The child in us always remembers the thrill of a birthday party. The event brought together friends, family, and food, giving us a chance to make exciting memories. And what really triggered our childhood adrenaline was all the preparation that went into making that one day memorable — invites, cards, and whatnot!


Likewise, organizing an informal event gives a break from the mundane routine,  exciting corporates and customers alike. Marketers utilize a business event as an opportunity to showcase the company’s offerings. It creates a huge impact on revenue and proves to be of immense benefit in the long run. But everything falls into place only when people turn up for the events. An event without people would be a poor show, failing to meet the objectives. This is where event marketing comes into play. 


What is event marketing?


Event marketing is a marketing tactic that gives the power of one-to-one connections with potential customers, invokes interest for the business, and fosters trust. In the buyer-empowered market, a first-hand experience of the products and services is a wonderful option for brand promotion.


A successful marketer capitalizes on the opportunity of generating goodwill by having in-person experience and utilizing events as a marketing strategy. Connecting with clients at a meaningful level reaps numerous advantages for the brand’s overall marketing strategy.


Event marketing allows magnifying the brand’s presence before, during, and after the event. It increases customer engagement, retention, overall satisfaction; boosts customer loyalty; generates leads; and gives sponsors and partners an insight into the return of investment. 


Besides the physical events, trade shows, conferences, and seminars, online events such as live streaming events, webinars, and virtual events have gained popularity. As the recent landscape is more digital-focused, event marketing has expanded the reach, and technology has made the implementation easy. Event marketing is still a top trend as digital events often lack the personal touch. Still, a healthy combination of social integration and technology, such as event hashtags for Twitter and Facebook, can boost participation and make any event a hit! 


Tips for a flawless event marketing strategy 


What is an event without an audience? A nightmare! So here are some tips and tricks for persuasive event marketing.

  • Create a teaser

A teaser can be a piece of offline or online content which is a great source to start the hype among the interested customers even before the event dates and other details are finalized. The response a teaser gathers gives a glimpse of the early-interest audience. By creating a teaser, marketers can understand and improvise the marketing plan, if needed, to attract more audiences.

  • Blogging

This is another excellent tool to reveal the objective of an event. Blogs are less pushy and, hence, can create an interest in potential customers. By playing with words, a level of curiosity can be generated stating the mission statement. A video can also be embedded, which can go viral and boost the campaigning.

  • Early bird discounts

This tactic creates excitement among the interested folks and fuels the ticket-selling process. Increase the prices dynamically in the run-up to the event to spike the ticket sales. It creates a sense of urgency among the prospective attendees.

  • Social media

Looking for a way to create momentum? Turn to social media. Build communities, create hashtags, and make them go viral to reach out to more people. Persuade them to ‘Like, Share, Subscribe’ to increase the number of active participants exponentially. Use the diversified range of social media to promote the event.

  • Reach out for collaboration

Another effective way to increase the customer base is by reaching out for collaborations and partnerships before the event’s launch. This spreads the word to the potential customers who are related to your niche. Hence, a great way to reach a wider audience.

  • Paid promotions

Besides the organic approach, paid promotion garners a lot of clientele. Look for paid advertisements that lead to maximum engagement and turn the potential customers into leads.

  • Event press release

Project confidence in the brand by conducting a press release regarding the event. This gains attention from sponsors, which can help in getting funds for the event. It also authenticates the event in the public eye.

  • E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing has a great potential to engage the users. An e-mail list is a powerful tool as this particular segment of your audience is already down the sales funnel. Send out e-mails giving out the details of the event and track the response to focus on the most active segment.

  • Create a fear of missing out (FOMO)

Design campaign videos and advertisements to create FOMO regarding the event. The curiosity of having a social proof drives a lot of traffic which can turn into an interested bunch of clients. 

  • Use the power of pop-ups and landing pages

One cannot overlook a pop-up, right? Create engaging pop-ups to spread awareness about the upcoming event. This also increases the number of clicks on the landing pages and, hence, drives traffic to the website.


Top 10 Templates to Download


While planning an event, marketers need to showcase their expertise, feature client testimonials, and elucidate the offerings in an eye-catching manner. To help out further, we have collected the top 10 event marketing templates. All you have to do is hit the download button, tweak the content-ready templates and incorporate them into your event marketing activities. Once you do that, you will be able to generate buzz superfast and seal the deal! Here are the templates.

Template 1

Event Marketing Proposal Template


Download Event Marketing Proposal Template


Give the summary of the events and the target audience by incorporating this professionally-designed template. Suggest the ways to promote the events and elucidate event process mapping using this complete deck. 

Template 2

Brand Event Marketing Template


Download Brand Event Marketing Template


Showcase your event marketing skills and persuade your clients by introducing this pre-designed template. Map out the complete marketing strategy and discuss it with your colleagues by downloading this complete deck.

Template 3

Event Marketing Template


Download Event Marketing Template


Event marketing plays a great role in increasing the ROI of the company. Utilize this pre-designed template and ensure you influence your clients. Highlight the services you provide and client testimonials in an elaborative way by employing this template.

Template 4

6 Stage Event Marketing Plan Template


Download 6 Stage Event Marketing Plan Template


Illustrate the event marketing plan with your colleagues by downloading this template. As the template is content-ready, you can take advantage of it to present it in meetings and have a productive brainstorming session.

Template 5

Timeline For Event Marketing


Download Timeline For Event Marketing Template


Timelines help track the progress of marketing activities and reflect their impact. Incorporate this template to chalk out your marketing plan and make your event a hit with the target audience.

Template 6

Event Marketing Budget


Download Event Marketing Budget Template


Budgeting and other relevant details related to your event can be elucidated with this comprehensively-researched template. Make sure the budgeting issues don’t hamper the event by utilizing this ready-made template.

Template 7

Event Marketing Plan With Follow Up


Download Event Marketing Plan With Follow Up Template


Event marketing involves a lot of activities that require timely follow-ups. Utilize this attention-grabbing PowerPoint template and do not miss the deadlines for task completion. Download this template now!

Template 8

Six Months Strategic Event Marketing And Process Coordination Roadmap


Download Six Months Strategic Event Marketing And Process Coordination Roadmap Template


Strategic event marketing is a must to project a boost in revenue. Download this pre-designed PowerPoint template and keep track of all the activities for conducting a flawless execution and a great brand promotion.

Template 9

Event Organizer Template


Download Event Marketing Template


Plan your event without any hassle by downloading this complete deck. Utilize this template to showcase all the details comprehensively. The trigger points can be treated well by incorporating this template.

Template 10

Marketing Process For An Event


Download Marketing Process For An Event


Mention the marketing process for an event using unique illustrations that add an aesthetic appeal to the presentation. Download this template and capture the attention of your audience like never before.


With our guide to event marketing, you can build a well-crafted strategy and take your business to new heights. Download these editable templates right away and make your brand outshine the rest!

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