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Top 10 Release Management Templates To Reduce Deployment Risks

Top 10 Release Management Templates To Reduce Deployment Risks

Malvika Varma

Malvika Varma

May 10 2021

Modern-day humans are highly dependent on software and web applications to record or track even routine activities like walking! The increasing reliance on information technology for improving the quality of life and overall experience has resulted in a surge in demand for more sophisticated software and apps.


Regrettably, if the end-user is not satisfied with the software due to bugs or downtime, he may reject it, and all the effort in building it from scratch goes to vain. Half-baked releases often prove to be expensive as they lead to delay and disrupt the company’s operations.


To meet the client’s demands, the organization must release a timely fix either as a patch or the full version, which is a genuine challenge. The increased need for coordination between the development and release of software versions has resulted in a new discipline of software development called release management. 


What is release management?


With the swift innovations in technology, software engineering has shifted from project-based to product-based results. In this approach, each release is viewed as a product that is supported, upgraded, and re-launched over a lifetime. In the product-based software offering, the result is not the release; instead, it comprises continual advances in supports and enhancements.


Release management is the process of planning, scheduling, and managing the software through all the stages of development, testing, deployment, and support of the release to improve its efficiency. Release management is also called the deployment process, as it involves all the steps of software deployment along with the support and maintenance of the software. 


DevOps is one of the development approaches which follow the release management process. For the uninitiated, DevOps helps in coordination between the developers and operations in software development. 

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How release management works


Starting with the first stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), the release manager receives the request for change in features or functionality required by the client. After the request is approved, the team commences the design and planning of the new release. The revised or upgraded version of the release is built by the development team. 


Post-development, the new release is sent for testing, where the team makes the required amendments before the release is accepted. Upon release approval, it moves into the deployment phase, where it is fully available. 


Support is the last stage of the release management process, where the team documents the bugs and sends the feedback or requirements of fresh release to the development cycle. This well-defined path ensures the smooth functioning of the process.


Benefits of release management

With the focus on continuous improvement, release management has wide-ranging benefits. A few of them are listed below. 

  • Successful releases

Release management helps in increasing the efficiency of production by reducing downtime. Moreover, as the speed of the process is accelerated, the new release is launched in a shorter time, and the end customer starts using the updated version of the software. It ensures that the company is responsive in the market by releasing updates, increasing revenue, and creating a  strong market value in the long run.

  • Empowers communication and coordination

The consistent communication between all the teams helps in a better understanding and holistic improvement of the product. Improved communication and collaboration with different team members drive innovative work culture. The complete development and operations process is streamlined, which prevents delay in the schedule.

  • Enhanced quality

The entire process is standardized as the release management process helps in developing single documentation with revised requirements. The team is able to learn from the previous releases and give enhanced software quality. A well-documented process aids in proper knowledge transfer to the team and doesn’t require the team to start from scratch. This enables the delivery of high-quality software to the end-user.


Top 10 templates to download


Effective release management helps in the efficient utilization of resources and prioritizes better user experience without impacting the overall functioning of the software. SlideTeam has designed the top 10 release management templates for a smooth transition from development to the deployment process and support. Download these pre-designed release management templates and customize them as per the business requirements.

Template 1

Deployment Strategies And Release Best Practices


Download Deployment Strategies And Release Best Practices Template


Discuss the challenges of modern technology and the ways to combat them by incorporating this release management template. Using this deployment strategies complete deck, IT professionals can quickly develop the roadmap for a software release.  

Template 2

Deployment Strategies


Download Deployment Strategies Template


Showcase the deployment strategies for successful release management by incorporating this IT template. Also, using this release management template, you can highlight the advantages and best practices for the team members.

Template 3

Deployment Strategy


Download Deployment Strategy Template


Highlight the deployment strategies and the challenges associated with them by incorporating this pre-designed release management template. IT professionals can highlight the comparative study of various deployment strategies for smooth release management using this comprehensive complete deck.

Template 4

Deployment Strategies Overview


Download Deployment Strategies Overview Template


Elucidate the strategy of software deployment using this attention-grabbing release management template. Furthermore, showcase the post-deployment monitoring by introducing this content-ready template.

Template 5

Rolling Deployment Use Case


Download Rolling Deployment Use Case Template


Employ this striking release management template to discuss the deployment steps with the team. You can define each step and mention key points with the help of this ready-made template. Moreover, you can also modify the content as per the requirements. 

Template 6

Canary Deployment Pattern


Download Deployment Pattern Template


Showcase your expertise by introducing your deployment plan with this content-ready release management template. Also, highlight the priority tasks using the color coding as this PowerPoint template is entirely customizable.

Template 7

Software Deployment Plan


Download Software Deployment Plan Template


Illustrate the deployment plan by downloading this pre-designed template. Additionally, the tabular format helps in explaining each step to the team members. Describe the task and its relevant details by employing this template.  

Template 8

Deployment Strategies Template


Download Deployment Strategies Template


Demonstrate the strategies for a successful deployment by employing this release management template. Moreover, the high-quality icons present in this content-ready PowerPoint template make it attractive for seminars and conferences.

Template 9

Application Development Testing Deployment Process


Download Application Development Testing Deployment Process Template


Elucidate the various steps of software deployment using this pre-designed release management template. Also, ensure all the steps are followed adequately by introducing this attention-grabbing template. 

Template 10

Quarterly Cloud Strategy Planning And Deployment Roadmap


Download Quarterly Cloud Strategy Planning And Deployment Roadmap Template


IT professionals can incorporate this template to prepare the roadmap for product deployment using this release management template. Download this editable template to ensure the scheduled release of the software as it gives a glance at all the activities involved in the process. 


In a nutshell, irrespective of the company size, efficient release management helps software engineering teams deliver superior products and services. Incorporate our top 10 release management templates and ensure fewer errors and frequent updates! Grab these release management templates now!

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