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Download professional Technology PowerPoint templates, slides and diagrams to create the perfect technology presentation. We also have free technology PPT templates that you can download from our Share and Download section. Our Information Technology PPT layouts cover almost every possible category such as big data analytics, cloud computing templates, green energy templates, internet of things template, mobile communications template, microprocessors, nanotechnology templates, networking templates, nuclear technology, security templates, servers, wireless technology templates, and other slide designs and PPT diagrams. We also have PowerPoint technology themes and presentation backgrounds that you can download from our Themes section. The below PPT templates and slides are fully editable in PowerPoint so that you can create your presentation on technology hassle-free. The growth of wireless technology, satellite communications, computers, internet, etc. has made technology an essential part of our life. There are mobile apps for almost everything today. Design plays a big role in communications now. Therefore, it is imperative that you use stunning presentation themes, templates and designs in your PPT which is why we have researched and brought together awesome PowerPoint designs for you. Big data is a buzzword today and if you are looking for big data templates, you have come to the right place. Visually show cloud infrastructure, your mobile apps, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and other cloud computing models, global networking, data centers with servers, virtual infrastructure, and other technical aspects with high-quality technology PowerPoint templates. Create the best information technology presentation, big data presentation, cloud computing PPT by using designs that catch audience’s attention. So go ahead, browse our PPT graphics and download the ones you like.


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  • 0115_big_data_icon_set_data_analytics_icon_set_cloud_computing_networking_funnel_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Big Data Icon Set Data Analytics Icon Set Cloud Computing Networking Funnel Ppt Slide

    Right to edit the PowerPoint design according to the corporate need. Attractively crafted presentation template with remarkable picture quality. Presentation slide compliant with Google slides. Precise and easy to comprehend information on PPT layout. Wide screen projection does not affect the output quality. PPT layout can be taken with different nodes and stages.

  • dd_multiple_icons_for_internet_things_and_applications_powerpoint_template_Slide01

    Dd Multiple Icons For Internet Things And Applications Powerpoint Template

    Flawless quality of components used in the designing. Presentation image can be viewed in both standard 4:3 and widescreen 16:9 display. Immediate download and simple to share with large audience. Convenience to modify the content as per the industry requirement. PowerPoint visual well-suited with Google slides. PPT design accessible with different nodes and stages. Access to add business details such as icon, image or text.

  • 0115_technology_predictive_data_analytics_networking_social_icons_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Technology Predictive Data Analytics Networking Social Icons Ppt Slide

    Fine quality, high resolution PPT icons. Bright coloured PPT graphics for a vibrant visual impact. Customisation of any icon as per need of the hour. Easy inclusion and exclusion of data possible. Hassle free conversion into varied formats. Compatible with multiple info graphic software. Beneficial for business owners, managers, investors, financers, marketers, entrepreneurs, teachers, students.

  • 0115_big_data_sources_sensors_feeds_databases_files_for_analysis_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Big Data Sources Sensors Feeds Databases Files For Analysis Ppt Slide

    Presentation design quickly downloadable. Easy to save into JPEG and PDF document. PPT diagrams are harmonious with Google slides. Flexible to share in widescreen view as amazing picture quality. Easy to alter color, text, font and shape. Similar designs accessible with different nodes and stages as required. Presentable and simple to comprehend into graphic format.

  • 0115_big_data_icons_in_gears_showing_connected_world_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Big Data Icons In Gears Showing Connected World Ppt Slide

    PowerPoint visual exhibited in both standard and widescreen display view options. Totally modifiable PPT templates editing allowed with fonts, text and color. Presentation slides are easy-going with Google slides. Similar designs accessible with different nodes and stages. Accessibility to convert the presentation graphic by accumulating business emblem and picture. Smooth download and adapt into JPEG and PDF document.

  • 0115_wireless_mobile_iphone_with_social_media_icons_coming_out_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Wireless Mobile Iphone With Social Media Icons Coming Out Ppt Slide

    Amendable presentation slide on social media apps. High resolution of diagrams and graphics. Available to be saved in jpg or pdf format. Access to change the content or insert information. No concession with the quality, once opened on wide screen. Compatible with Microsoft office software and the Google slides. Modify and personalize the presentation by including the company name and logo.

  • 0814_cloud_infrastructure_show_with_application_storage_and_servers_and_mobile_devices_ppt_slides_Slide01

    0814 Cloud Infrastructure Show With Application Storage And Servers And Mobile Devices Ppt Slides

    We are proud to present our 0814 cloud infrastructure show with application storage and servers and mobile devices ppt slides. This image slide displays cloud infrastructure depicted with application, storage and servers. This image slide has been crafted with graphic of cloud with application, storage and infrastructure icons. Graphic of various technology devices has also been used in this image. This image slide depicts cloud computing infrastructure. You may change size, color and orientation of any icon to your liking. Use this PowerPoint template, in your presentations to explain concepts like cloud computing, technology and business. This image slide will help you achieve your goal of making professional presentations.

  • 0115_big_data_analytics_cloud_networking_storage_servers_computing_icon_set_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Big Data Analytics Cloud Networking Storage Servers Computing Icon Set Ppt Slide

    Pliable PPT graphic as can be customized as per your requirement. Stupendous quality PowerPoint visual with great display. Contents of slide design completely amendable to the extent. Numerous options like JPG and PDF for saving the presentation design. Easy addition or removal of unwanted elements as per your convenience. PPT illustration downloadable with different nodes and stages.

  • 0814_global_communication_with_interconnected_devices_surrounding_the_earth_globe_ppt_slides_Slide01

    0814 Global Communication With Interconnected Devices Surrounding The Earth Globe Ppt Slides

    Loaded with supreme quality images and patterns to explain the concept of global communication via technology based devices. Eye Catchy appearance to easily grab the viewers’ attention. Completely amendable by any user at any time. Well matched framework with google. Fits any presentation perfectly. Provides error-free performance. Available in JPG and PDF formats. Easy to merge and to operate.

  • online_business_network_and_financial_deals_powerpoint_templates_Slide01

    Online Business Network And Financial Deals Powerpoint Templates

    Re write able Presentation designs, verse, themes, figures etc. Reasonable for business experts, marketing managers etc., Appropriate with all Google slides and applications, Scope to add title and subtitles also, Cognizant PowerPoint designs which saves time also, quick downloading process available, intensely created PPT slides with an immense quality resolutions, Exportable to PDF or JPG formats.

  • 1114_entire_cloud_computing_infrastructure_with_allications_end_users_and_office_computers_ppt_slide_Slide01

    1114 Entire Cloud Computing Infrastructure With Allications End Users And Office Computers Ppt Slide

    We are proud to present our 1114 entire cloud computing infrastructure with allications end users and office computers ppt slide. Define the infrastructure of cloud computing with this innovative PPT slide. This PPT slide contains the allication and end users in cloud system. Use this PPT slide and build an amazing presentation for your viewers.

  • 0115_business_intelligence_process_data_preparation_processing_reporting_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Business Intelligence Process Data Preparation Processing Reporting Ppt Slide

    Skillfully composed very educated PPT formats. PowerPoint design completely support to different writing computer programs software's. PPT goes with straightforward headings for any modifications. Templates are unguarded with different center points and stages. To adjust the format, instructive slide are available. Easy to acclimatize mark logo, organization name and recognizable proof trademarks.

  • data_analytics_data_search_technology_ppt_slides_Slide01

    Data Analytics Data Search Technology Ppt Slides

    PPT slides are entirely compatible with Google slides. Standard and widescreen view display options available. 100% editable PowerPoint template design to enable customization. Simple to convert into JPEG and PDF document. Downloading is easy and can be insert in your presentation. Useful for every small and large scale organization. The stages in this process are big data analytics.

  • 0914_big_data_technology_icons_analytics_storage_replication_dashboard_magnify_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0914 Big Data Technology Icons Analytics Storage Replication Dashboard Magnify Ppt Slide

    Gracefully and delicately designed PPT visual. Convenience to modify the design as per the communal constraint. Spotless quality of pictures and images used in the designing. Access to add business details such as insignia, design or portrait. Brisk download and easy to share with large set of viewers. Flexible presentation background as slickly adjustable into JPG and PDF format. Presentation illustration downloadable in standard and widescreen display view.

  • 1114_cloud_icon_with_internet_options_powerpoint_template_Slide01

    1114 Cloud Icon With Internet Options Powerpoint Template

    We are proud to present our 1114 cloud icon with internet options powerpoint template. This Power Point template slide has been crafted with graphic of cloud icon. This cloud icon can be used for internet options. Use this PPT slide for your internet based presentations.

  • 0814_cloud_computing_with_components_of_infrastructure_surrounded_by_mobile_devices_ppt_slides_Slide01

    0814 Cloud Computing With Components Of Infrastructure Surrounded By Mobile Devices Ppt Slides

    We are proud to present our 0814 cloud computing with components of infrastructure surrounded by mobile devices ppt slides. This image slide displays cloud with components of infrastructure surrounded by mobile devices. This image slide has been crafted with graphic of 3d cloud having components of infrastructure text on it and various technology devices. This image slide depicts cloud computing. You may change size, color and orientation of any icon to your liking. Use this PowerPoint template, in your presentations to explain concepts like cloud computing, technology and business. This image slide will enhance the quality of your presentations.

  • 0914_complex_networking_diagram_main_office_and_branch_office_wan_lan_and_cloud_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0914 Complex Networking Diagram Main Office And Branch Office WAN LAN And Cloud Ppt Slide

    Customization of PowerPoint slide is enabled for your use. Alternate to include or exclude content as per the business need. Available in both standard as well as in widescreen slide. Grant a professional viewpoint to your presentation template. Entirely editable PPT slide with superb image quality. Toning PowerPoint designs available with different nodes and stages. Suitable for computer networking, cloud computing, data storage and other technology aspects.

  • 0115_big_data_workflow_from_data_feeds_to_actionable_intelligence_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Big Data Workflow From Data Feeds To Actionable Intelligence Ppt Slide

    Fully amendable PowerPoint slides with Google slides. Suitable for technology and business related slide shows. Adjustable presentation designs as can be shared in standard and widescreen view. Easy guidelines are given which can be followed to modify the slides. Editable PPT diagrams as changes can be possible with color, text and font.

  • 0814_storage_access_point_ethernet_port_access_point_web_cam_pen_drive_icon_ppt_slides_Slide01

    0814 Storage Access Point Ethernet Port Access Point Web Cam Pen Drive Icon Ppt Slides

    Use of pixel rich images and the graphics. Access to edit the backgrounds, layouts and the entire slide design once downloaded. Trouble-free insertion of the company’s logo or the brand name while replacing the traditional watermark. Fit well with the Google slides and other offline presentation templates. Offer instructions to customize the slide design. Useful for the business managers, marketing professionals and the strategy designers.

  • smart_phone_with_multiple_apps_powerpoint_template_Slide01

    Smart Phone With Multiple Apps Powerpoint Template

    We are proud to present our smart phone with multiple apps powerpoint template. Concept of technology application has been displayed in this power point template diagram. This PPT diagram contains the graphic of smart phone and multiple apps. Use this PPT diagram for business and technology related presentations.

  • 0115_big_data_written_in_brain_made_of_pcb_board_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Big Data Written In Brain Made Of Pcb Board Ppt Slide

    Creative presentation designs as can be displayed in standard and widescreen view. PowerPoint slides are totally compatible with Google slides. The design has remarkable quality and accuracy. Can be easily merged with your presentation. Easily amendable PPT templates as editing possible with color, text and font. Download is quick and can be easily insert in the ongoing presentation.

  • 0814_mesh_of_interconnected_devices_representing_cloud_computing_with_mobile_devices_ppt_slides_Slide01

    0814 Mesh Of Interconnected Devices Representing Cloud Computing With Mobile Devices Ppt Slides

    Pre-designed timeline focused PowerPoint Presentation template. Use of high-resolution images, and computer technology diagrams. Loaded with styles and effects to create an impact. Can be easily converted into JPEG/JPG or PDF formats as per the requirements. Compatible with google slides. Project to widescreen without worrying about pixelating, after downloading explore these features.

  • 0814_cloud_computing_concept_with_mobile_wireless_email_device_connected_to_the_cloud_ppt_slides_Slide01

    0814 Cloud Computing Concept With Mobile Wireless Email Device Connected To The Cloud Ppt Slides

    Cloud computing with mobile wireless email devices connected to the cloud PowerPoint slide. Fit to be used with the Google slides. Replace the visuals, text and the content in the slide design. Change the size, style and orientation of the slides. Use your company’s name or brand name to make it your own presentation template. Beneficial for managers, professors, marketers, etc. Flexible option for conversion in PDF or JPG formats. Available in Widescreen format also. Useful for making business plan and strategies. Can also be used with Google slides.

  • tablet_with_global_business_apps_powerpoint_template_Slide01

    Tablet With Global Business Apps Powerpoint Template

    We are proud to present our tablet with global business apps powerpoint template. Graphic of tablet and apps has been used to design this power point template. This PPT diagram contains the concept of global business app application. Use this PPT diagram for business and global data related presentations.

  • 1114_difference_between_saas_paas_iaas_as_a_service_consume_build_migrate_ppt_slide_Slide01

    1114 Difference Between Saas Paas Iaas As A Service Consume Build Migrate Ppt Slide

    Runs smoothly and jitter-free on each compatible software. PPT images are of high resolution. Even when projected in widescreen, the Presentation graphics never pixelate. Easy download of PPT slides. Additionally, customize slide by adding your company’s logo, trademark. Inset titles and sub titles at will with no space constraints. Compatible with Google slides. Employable in startups, networking, businesses, project management.

  • 0115_understand_big_data_metrics_and_analysis_showing_by_magnifying_glass_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Understand Big Data Metrics And Analysis Showing By Magnifying Glass Ppt Slide

    Results and data oriented slides. PowerPoint template has extraordinary quality to impose a long-lasting impression. PPT comes with easy instructions for any modifications. Slide can be easily inserted in an ongoing presentation. These are compatible with google framework. These do not need much time and effort for their operation.

  • mobile_with_apps_for_technology_and_communication_ppt_slides_Slide01

    Mobile With Apps For Technology And Communication Ppt Slides

    Downloadable PowerPoint design easy inserts text and share. Presentation slide has an innovative and expert look. Functions well with Google slides. High resolution PPT template design. Simple to download and saves valuable time. Modification possible text and color according to the need of the presentation. Tailor it by adding corporation designation and image. Presentation shape can be presented in both standard and widescreen size. Add your company logo, tagline, trademark or brand name etc. The stages in this process are designed to show the mobile apps and its importance.

  • 0115_layers_of_an_operating_system_with_storage_hardware_kernel_and_user_mode_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Layers Of An Operating System With Storage Hardware Kernel And User Mode Ppt Slide

    Proofing and editing can be done with ease in PPT design. Smooth functioning is ensured by the presentation slide show on all software’s. Color, style and position can be standardized, supports font size which can be read from a distance. When projected on the wide screen the PPT layout does not sacrifice on pixels or color resolution.

  • 0814_data_center_with_servers_as_a_cloud_connected_to_devices_mobile_tables_desktop_ppt_slides_Slide01

    0814 Data Center With Servers As A Cloud Connected To Devices Mobile Tables Desktop Ppt Slides

    Simple and swift to download. Change colors and contrast of PPT icons as per liking. Totally modifiable orientation and sizes of the high resolution presentation infographics. Convert into JPG or PDF format and run effortlessly with Google slides as per need. Add text without bothering about constraint on length. Suitable for network architects, app developers, software and hardware specialists etc.

  • 0914_mobile_cellular_phone_with_social_media_icons_bubbling_up_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0914 Mobile Cellular Phone With Social Media Icons Bubbling Up Ppt Slide

    Simple and swift to download without hassles. Alter the orientation, color scheme and sizes of presentation infographics to your liking. No change in resolution of PPT images on editing and no pixelation on wide screen projection. No need to worry about limits on word length in text boxes. Suitable for app developers, operating system engineers, software designers etc.

  • 0115_end_users_connecting_to_a_virtual_infrastructure_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 End Users Connecting To A Virtual Infrastructure Ppt Slide

    We are proud to present our 0115 end users connecting to a virtual infrastructure ppt slide. This power point template has been designed with graphic of computer network. This PPT contains the concept of end user connectivity and virtual infrastructure. This PPT is suitable for data and cloud structure related topics in any presentations.

  • 0814_global_communication_with_interconnected_devices_connected_to_a_centralized_cloud_ppt_slides_Slide01

    0814 Global Communication With Interconnected Devices Connected To A Centralized Cloud Ppt Slides

    Capable of enhancing the response rate from the viewers. Provides error-free performance to avoid any delays. Allows conversion into different formats such as JPG and PDF. Runs smoothly with all the software. Fits perfectly into the presentations without looking disproportionate. Possess time and effort saving capabilities. Can be completely modified by any user to suit your business needs.

  • 1114_3d_icons_for_internet_based_things_powerpoint_template_Slide01

    1114 3d Icons For Internet Based Things Powerpoint Template

    We are proud to present our 1114 3d icons for internet based things powerpoint template. This Power Point template slide has been crafted with graphic of 3d icons. These icons are used to show internet based things. Use this PPT slide for your internet communication related presentations.

  • 1214_blue_icons_for_internet_things_with_network_technology_powerpoint_template_Slide01

    1214 Blue Icons For Internet Things With Network Technology PowerPoint Template

    Presentation background can be amend easily as access to change color, text accessible. Startling PowerPoint design. Implausible picture quality as pixels don’t break. Blend well with online software tools i.e. JPG and PDF. Hundred percent compatible with Google slides. Pre-designed PPT infographic saves you valuable time. Modify the presentation slide with your company trademark, badge and design.

  • 0814_telecommunications_satellite_network_over_international_gateway_ppt_slides_Slide01

    0814 Telecommunications Satellite Network Over International Gateway Ppt Slides

    No risk of picture pixilation whatever be the size of display screen. Allow instant downloading and saving of the slide design. Follow the provided instructions to modify the layout and customize it. Fix the background with your business trademark or logo. Use additional icons available to download. Beneficial for the business managers, traders, presenters and the relevant individuals in a trading company.

  • 0115_responsive_design_over_several_hand_held_devices_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Responsive Design Over Several Hand Held Devices Ppt Slide

    Well adaptable with all the software’s and Google slides. Personalize it with commercial banner and icon. Creatively crafted PowerPoint design. Enough space available to enter content. Manually editable Presentation template i.e. text, font, colors, layout and shading. High resolution PowerPoint slide. Convertible into PDF or JPG formats. Suitable for professionals from diverse sectors, business professionals, researchers, etc.

  • 1114_magnifying_glass_with_big_data_icons_surrounding_the_lens_ppt_slide_Slide01

    1114 Magnifying Glass With Big Data Icons Surrounding The Lens Ppt Slide

    Artistically designed PPT slide with great image quality. Modifiable images, icons, colors, text and layout. Alternate to add brand name and theme to customize. PowerPoint illustration can be downloaded and save into JPG and PDF format. Presentation slideshow obtainable in standard and widescreen view. Completely adaptable PowerPoint background with Google slides. Easy to adjust and present as per your requirement.

  • 0115_sentiment_analysis_from_different_social_media_feeds_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Sentiment Analysis From Different Social Media Feeds Ppt Slide

    We are proud to present our 0115 sentiment analysis from different social media feeds ppt slide. Graphic of funnel diagram with multiple icons of social media. These icons are used to display social media sentiment analysis. Use this PPT for your social media related presentations.

  • 0814_replication_of_data_from_primary_to_replica_with_changes_being_sent_over_network_ppt_slides_Slide01

    0814 Replication Of Data From Primary To Replica With Changes Being Sent Over Network Ppt Slides

    High-resolution images and the icons in the slide design. Allow editing of the slide style, images and the layouts. Attune well with the Google slides and other offline softwares. Easy to edit the watermark in the background of the slide design. Provided instructions to change the slide design. Useful for the business managers and the marketing individuals.

  • mobile_with_social_apps_for_communication_ppt_slides_Slide01

    Mobile With Social Apps For Communication Ppt Slides

    Extremely Informative and educative PPT presentation backgrounds. Action and technology Oriented PowerPoint diagrams. Supports wide screen view for better understanding and clarity of information displayed. Favorable for the investors, clients, customers and students for sharing data and information. Easy and effortless downloading. Creates a powerful connection between the presentation and the members of the audience. The stages in this process are mobile, internet of things.

  • 0115_networking_technology_icons_storage_clock_phone_cloud_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Networking Technology Icons Storage Clock Phone Cloud Ppt Slide

    We are proud to present our 0115 networking technology icons storage clock phone cloud ppt slide. This power point template has been designed with graphic of phone and cloud icons. These icons are used to show the concept of networking and data storage. Use this PPT for your network and data related topics in any technology related presentations.

  • 0814_data_center_full_of_racks_of_computer_servers_blades_in_a_line_with_blinking_lights_ppt_slides_Slide01

    0814 Data Center Full Of Racks Of Computer Servers Blades In A Line With Blinking Lights Ppt Slides

    Simple and swift download without any hassles. Insert your company name, trademark, tagline, logo etc. Fully modifiable color scheme and contrast. Change orientation and sizes of PPT infographics as per requirement. No limitation on length of titles and subtitles in text boxes. Simply convertible to JPG or PDF and works seamlessly with any software besides Google slides.

  • 0115_social_media_technology_tree_showing_various_kinds_of_media_outlets_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Social Media Technology Tree Showing Various Kinds Of Media Outlets Ppt Slide

    We are proud to present our 0115 social media technology tree showing various kinds of media outlets ppt slide. Graphic of tree has been used to design this power point template. This graphic template contains the social media technology. This PPT is well designed for social media related topics in any technical or social presentations.

  • pptx_e_commerce_seo_cycle_diagram_powerpoint_presentation_Slide01

    Pptx E Commerce Seo Cycle Diagram Powerpoint Presentation

    Fast download with simple steps. Absolutely modifiable size and orientation of PPT icons as per your requirement. Totally modifiable text to suit the context. Fully editable color scheme and contrast of PPT infographics as per your liking. Fits smoothly anywhere within your own presentation. Insert your own company logo, tagline, trademark, watermark etc.The stages in this process are credit card processing, analytics, service, website design, branding, social marketing, customer management.

  • servers_with_laptops_for_firewall_networking_ppt_slides_Slide01

    Servers With Laptops For Firewall Networking Ppt Slides

    Created after carefully reviewing the business and viewer’s needs. Usage of interesting icons rather than boring and monotonous looking bullet points. Extremely flexible and adaptable PowerPoint presentation patterns. 100% Amendable by following some simple and easy guidelines. Can be easily converted into different formats without any hassles. The stages in this process are networking, servers.

  • 1114_four_phases_of_big_data_showing_in_gear_wheel_ppt_slide_Slide01

    1114 Four Phases Of Big Data Showing In Gear Wheel Ppt Slide

    We are proud to present our 1114 four phases of big data showing in gear wheel ppt slide. This Power Point slide has been designed with graphic of gear. This big gear contained the big data details. Use this PPT slide and build presentation for data computing.

  • ca_car_nuclear_energy_symbol_with_sun_and_globe_for_green_energy_ppt_icons_graphics_Slide01

    Ca Car Nuclear Energy Symbol With Sun And Globe For Green Energy Ppt Icons Graphics

    We are proud to present our ca car nuclear energy symbol with sun and globe for green energy ppt icons graphics. Graphic of car, nuclear energy and sun with globe icons has been used to craft this power point template. This icon template contains the concept of green energy utilization. Use this icon template for green energy related topics in any presentation.

  • 0814_cloud_computing_icons_phone_ringing_email_social_laptop_tweet_communication_ppt_slides_Slide01

    0814 Cloud Computing Icons Phone Ringing Email Social Laptop Tweet Communication Ppt Slides

    We are proud to present our 0814 cloud computing icons phone ringing email social laptop tweet communication ppt slides. This image slide displays cloud computing icons phone ringing, email, social, laptop, tweet and communication. This image slide has been crafted with graphic of clouds printed various icons representing communication and technology. This image slide depicts cloud computing on wireless devices. Use this image slide, in your presentations to explain concepts like cloud computing, technology and business. This image slide will enhance the quality of your presentations.

  • 0115_benefits_advantages_of_business_intelligence_data_analytics_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Benefits Advantages Of Business Intelligence Data Analytics Ppt Slide

    Fully modifiable PowerPoint design. High resolution presentation slide as can be anticipated on wide screen. Easily adjustable with maximum number of software i.e. JPG and PDF. Trouble free inclusion and omission of content as per industry need. Glorious quality of PowerPoint design. Presentation illustration download with different nodes and stages. Possible to download with standard and widescreen view.

  • cloud_computing_network_with_apps_powerpoint_template_Slide01

    Cloud Computing Network With Apps Powerpoint Template

    Visually stunning presentation visual. Can shape a vital piece of various business points’ presentation. Accessibility to modify the content as per the business requirement. Gives an expert viewpoint to your PowerPoint illustration. Great pixels quality as can be projected in widescreen view. Perfect with different programming alternatives i.e. JPG and PDF format. Useful for information technology professionals, computer networking team etc.

  • 0115_networking_technology_icons_storage_globe_wireless_laptop_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Networking Technology Icons Storage Globe Wireless Laptop Ppt Slide

    Easy to use PowerPoint template design. Accessible in both in standard and widescreen view. Easy to adjust into JPEG or PDF document. Editable presentation slide design to meet the industry needs. Downloadable PPT template to insert data and share. Available in high quality resolution display. Fully compatible with Google slides. Useful for networking supervisors, associates, information technology professionals, data management experts etc.

  • crm_saas_model_powerpoint_images_Slide01

    Crm Saas Model Powerpoint Images

    Maintenance of superior quality visuals throughout the presentation. Compatible with wide screen output, without the fear of pixilation. Can be effectively used with any number of online and offline software. The business slide example is harmonious with multiple format options. Give it a more personalized look with your company logo and name. Edit the PPT shape, colors, shade, text and more for making it more specific to your content. Used by marketing consultants, sales managers and project managers.The stages in this process are collaboration, communication, finance, block store and much more.

  • 0115_data_virtualization_layer_with_predictive_analytics_web_and_other_use_cases_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Data Virtualization Layer With Predictive Analytics Web And Other Use Cases Ppt Slide

    Fine quality PPT presentation patterns and graphics. Integrated with expert designed icons to grab the viewers’ attention. Helps in the process of making effective decisions, plans and policies. Makes sure that the data is displayed in an organised and relevant manner. Beneficial for the investors, clients and customers. Allows complete modification without any hassles.

  • innovative_cloud_applications_and_services_diagram_powerpoint_presentation_Slide01

    Innovative Cloud Applications And Services Diagram Powerpoint Presentation

    These are adroitly drafted Presentation graphics to highlight the concerned concept approach. They have an enormous range of available congruous PPT designs with a feasible background portrait. These have modifiable PowerPoint diagrams, charts, designs, map design, patterns, sizes and PowerPoint images. They can also be used with Google slides themes. The stages in this process are public, administration, operations, management, customer, sales, marketing.

  • 0115_data_mining_steps_from_data_to_knowledge_with_preprocessing_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Data Mining Steps From Data To Knowledge With Preprocessing Ppt Slide

    Extremely professional and reliable PPT presentation diagrams. Easily follows the user commands. Provides error-free performance. Delivers accurate and precise business and presentation objective. Allows inserting business trademarks, logos and names. Can be converted into different formats such as JPG and PDF. 100% amendable patterns and information to match your business needs.

  • 1114_baas_saas_paas_iaas_maas_different_as_a_service_types_ppt_slide_Slide01

    1114 Baas Saas Paas Iaas Maas Different As A Service Types Ppt Slide

    We are proud to present our 1114 baas saas paas iaas maas different as a service types ppt slide. This unique Power point image slide has been crafted with various text boxes. All these boxes are containing different words like bass, pass saas and mass. All these words are used for a different service type. Use this slide and build a quality presentation for related topics.

  • 0115_paper_tags_on_mobile_screen_for_data_representation_powerpoint_template_Slide01

    0115 Paper Tags On Mobile Screen For Data Representation PowerPoint Template

    Transform the information clearly among the viewers. Flexible visuals, colors and text. Easy to amend as per the corporate requirements. Extremely ingenious PowerPoint slide with great graphic quality. Beneficial for business entrepreneurs, sales and marketing experts, technology professionals, managers, executives etc. Adaptable PPT slide can be presented in standard and widescreen view. Has an original and substantial approach. Access to insert design and attributes to personalize it. Swift to download, save and convert into JPG and PDF format.

  • virtual_desktops_for_cloud_technology_ppt_slides_Slide01

    Virtual Desktops For Cloud Technology Ppt Slides

    These PPT designs are a great way to propose your message to the viewer as they display information in a clear and systematic manner. The infographics used in these are high quality. They can be customized as per the need of the user. They save a lot of time and effort. They are compatible with GoogleThe stages in this process are cloud computing, virtualization, mobile.

  • 0115_business_intelligence_etl_extract_transform_load_process_management_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0115 Business Intelligence Etl Extract Transform Load Process Management Ppt Slide

    Skillfully created exceptionally instructed PPT positions. PowerPoint configuration totally supports various software. PPT runs with clear headings for any adjustments. Template slides with multiple nodes and phases are available. To change the organization, educational slide are accessible. Easy to adapt check logo, association name and conspicuous verification trademarks. Slide templates are flawless with Google slides.

  • 0914_as_a_service_models_software_platform_and_infrastructure_as_a_service_shown_by_pyramid_ppt_slide_Slide01

    0914 As A Service Models Software Platform And Infrastructure As A Service Shown By Pyramid Ppt Slide

    Easy data admission like company logo, name or trademark. This PowerPoint icon is fully aligned with Google slides. Picture quality does not change even when project this template on large screen. Fast downloading speed and formats can be simply altered to JPEG and PDF. Ideal for marketing, sales persons and entrepreneurs. Adjust PPT slide’s font, text, and colors as per your requirements.

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