"Training" is the process of learning the necessary skills required for a particular job. Wikipedia describes "training" as "teaching," "developing oneself," "learning new skills," and "gaining knowledge" specific to valuable competencies. 


Whether employers hope to enhance employee engagement, drive productivity and performance, or instill confidence and understanding, training is an excellent method to invest and reap phenomenal results.


Training programs cannot be viewed as a mere check-in-the-box activity. They are far more than that! A comprehensive training program offers employees a chance to excel at their jobs, better understand processes, learn procedures, and achieve goals in the shortest time possible.


Here are some of the benefits of Training Programs:


  • Employees are Better Equipped to Function by Themselves
  • Instils Confidence
  • Helps to Gain Understanding of the Processes
  • Helps to Learn the Skills Needed to Perform
  • Greater Productivity
  • Increased Job Satisfaction
  • Improved Employer-Employee Relationship


10 Best Employee Training Timeline Templates


This article will give you an insight into our top 10 Employee Training Timeline Templates. You can use them to introduce the onboarding training schedules for new employees, prepare cross-training programs to expand employee skill sets, or plan technical training modules for regular upskilling. Our pre-designed slides are ready to use and easily customizable. Further, they are hassle-free and unique. Download our slides today to prepare professional PPTs consistent with your design and brand in the least amount of time!


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Let us now explore the top 10 Employee Training Timeline Templates:


Template 1 - Employee Training Plan Strategic Timeline

An effective employee training plan begins with assessing the need for the training program. In this stage, the training team coordinator is tasked with the sole responsibility of understanding the learning gaps and designing an efficient skill and development strategy. The slide showcases a strategic training plan timeline. It clarifies key aspects of the training schedule, such as assessing, motivating, designing, delivering, evaluating, and repeating. Align and define your training goals to support your organization's needs by strategically analyzing your employees' skill sets using our professionally designed templates. Download today to effortlessly get a clear overview of the training program timeline!


Employee training plan strategic timeline


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Template 2 - Employee Training Timeline with Task and Session Details

A professional training program enables employees to acquire the knowledge and skills required to achieve their full potential. Our slide highlights the employee training timeline. It effectively illustrates the task and session details with key headings. For example, a successful IT training plan will include objectives, an action plan, and critical targets. This template includes headings such as "number of sessions," "training tasks," "initiation," "review," "finish," "percentage to mastery," and "weekly score." So, now, for your IT training module, you can focus the sessions on IT security, IT support, Data Awareness, or Data Migration. Further training managers can set measurable targets and review the training schedule after completion. Download today!


Employee Training Timeline with Task and Session Details


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Template 3 - Employee Training Schedule Timeline

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a complex IT transformation process requiring strategic training and implementation. This slide demonstrates the training program and schedule for ERP implementation. It helps disseminate a complex and multifaceted process into simple steps such as "Software Technology and Knowledge," "Reporting Format," "Process Training," "Software Usage, etc. Download to communicate to your employees a step-by-step ERP Transformation training plan.


Employee Training Schedule and Timeline


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Template 4 - Employee Training Timeline for Data Quality Guide 

One crucial aspect of a company's success is the collection of quality data. It is essential as it directly impacts the decision-making capacity. Quality data is vital to making accurate analyses; therefore, its reliability determines the validity of results. Inconsistent data will produce unreliable and incomplete outputs. Consequently, well-defined employee training for the Data Quality Guide is ideal for ensuring better predictions and classifications. Our slide provides employee training timelines to assist in scheduling training modules. Download our slides today to help prepare effective training programs to save time and reduce rework tremendously.


Employee training timeline for data quality


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Template 5 - Six-week Timeline for New Employee Training Program

Training boosts employee morale, resulting in lower turnover. Our slide effortlessly captures the six-week timeline for a New Employee Training schedule. It lists its six stages (define, prepare, practice, deliver, confirm, and review training program) and ensures an error-free schedule to welcome new employees efficiently. Download this template today and present a comprehensive overview of the new employee training program.


Six Week Timeline for New Employee Training Program


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Template 6 - Yearly Training Timeline for Employee Skilling Program

Building your employees' existing knowledge of the latest technologies benefits your team and the organization. An exclusive upskilling training module will boost employee confidence, help them remain competitive, enhance their problem-solving capabilities, and increase job satisfaction. Our "yearly training timeline for Employee Skilling Program" PPT slide offers an overview of the yearly training schedule for employee skill development. Use it to track employee progress on "reskilling" topics such as learning and development, job rotation, decision-making, and conflict resolution. Download today.


Yearly training timeline for employee skilling program


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Template 7 - Two-Month Training Timeline for Team Development

A successful Team Development Training Schedule is synonymous with developing a cohesive team. Therefore, preparation is critical. This slide highlights a two-month training schedule in 8 key stages. It helps understand training needs, choose relevant training tools, develop team development exercises, develop an exclusive training module, define the budget analysis, and implement the program. Download it today to establish an impactful employee training program. 


Two month training timeline for team development


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Template 8 - Corporate Employee Training Plan with Timeline

A corporate employee training program outlines a detailed strategy and steps for a successful training curriculum. Training goals are classified into different ways. For example, you may schedule a training module to welcome new employees, reskill existing employees, or provide technical training on new products and services. Irrespective of your training need, it is imperative you devise a training method that helps achieve your goals and objectives. This slides offers clarity on the type of training provided, department/person trained, topics, and achieved goals. Download today and develop a comprehensive corporate training plan!


Corporate Employee Training Plan with Timeline


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Template 9 - Project Management Timeline with Employee Training

A detailed schedule is vital to a project as it specifically lays down the tasks and deadlines for your team to follow. Let us take the example of a project on "Sales Partnership." You would need key data on campaign elements, research competitors, collect feedback, etc. You will most likely have an idea of the project's timeline, but it is easier to plan future course of action if you have the completion date of each task. Our slide maps out the Project Management Timeline with Employee training accurately. Using the visual representation of the project completion date, you and your team will have access to a high-level view of the project and manage your resources efficiently. Download Today!


Project management timeline with employee training


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Template 10 - Five Employees Training Timeline with Company Valuation Methods

The central reason for employee training is to offer an opportunity to grow and expand knowledge within the organization. Furthermore, learning experiences create a happy and productive atmosphere. Tracking the training process of individual employees helps understand the effectiveness of a training module and tailor it according to each employee's learning gaps. Our slide depicts a training timeline for five employees. It elucidates the company valuation method that helps to achieve the desired outcome. Download the template today to provide an exclusive training plan to your employees.


Five Employees Training Timeline with Company Valuation Methods


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Key Takeaway


While companies clearly understand the benefits of offering training programs to their employees, formulating an effective training schedule is undeniably challenging. However, by adopting select training tools, your training department can create suitable training modules and invest in ongoing job training. Our top 10 employee training templates provide a distinctive overview of training schedules. Download and customize our templates to create noteworthy and professional training timeline PPTs. Impress your audience with relevant data and develop a better-trained workforce that will be profitable and efficient! 


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