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The Ultimate Guide To Brand Identity For Fostering Client Loyalty (Best Templates Included)

The Ultimate Guide To Brand Identity For Fostering Client Loyalty (Best Templates Included)

Malvika Varma

Malvika Varma

March 4 2021

According to surveys, Apple Inc has successfully created a firm conviction of its sleek, innovative, and top-quality products, which has made it one of the most trusted and loved brands. No other player in the niche has created such hype in the market that loyal customers do not mind standing for hours and hours in long queues to get their hands on the latest Apple edition.  No matter which products the company rolls out, it creates a rage in the market. Apple Inc has fostered a heartfelt connection with its clients, due to which its brand position is undeterred for quite a long time now. The big question is ‘How??


The answer is that Apple has created a sound Brand Identity that emphasizes its customers’ emotions and experiences with the products.


In today’s market scenario, getting the customer’s attention is undoubtedly more difficult than it was earlier. Courtesy of targeted advertisements and digital promotions, the customer’s social media feed is constantly updated with millions of relevant or competitor content within seconds! So if your brand cannot mark its presence in the customer’s mind instantly, alas! The months spent curating the branding strategy go in vain.


Whether it is a large-scale company or a startup, converting the audience into customers is the initial and yet one of the hardest parts of the entire customer acquisition journey. Today’s market is flooded with brands that compete for the audience’s attention. So to be different from every Tom, Dick, and Harry of the league, the significance of a strong and consistent brand identity cannot be overstated. With several businesses trying to make a name for themselves to become the number one go-to company, one’s brand identity should impactfully communicate their essence, history, and values all at once. 


So what is brand identity, and why does your company need one?


Brand identity is the company’s expression of itself in the market. It is the collective result of the company’s actions and tangible elements known as brand assets, making a distinctive and memorable impression for its target customers. 


Brand assets are unique features associated with the company. These are the company’s tangible elements curated to trigger customers’ minds instinctively to give a competitive edge. A few of the brand assets that play a significant role in building a brand identity are as follows.


  • Brand name - It should describe what the company does and stands for. It expresses the brand.
  • Company logo - The company logo is a visual symbol that communicates an idea and provides instant brand recognition to the audience. Example - The Twitter logo shows that the social media platform is free and the messages ‘fly’ at bird’s speed.
  • Tagline or slogan - It is a catchy, short and memorable line that describes the business purpose.
  • Mascot - Mascots are the faces that lend personality to the faceless business. It helps create top-of-mind awareness and a strong connection with the audience. 
  • Color palette - Color psychology helps in selecting colors which associate with the brand value. 
  • Typography - Easy-to-read text which resonates with the industry helps in grabbing attention from the customers. For example, a tech company should go for typography that is sleek and conveys the future vision. 


Steps to Create Brand Identity


Powerful brand identity builds familiarity and confidence among its customers, increases awareness, creates a reputation of credibility and consistency, fosters loyalty, and helps in standing out in the sea of competitors. Here’s how to go about it.  


  • Understand the brand purpose 


Make a list of points that make your business unique. This list will provide you clarity about the critical highlights of the business, which helps in convincing clients. You can start by answering questions such as ‘Why should the audience opt for your products or services?’, ‘What is the brand USP?’, and so on.


  • Comprehensive market research


Get a better understanding of your target audience and your competitors by conducting polls, surveys, or social media conversations with the community. Conduct a competitive analysis of the competitors to have an edge over them.


  • Evaluation


Do the SWOT analysis of your brand assets and improvise accordingly. A comprehensive evaluation helps in identifying and addressing gaps for achieving great outcomes.


  • Develop brand voice


Develop the voice in which your brand would communicate with its customers. Whether it should be professional, informal, or humorous, identify the brand voice in which all the future conversations with the audience will take place. 


  • Finalize the visual identity


Finalize the brand logo, color palette, and other brand assets. Use these for various promotional campaigns so that clients get familiarized with your brand.


  • Maintain consistency


While marketing the company, ensure consistency is maintained throughout the process. It creates a brand style with which customers identify easily.


  • Monitor the brand identity


Continuously work on creating an appealing brand image and monitor the performance using metrics and analysis tools. Performance tracking helps in conducting more effective company promotion campaigns.


Top 10 Brand Identity Templates to Download


Brand identity is a practice that, if followed strategically, can reap huge benefits for the company. To further focus on its significance, you can check out SlideTeam’s top 10 brand identity templates that will help you gain insight into the process and make your branding journey a cakewalk.

Template 1

Brand Identity


Download Brand Identity Template


Showcase the competitive analysis of a company and its rivals to develop a robust strategy by incorporating this complete deck. Download our attention-grabbing brand identity template to mention the brand statement and vision for creating an effective marketing plan. Marketing professionals can utilize this versatile template to present their ideas to the team.

Template 2

Brand Identity Positioning


Download Brand Identity Positioning Template


Discuss the brand positioning strategy with your colleagues by downloading our pre-designed template. Using this complete deck, the manager can discuss the brand positioning model and the worksheet for efficient execution of the marketing plan.

Template 3

Brand Identity Design


Download Brand Identity Design Template


Discuss the brand elements and its promotion layout using our infographic marketing template. Comprising 72 templates, this complete deck covers various topics related to brand identity and is, therefore, a must for explaining your marketing ideas to the clients. Download this professionally-designed template now.

Template 4

8 Elements To Comprehensive Brand Identity


Download 8 Elements To Comprehensive Brand Identity Template


Elucidate the significance of brand identity in the promotion of the company by introducing this eye-catching template. Incorporate this brand marketing template for illustrating the key highlights of each element in promoting a brand. Moreover, this template is customizable, so you can modify its content as per the business needs.

Template 5

Brand Identity Purpose


Download Brand Identity Purpose Template


Illustrate the various aspects of creating a strong brand identity by employing our high-quality marketing template. Managers can employ this striking template to discuss the critical issues and come up with solutions that grow the company’s revenue.

Template 6

Why Choose Us With Brand Identity


Download Why Choose Us With Brand Identity Template


Discuss the various features of brand identity with your teammates using this editable template. This pre-designed template is useful for brainstorming sessions due to its elegant design and icons.

Template 7

Brand Essence Research Platform


Download Brand Essence Research Platform Template


Elucidate the process of brand positioning by downloading this company marketing template. The step-wise procedure of building a brand essence can be explained with ease by using this pre-built template.

Template 8

Strategic Vision Marketing Plan For Building Brand Identity


Download Strategic Vision Marketing Plan For Building Brand Identity Template


Have an overview of the marketing plan and strategize the action plan using this content-ready template. This handy template is a must for productive sessions for developing the most effective branding strategy plan.

Template 9

Brand Identity Brand Architecture Chart


Download Brand Identity Architecture Chart Template



Utilize this appealing template to showcase the architecture of the process. Employ this template for meetings and discuss the details of the marketing plan with this editable template.

Template 10

Brand Identity Template


Download Brand Identity Template


Marketing professionals can discuss the various aspects of brand identity with the help of this template. This attention-grabbing template can totally reflect the core points of brand identity and its significance. 


To conclude...


The right marketing techniques can make a brand more engaging, unique, and, ultimately, successful. Choose from our customizable templates and download the ones that suit you the best to play with the proven brand identity tactics like a pro!

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