload Project Status KPI Dashboard Template


Project managers can make the most of the KPI-dashboard template as the different tasks can be efficiently displayed and discussed here. The priority and status of completion can also be stated using this template.

Template 10

Business Performance DashboardDownload Business Performance Dashboard Template


Business performance can be analyzed using this professionally designed KPI-dashboard template. The different aspects can be illustrated here to have a discussion with colleagues. Revenue and gross profit can be demonstrated here.

Template 11

Project Status Dashboard KPI Dashboard TemplateDownload Project Status KPI Dashboard


Project status can be elaborated by managers by utilizing this attention-grabbing KPI-dashboard template. The different colors used here signify the status for easy interpretation. Resource allocation can also be mentioned using this template.

Template 12

Risk Management Kpi Dashboard TemplatesDownload Risk Management Kpi Dashboard Template


Risk management can be elaborated by introducing this pre-designed KPI-dashboard template. The corporate risks can be listed here and the solutions can be discussed with the team members.

Template 13

HR KPI Dashboard Templates With Multiple Performance MetricsDownload HR Dashboard Template


The HR department can download this creatively designed KPI-dashboard template to illustrate the employee structure and salary of the organization. This template is visually appealing and hence serves the purpose.

Template 14

Employee Efficiency Status KPI Dashboard TemplatesDownload Employee Efficiency Status KPI Template


Employee efficiency can be illustrated in a comprehensive manner by downloading this pre-designed KPI-dashboard template. State the different parameters such as efficiency index, cost of savings, and others by employing this template. KPI-Dashboard Templates can easily depict complex data in a comprehensible manner.

Template 15

Business Kpi Dashboard Templates Showing Net Promoter ScoreDownload Business KPI Dashboard Showing Net Promoter Score Template


Business-critical points can be presented effectively by incorporating this editable KPI-dashboard template. Customer retention and net promoter score can be depicted with the help of this template.

Template 16

HR KPI Dashboard With Retention And ExpansionDownload HR KPI Dashboard With Retention And Expansion Template


Discuss the factors which have an impact on expansion and retention of business by introducing a KPI-dashboard template. Monthly recurring revenue can be displayed with the help of this professionally designed template.

Template 17

Safety KPI Dashboard TemplatesDownload Safety KPI Dashboard Template


Accident rates data can be demonstrated by downloading this stunning KPI-dashboard template. The different data can be grouped and analyzed by employing this ready-made template.

Template 18

Technology Kpi DashboardDownload Technology KPI Dashboard Template


With the aid of the technology KPI-dashboard template, you can state the availability and performance of the app IT professionals can download this content-ready template and take its full advantage to ease out the process of presenting the information.

Template 19

Manufacturing Kpi Dashboard TemplatesDownload Manufacturing KPI Dashboard Template


Manufacturing companies can download this easily editable KPI-dashboard template to have a glance over the critical measures of the business. KPI-Dashboard Templates help in efficient management of various available resources. 

Template 20

Maintenance Kpi DashboardDownload Maintenance KPI Dashboard Template


The track of maintenance activity can be maintained by introducing this customizable KPI-dashboard template. You can mention the critical points to be considered using this template.

Template 21

Banking KPI DashboardDownload Banking KPI Dashboard Template


Banking involves many aspects to be considered and they can be depicted conveniently by downloading this pre-designed template. The transactions, fundings, and expenditures can be presented in the form of pie charts using this template.

Template 22

Devops KPI DashboardDownload DevOps KPI Dashboard Template


DevOps critical points can be elaborated with the aid of this easy to interpret KPI-dashboard template. IT professionals can download this pre-designed template.

Template 23

Financial Performance Kpi DashboardDownload Financial Performance KPI Dashboard Template


The financial performance of a business can be tracked efficiently by employing this content-ready KPI-dashboard template. As this template is editable, the content can be modified as per business requirements.

Template 24

Workforce Kpi DashboardDownload Workforce KPI Dashboard Template


Workforce allocation can be demonstrated by incorporating our amazingly designed KPI-dashboard template. The turn over rates and other differentiators can b efficiently discussed using this template.

Template 25

Sales Kpi TrackerDownload Sales KPI Tracker Template


Sales parameters can be discussed by downloading this pre-designed KPI-dashboard template. With the help of this attention-grabbing template, you can mention the key points to be discussed.

Template 26

KPI DashboardDownload KPI Dashboard Template


The financial details of the organization can be easily presented in an elaborated manner by incorporating this striking KPI-dashboard template.

Template 27

Job Recruitment KPI Dashboard TemplatesDownload Job Recruitment KPI Dashboard Template


The recruitment details of employees can be showcased using this pre-built KPI-dashboard template. By incorporating this content-ready template, you can discuss the hiring pipeline with the concerned authorities. 

Template 28

Program Management Kpi Dashboard TemplatesDownload Program Management KPI Dashboard Template


Program management aspects can be demonstrated using this professionally designed KPI-dashboard template. The budget status can be displayed in the graphical form using this template.

Template 29

Warehousing KPI Dashboard TemplatesDownload Warehousing KPI Dashboard Template


Warehousing can be managed with efficiency by employing this amazingly designed KPI-dashboard template. The dashboard is editable and can be modified as per the requirement.

Template 30

Water Management KPI Dashboard TemplatesDownload Water Management KPI Dashboard Template


Water management and the various factors can be illustrated by employing this comprehensively researched KPI-dashboard template. The purity level can be shown using this template.

Template 31

Education And Research KPI Dashboard TemplatesDownload Education And Research KPI Dashboard Template


Education and research KPI-dashboard template can be used to illustrate attendance, number of suspensions, etc. Download this editable template for presenting the data effectively. KPI-Dashboard templates provide glance to the diffrent aspects of business. 

Template 32

Infrastructure KPI Dashboard TemplatesDownload Infrastructure KPI Dashboard Template


Infrastructure factors can be described with the help of this striking KPI-dashboard template. The pie-chart here makes it easy to interpret. 

Template 33

Procurement KPI Dashboard TemplatesDownload Procurement KPI Dashboard Template


Procurement details can be displayed with this content-ready KPI-dashboard template. Download this stunning dashboard for effective procurement management.

Template 34

Business Intelligence KPI Dashboard TemplatesDownload Business Intelligence KPI Dashboard Template


Mention the business metrics using this pre-designed KPI-dashboard template. Display brand awareness and other factors by utilizing this dashboard template. KPI-Dashboard Templates are a must for businesses.

Template 35

Marketing KPI-Dashboard TemplatesDownload Marketing KPI Dashboard Template


Showcase the marketing metrics by utilizing this attention-grabbing template. You can also mention the traffic source using this editable template.


Make data-backed business decisions by downloading our Top 35 KPI-Dashboard Templates For Performance Tracking. These editable templates are all you need to keep the data aligned and achieve business goals. 

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