Online classrooms have changed the education system and how! Instead of waiting for the school bus, students just need to switch on their computers, and a plethora of knowledge is right there on the screen in the comfort of their home! Online classroom setting doesn’t restrict education within geographical boundaries. Because of modern technology, access to education is possible from anywhere in the world. In recent times of pandemic, students education is continued only because of the online classes. Apart from the numerous benefits of online classes, there are a few challenges faced by teachersKeeping students engaged and excited in the virtual learning environment is the greatest challenge educators face as it requires a different skillset. Virtual classrooms can be turned more useful and enjoyable by the following ten tips to keep students engaged in online classes.  

10 Tips to Keep Students Engaged in an Online Classroom Setting

  1. Develop student-specific learning plans. 
  2. Focus on the practical application after topic completion.
  3. Set learning goals and stick to them.
  4. Encourage students to stay interactive throughout the learning process.
  5. Include fun activities to break the monotony.
  6. Use of the technology for advantage.
  7. Create a short study curriculum.
  8. Emphasize face-to-face virtual interaction with classmates and teachers.
  9. Activities involving virtual collaboration.
  10. Plan the study curriculum well in advance.


To further ease out the online teaching experience, SlideTeam professionals have designed 10 Best Education Templates. These tips help to keep students engaged in online classes through education templates. Download these editable education templates and ensure a productive virtual learning session. 


Let’s dive in!


10 Best Education Templates to Download 

Template 1

Education Template

Download Education PowerPoint Template


With the help of this attractive education template, you can explain the importance of education and the advantages of online classrooms. As this education template is completely customizable, you can modify the details as per the requirements. The color palette used here instantly grabs the attention of the students. 

Template 2

School Studies

Download School Studies PowerPoint Template


Students can be introduced to different topics of the geography subject by employing this contemporary education template. List the topics to be discussed in a session using this attention-grabbing education template. Elucidate the projects and interactive activities for students using this stunning education template.

Template 3

Books Of Different Subjects

Download Books Of Different Subjects PowerPoint Template


School websites can incorporate this visually appealing education template for their blogs section. Teachers can explain the importance of gaining knowledge of different subjects by employing this attractive education template. 

Template 4

Reading Writing Education

Download Reading Writing Education PowerPoint Template


This education template can be downloaded for commencing the reading and writing classes. Employ this eye-catching education template for school websites. Teachers who teach language subjects can introduce this education template.

Template 5

Mathematics Concept

Download Mathematics Concept PowerPoint Template


Teach mathematics and its fundamentals interestingly with the help of this pre-designed education template. You can illustrate the mathematical formulas for the students using this amazingly designed education template. 

Template 6

Girl Painting Education PowerPoint

Download Girl Painting Education PowerPoint Template


Drawing and panting virtual classes can include this aesthetically appealing education template. The colors used in this editable template instantly attract the students’ attention and hence serve the purpose. 

Template 7

Education Essential For Gaining KnowledgeDownload Education Essential For Gaining Knowledge Template


Discuss the significance of education in lives and its impact on different spheres using our contemporary education template. Add critical points of the teaching session using this ready-made education template.

Template 8

Child Education

Download Child Education PowerPoint Template


Download this professionally designed education template to break the monotony of the virtual teaching experience. By employing this eye-catching education template, you can list the topics to be covered in the teaching sessions. Using this educational background template, you can illustrate the formulas to students.

Template 9

Kindergarten Education

Download Kindergarten Education PowerPoint Template


State the requirements for a productive teaching session with the help of this professionally designed template. Teachers can include this education template for conducting virtual collaboration activities.  

Template 10

Online Concept Education

Download Online Concept Education Template


Incorporate this attractive education template for your online teaching curriculum and blogs. As this education template is entirely editable, you can modify the template as per your requirements. 


Turn the monotonous virtual learning session into an interactive one by keeping in mind 10 Tips to Keep Students Engaged in Online Classes by Education Templates. Download these ready-made education templates and get your students engaged.