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Top 20 Quality Management Templates For Increasing Revenues

Top 20 Quality Management Templates For Increasing Revenues

Malvika Varma

Malvika Varma

December 8 2020

Quality is the most desirable characteristic of a product or service. It is one of the distinguishing features to beat the competitors and strive in the cut-throat competition. Maintaining quality in different business facets is the foremost priority for businesses to succeed in the long run by implementing short term activities. This is when Quality Management comes into play. 

What is Quality Management?

Quality management is acquiring the desired quality level across the organization to achieve long-term goals by administering all the tasks and activities. It includes various techniques such as quality planning, quality improvement, quality control, and quality assurance to help organizations improve their performance.


Quality management ensures loyalty and customer satisfaction and is also called total quality management (TQM). One of the classic examples of quality management is Toyota's Kanban system for inventory control. 

What is the need for Quality Management in an organization?

The benefits of Quality Management are as follows:


  1. Ensures consistent quality products or services.
  2. Helps in increasing productivity.
  3. Attracts a loyal customer base.
  4. Enables improved efficiency of working staff and equipment.
  5. Ensures customer satisfaction.
  6. Mitigates the risks of product or service recalls.
  7. Amplifies brand value.
  8. Helps in increasing revenue.
  9. Helps to keep up with the dynamic market conditions.
  10. Aids in reducing waste and inventory.

To achieve excellent quality and impress your audience, SlideTeam experts have come up with content-ready templates. Amplify your customer base by downloading Top 20 Quality Management Templates For Increasing Revenue. As these complete decks are customizable, you can modify the content as per the business requirements and impress your audience with your visually appealing presentation. So, without any further ado, let us get started!


Top 20 Quality Management Templates To Download

Template 1

Quality Management RoadmapDownload Quality Management Roadmap Template


Elaborate on your enterprise’s quality roadmap and present the audience’s necessary details with this attention-grabbing quality management complete deck. Showcase the different phases and the estimated completion time by incorporating this striking template. 

Template 2

Quality Management Financial PlanDownload Quality Management Financial Plan Template


Discuss the quality financial plan and the four cost qualities by incorporating this editable quality management template. You can also illustrate the cost-benefit analysis with the client by employing this amazingly designed quality management complete deck. Using this contemporary quality management template, you can effectively showcase the data with columns and line charts.

Template 3

Quality Management SystemDownload Quality Management System Template


Give the introduction to the TQM pyramid and its various aspects by employing our pre-designed quality management template. In the past years, the planning process implemented in the organization can be highlighted by the manager with this intuitively designed quality management template. Illustrate the key features of the business improvement process by incorporating this ready-made template.

Template 4

Quality Management AnalysisDownload Quality Management Analysis Template


Deliver excellent quality of products and services to your customers and increase your revenue by downloading this striking quality management template. The opportunity and timeline analysis can be effectively described by utilizing this editable quality management complete deck. You can also discuss the Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FEMA) and SIPOC technique using this template.

Template 5

Quality Management BudgetingDownload Quality Management Budgeting Template


Describe the four broad categories of quality cost, which impact the company’s performance by incorporating this pre-built quality management template. Depict the quality cost report and its trend in the past years easily by utilizing this pre-designed template. Discuss the cost-benefit analysis in the tabular format with this amazingly designed template. 

Template 6

Total Quality Management OutlineDownload Total Quality Management Outline Template


Showcase the TQM model for continuous improvement of the enterprise by downloading this creatively designed quality management template. The manager can elaborate on the planning process of TQM adopted in the institution in the past years using this template. Additionally, future planning regarding TQM can be portrayed effectively by downloading this visually appealing quality management complete deck.

Template 7

Introduction To Total Quality ManagementDownload Introduction To Total Quality Management Template


Illustrate the TQM pyramid components to achieve optimal quality level across the organizations by downloading this pre-designed total quality management template. With this contemporary quality management complete deck, highlight the various aspects taken into consideration to ensure quality standards are met in an organization. 

Template 8

Quality ManagementDownload Quality Management Template


Give an overview of quality management to your colleagues by utilizing this professionally designed quality management template. The four main components of quality management, just as quality planning, quality assurance, quality control, and quality improvement, can be presented by incorporating this editable template. Describe the evolution of quality management with this quality management complete deck. 

Template 9

Quality Management SystemsDownload Quality Management System Template


The fundamentals of quality management and its features can be demonstrated by introducing this visually appealing quality management complete deck. Discuss the principles and quality management process by incorporating this customizable quality management complete deck. 

Template 10

Quality Management Principals Process ApproachDownload Quality Management Principals Process Approach Template


Describe the TQM model for continuous improvement of the organization by incorporating this attention-grabbing quality management complete deck. The TQM elements and their features can be demonstrated with this amazingly designed quality management complete deck. Illustrate the fishbone diagram of the cause and effect relationship using this template. Quality Management Templates are crucial for brainstorming sessions.

Template 11

Quality Management Budgeting PlanDownload Quality Management Budgeting Plan Template


The comparison of different years in terms of quality and cost can be showcased by introducing this creatively designed quality management complete deck. The cost-benefit analysis and the quality cost report can be highlighted using this contemporary quality management template.

Template 12

Total Quality Management

Download Total Quality Management Template


The key steps the organization has to follow to achieve optimal quality across the business level can be illustrated by downloading this quality management template. TQM’s process management can be showcased on the timeline by introducing this total quality management complete deck. 

Template 13

Total Quality Management OverviewDownload Total Quality Management Overview Template 


Give an overview of the concept of total quality management to your employees with this quality management complete deck. As this quality management template is editable, you can modify the content as per the business requirements. Describe the five stages of business process improvement using this quality management template.

Template 14

Quality Management System TemplateDownload Quality Management System Template


With this quality management complete deck’s help, discuss the TQM pyramid and model for ensuring continuous improvement in the enterprise. The color palette used here instantly grabs the attention of the viewers hence serves the process. 

Template 15

Fundamentals Of Quality Management SystemDownload Fundamentals Of Quality Management System Template


This content-ready quality management template is beneficial for educational purposes. With this comprehensively researched, managers can demonstrate the critical points for productive brainstorming sessions. 

Template 16

Quality Control Kpi DashboardDownload Quality Control KPI Dashboard Template


Employ this quality management KPI for keeping track of various activities in your company. The color coding used here helps in the easy interpretation of data and hence increases the overall efficiency.

Template 17

Planning Process In TQMDownload Planning Process In TQM Template


Highlight the planning process of the total quality management in your company by incorporating this pre-designed quality management template. This quality management template is beneficial for showing the progress made in the past years and rectify the issues for better productivity.

Template 18

Principles Of Quality Management DiagramDownload Principles Of Quality Management Diagram Template


Download this quality management template for explaining the principles of quality management to the students effectively. Explain the importance of TQM in an organization by incorporating this editable template.

Template 19

Quality Management ApplicationsDownload Quality Management Applications Template


Demonstrate the application of quality management for enhancing an organization’s productivity using this editable quality management template. The illustration in this template makes it easy for viewers to understand the key features of quality management.

Template 20

Elements Of Total Quality ManagementDownload Elements Of Total Quality Management Template


Quality Management Templates are of great use for explaining the various aspects. Discuss the elements of total quality management for an effective brainstorming session with colleagues. This template is also useful for educational purposes. 


Present your management skills compellingly by incorporating these content-ready Top 20 Quality Management Templates For Increasing Revenues. Professionals have designed these complete decks and single slides to keep up with market trends and increase brand value and profits.


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