‘To err is human’ - but a few errors can cost a company a fortune. 


Failure of brake mechanisms in self-driving cars or a bug in banking software can cause severe damage to the company and the client. Loss due to litigation and unsatisfied regulatory bodies are a few of the financial losses that a company may have to face for not adhering to the quality standards. Also, the brand reputation built after years of service is also tarnished due to a defect or fault in the product. 


A sound quality assurance system can save the company from such consequences and provide a benchmark of trust to the client.


What is quality assurance (QA)?


Quality refers to the fitness of a product or service for users regarding design, durability, functionality, and price. Quality assurance is the declaration of ensuring the quality of the development process and the deliverables by preventing defects. 




It is a proactive approach to dismiss the defects before they come to the end-user. It includes systematic monitoring of different aspects of services or products. QA gives confidence to the customer that the product will function as per the expectations or requirements.


Note: Often used interchangeably, there is a difference between quality control and quality assurance. While quality control is concerned with the fulfillment of quality requirements, quality assurance keeps tabs on quality control methods to ensure its smooth functioning. 


Quality assurance ensures that quality is built-in from the production process rather than inspecting the quality of the finished product. Quality control focuses on identifying defects in a product, whereas quality assurance emphasizes preventing defects at every stage of the process.


Why is quality assurance required?


When done right, quality assurance makes the brand highly competitive in the market. Following are a few advantages of having a quality assurance mechanism in the company.


  1. Standardization of the process is achieved by the company as quality is maintained and repeated without any deviation.
  2. Optimization of resources and efforts is possible as defects are checked at each stage. The cost of reworking, replacing, and reselling the product is significantly reduced on practicing quality assurance. It also prevents any lawsuits against the company and, hence, saves money.
  3. It prevents corporate emergencies such as communication failure and system blackouts. Quality assurance practices minimize the scope of error.
  4. It boosts the customer’s confidence and gives a reason to continue using services in the future. It also offers a sense of safety while making a purchase decision. Thus, a company that provides quality assurance of its products and services is more likely to be bought. 
  5. Quality assurance promotes efficiency and productivity due to seamless integration and monitoring at each step and a high-performing team. 
  6. Enhanced user experience and client satisfaction are delivered as the product is checked at various stages. The possibility of a defect or bug is very low, which pleases the client. A happy client becomes a brand advocate fast.


10 best quality assurance templates to download


The zero-defect approach of quality assurance is a must for every company to excel and beat its competition. SlideTeam has curated the 10 best quality assurance templates to discuss the various aspects of maintaining high-standard products and services for the clients. Download these attention-grabbing templates and customize them as per your business demands.

Template 1

Quality Assurance


Download Quality Assurance Template


Discuss the quality chart report and its trend chart with your team members by downloading this quality assurance template. Comprising 30 pre-designed PowerPoint slides, this complete deck is all you need to define the goals and objectives for attaining high-quality standards for your firm.

Template 2

Quality Assurance Roadmap


Download Quality Assurance Roadmap Template


Give a brief overview of the objectives of the quality assurance plan by introducing this roadmap template. Mention the details and the stipulated time of each task of the quality assurance process with the help of this ready-made template. 

Template 3

Quality Assurance Activities And Processes


Download Quality Assurance Activities And Processes Template


Quality assurance templates are a great tool to keep track of the activities and processes in a lucid manner. Download this professionally-designed template to discuss the principles of quality management and its advantages. Highlight the various aspects of quality assurance using this complete deck consisting of 61 customizable slides.

Template 4

Quality Assurance Tools


Download Quality Assurance Tools Template


Managers can explain the critical role of quality assurance in an enterprise and its advantages with the help of this complete deck. Demonstrate practical tools such as a Pareto chart and fishbone diagram to assess the standard of products using this template.

Template 5

Quality Assurance Plan Analysis And Management


Download Quality Assurance Plan Analysis And Management Template


Conduct an in-depth analysis of quality management and assurance with your colleagues by incorporating this editable complete deck. Download this quality assurance template to showcase the evolution of quality management and its components in an elaborate manner.

Template 6

Project Quality Assurance And Control Management Plan


Download Project Quality Assurance And Control Management Plan Template


Analyze the critical concerns of the company and the proposed solutions by downloading this quality assurance template. Emphasize the various quality assurance initiatives and the reporting plan for smooth implementation by introducing this comprehensively-researched PowerPoint template.

Template 7

QA Strategy Assessment


Download QA Strategy Assessment Template


Demonstrate the quality assurance strategies to your team by employing this ready-made complete deck. Mention the qualifying criteria of suppliers and the steps of execution using this quality assurance template.

Template 8

Project Quality Assurance And Control Plan


Download Project Quality Assurance And Control Plan Template


Elucidate the quality standards and the plan to meet the requirements with the assistance of this well-researched quality assurance template. This complete deck covers a variety of topics such as quality assurance initiatives, reporting plans, checklists, and product quality issues in a detailed manner. Download this versatile template now.

Template 9

Five Wheel Process For Quality Assurance


Download Five Wheel Process For Quality Assurance Template


The significance of a flawless quality assurance system cannot be undermined for the success of a brand. Download this template to discuss the key features of quality assurance. Management students can employ this professionally-designed template for seminars and conferences. 

Template 10

Scope For Quality Assurance Program


Download Scope For Quality Assurance Program Template


Quality assurance is a concept that is useful in various fields such as process management. Showcase the scope of quality assurance by downloading this template. The high-quality icons used in this template instantly grab the attention of the audience. 


The quality of a product plays a huge role in getting a positive response from the market, and quality assurance helps in achieving it. Highlight quality assurance and its importance by employing our contemporary templates. These templates are all you need to meet the clients’ changing demands, keep up with their expectations without failure, showcase your skills, and become the leader in your niche.


P.S: Quality assurance is a distinct subset of quality management, which is crucial for long-term business growth. Check out our top picks for quality management templates in this blog.