“How can we make sure we get this delivered on time and within budget?”


One might find a project manager constantly thinking (and overthinking) this question. Completing a project within the stipulated time and budget is never an easy task. The ticking clock of deadlines and shrinking budgets are not the only concerns for a project manager. They are just two of the many significant factors. There is a constant juggle between supply and demand. How can one deliver projects without compromising the deliverable quality and maintain harmony within the team?


The answer lies in efficient project resource management. Let’s explore.


What is project resource management?


Project resource management involves planning, organizing, allocating, scheduling, and managing a project’s resources in the most optimized way to provide the desired return on investment. This ensures that the project is carried out according to the scope and overview determined in the project lifecycle planning phase.

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Project resource management serves the following purposes.


  • Staffing resources: Team members and stakeholders
  • Financial resources: Budgetary and monetary requirements for completing the project
  • Technology and software: Availability and purchase of relevant software for the project
  • ‘Soft’ resources: Skills and expertise required for understanding the criticalities of the project
  • Infrastructure: Availability of meeting space for team discussions
  • Equipment: Office supplies, raw materials, or tools to develop the product


Planning a project’s resources has the following advantages:


  1. Proper project documentation: This is particularly useful for future projects. A well-documented project can be used as a reference to save time and resources. It also helps in cross-checking the criticalities to avoid any misinformation.
  2. Mitigates bottlenecks in the process: Identifying the requirements and resources beforehand helps in the smooth functioning of operations. It also helps in avoiding last-minute goof-ups with a plan B in case of emergency.
  3. Proper workload distribution: Having a clear idea of the resources helps in efficient workforce allocation to avoid excessive pressure on the team members.


Project resource management best practices


Project managers can manage the resources and prevent risks by following a framework that may vary from one organization to the other based on methodologies and past experiences. For improving the business efficiency, we have listed few best practices that prove to be beneficial.


  • Identify resources that are short on supply - Plan out the availability of resources in advance so that the project is not stuck in the middle or gets delayed. This includes getting estimations from the departments concerned and planning accordingly.
  • Prioritize tasks - Having a common approach towards work prioritization ensures that the team members are on the same page. Narrow down the tasks to the levels of prioritization to ensure that the team working on the project is not overburdened. 
  • Limit multi-tasking - Multi-tasking can lead to an overall decrease in work quality. Multi-tasking can be avoided or limited so that the person can work with total concentration.
  • Consider no-project time - Always have enough buffer time in your hand so that any delay doesn’t cause an issue in the work pipeline. Getting approvals from different departments and seniors, equipment availability, and other such requirements may need some extra time.
  • Keep your team motivated - This is the most important and wise thing for a project manager to do. The significance of a happy and driven team cannot be overstated. Timely encouraging the efforts put in by the team paves the way for smoother completion of future projects. 


10 Best Project Resource Management Templates To Download


Projects can be a handful, often draining concentration and hours of hard work. To ease this daunting task a bit and let you focus on the deliverables, SlideTeam designers have compiled these 10 best project resource management templates. You can showcase your expertise in project management and impress the clients by introducing our contemporary templates. Why start from scratch when you can simply click, download, and present!

Template 1

Project Resource Management


Download Project Resource Management Template


Project managers can discuss the different aspects and processes of resource management with colleagues by utilizing our striking complete deck. You can also showcase the dashboard with key performance indicators to better understand the business information by downloading this high-quality template.

Template 2

Project Resource Management1


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Highlight the factors that affect project resource management by downloading this attention-grabbing template. Comprising 12 content-ready slides, this template covers various topics. The challenges faced during the process and their solutions can be showcased by downloading our template.

Template 3

Project Resourcing Time Management Implications


Download Project Resourcing Time Management Implications Template


Illustrate the project progress report and the milestones achieved by incorporating this complete deck. Project managers can curate the execution plan in detail with this pre-designed template. You can also demonstrate the budgeting report with this project management template.

Template 4

Resource Planning For Multiple Projects


Download Resource Planning For Multiple Projects Template


Create a weekly plan for your team by employing our professionally-designed project management template. The work breakdown structure can be elucidated effectively by project managers with this content-ready template.

Template 5

Project Resource Management Template


Download Project Resource Management Template


Showcase the steps involved by downloading this customizable template. Highlight the key features of each sub-point by grabbing this high-quality theme and ensure the meeting’s agenda is completed.

Template 6

Project Resource Management Progress Dashboard


Download Project Resource Management Progress Dashboard Template


Looking for an effective way to display and track the project’s progress? Employ this dashboard template and ensure all the stats are updated. As this template is customizable, you can edit it as per the business requirements.

Template 7

Project Resource Management PPT


Download Project Resource Management Template


Efficiently plan the project skill requirements based on tasks, skill level, hours needed, and other criteria by incorporating this ready-made template. Project managers can use this template to ensure that each team member has equal distribution of workload.

Template 8

Project Resource Management Steps


Download Project Resource Management Steps Template


Discuss the step-wise process of project resource management by introducing this stunning template. The illustrations used in this template make it easy for the teammates to understand the procedure and act accordingly.

Template 9

Project Resource Management Techniques


Download Project Resource Management Techniques Template


Illustrate the techniques with this pre-designed template. Mention the key points under each topic for a productive brainstorming session.

Template 10

Challenges Faced In Project Resource Management


Download Challenges Faced In Project Resource Management Template


Discuss the challenges faced at different project phases in detail by employing this attention-grabbing template. Ensure smooth implementation and execution of the project with this professionally-designed template.


Before you put your best foot forward to commence the new project, ensure that you are sorted with the project resources. For that, you can pick the best templates for project resource management. You just need to tweak the business details, and your work is done! Download now!