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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide introduces Quality Assurance Plan, Analysis & Management. State your company name here.
Slide 2: This is an Agenda slide. Use it to showcase your company agendas.
Slide 3: This slide presents Quality Management Definition with magnifying glass imagery.
Slide 4: This slide states the Four Main Components Of Quality Management namely- Quality Improvement, Quality Control, Quality Planning, Quality Assurance.
Slide 5: This slide showcases the Evolution Of Quality Management with the following characteristics Quality Assurance In Services, Zero Defects, Quality Assurance/ TQC, Statistical Sampling Techniques, Tables For Acceptance Sampling, Statistical Process Control Charts.
Slide 6: This is Quality Control Vs Quality Assurance slide. State them here.
Slide 7: This slide states the 8 Principles Of Quality Management namely- Customer-focused Organisation, Leadership, Involvement Of People, Process Approach, System Approach To Management, Continual Improvement, Factual Approach To Decision Making, Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships.
Slide 8: This is a Customer Focus slide with creative magnifying glass imagery.
Slide 9: This slide states the Benefits Of Customer Focus which are- Policy And Strategy Formulation, Goal And Target Setting, Operation Management, Human Resource Management.
Slide 10: This is Leadership slide in people silhouettes. Use it to state various aspects of leadership.
Slide 11: This slide states the Benefits Of Leadership involving the following points- Policy And Strategy Formulation, Goal And Target Setting, Operation Management, Human Resource Management.
Slide 12: This slide shows the Involvement Of People with creative imagery to go with.
Slide 13: This slide states the Benefits Of Involvement Of People. These include- Policy And Strategy Formulation, Goal And Target Setting, Operation Management, Human Resource Management.
Slide 14: This slide presents Process Approach in a circular form.
Slide 15: This slide states the Benefits Of Process Approach.
Slide 16: This slide presents System Approach To Management in a creative bar graph/ chart form.
Slide 17: This slide states Benefits Of System Approach To Management with imagery.
Slide 18: This slide states Continual Improvement with creative arrow imagery.
Slide 19: This slide states the Benefits Of Continual Improvement. Beneficial Applications Of The Principle Include- For Policy And Strategy Formulation, For Goal And Target Setting, For Operation Management, For Human Resource Management.
Slide 20: This slide showcases Factual Approach To Decision Making with creative imagery.
Slide 21: This slide states the Benefits Of Factual Approach To Decision Making. These benefits are- Policy And Strategy Formulation, Goal And Target Setting, Operation Management, Human Resource Management.
Slide 22: This slide shows Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relations with relevant imagery.
Slide 23: This slide states the Benefits of Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relations such as- Policy And Strategy Formulation, Goal And Target Setting, Operation Management, Human Resource Management.
Slide 24: This slide shows the Dimensions Of Quality. These are- Reliability Quality, Durability Quality, Conformance Quality, Aesthetics Quality, Perceived Quality, Features Quality, Performance Quality, Serviceability Quality.
Slide 25: This is The Dimensions: Performance And Features slide to state.
Slide 26: This slide shows The Dimensions: Reliability And Durability. State them here.
Slide 27: This is The Dimensions with: SERVICEABILITY AND AESTHETICS slide. State them here.
Slide 28: This slide shows The Dimensions: Conformance And Perceived Quality. State them here.
Slide 29: This slide showcases Service Gap Model flowchart. State its various aspects here.
Slide 30: This slide states The Five Gaps That Organizations Should Measure Manage And Minimize.
Slide 31: This slide states the Determinants Of Quality namely- Service, Conforms To Design, Ease Of Use, Design.
Slide 32: This slide states associated Challenges With Service Quality. These are- Customer Expectation Often Change, Different Customers Have Different Expectations, Each Customer Contact Is A “Moment Of Truth”, Fail-safing Must Be Designed Into The System.
Slide 33: This slide states The Consequences Of Poor Quality such as- Loss Of Business, Liability, Productivity (Rework, Defective Output That Must Be Scrapped), Costs ( Rework, Scrap, Warranty, Cost etc. ).
Slide 34: This slide states Responsibility For Quality with the following factors- Top Management, Quality Assurance, Packaging And Shipping, Marketing And Sales, Customer Service, Production/ Operations, Procurement, Design.
Slide 35: This slide presents Cost For Quality flowchart.
Slide 36: This slide showcases Cost For Quality Graph. Use it for analysis, comparison etc.
Slide 37: This slide states Ethics And Quality with repect to- Poor Designs, Substandard Service, Substandard Parts And Materials In The Boxes, Defective Products.
Slide 38: This is Our Vision slide with text boxes. State your vision, mission and goals here.
Slide 39: This slide showcases Our Team specifications with name, designation and image boxes.
Slide 40: This is an About Us slide. State team/ company specifications here.
Slide 41: This is Our Goal slide to state company goals, aspirations etc.
Slide 42: This is a Comparison slide to compare two products/ entities etc.
Slide 43: This is a Financial stats slide in people silhouettes. State financial aspects etc. here.
Slide 44: This is a Quotes slide to convey company/ organization message, beliefs etc. You may change the slide content as per need.
Slide 45: This is a Dashboard slide to show information in percentages etc.
Slide 46: This is a Location slide on a world map image to show global growth, presence etc.
Slide 47: This slide presents a Timeline to show growth, milestones etc.
Slide 48: This is a Post It Notes slide for events, reminders etc. or to add memorabilia.
Slide 49: This is a Puzzle image slide to show information, specifications etc.
Slide 50: This is a Target image slide. State targets etc. here.
Slide 51: This is a Circular image slide to show information etc.
Slide 52: This is a Venn diagram image slide to show information, specifications etc.
Slide 53: This slide presents a Low High Matrix for representing an information.
Slide 54: This is a Silhouettes slide to show people specific information etc.
Slide 55: This is a SWIMLANES slide to show information, specifications etc.
Slide 56: This is a Bulb For Idea image slide to state a new idea or highlight specifications/ information etc.
Slide 57: This is a Magnifying Glass image slide with text boxes to show information, specifications etc.
Slide 58: This is a Bar Graph slide to show product/ entity comparison, specifications etc.
Slide 59: This is a Funnel slide. Showcase the funnel aspect of your team, company, product etc.
Slide 60: This is a Thank You slide with Address# street number, city, state, Contact Numbers, Email Address.

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