A timeline is a tool that highlights the flow of activities and milestones over time. It represents the sequence of events and activities. 


Consider a startup planning to develop a new technology. Its timeline would act like a blueprint that maps its evolution from an idea to a flourishing business. It would include milestones like funding, researching, testing, etc. A timeline assists investors, owners, and employees in visualizing progress, identifying hurdles, and setting mindful data-based objectives. 


Relying on lengthy scripts and descriptions will not cut it. They make it difficult for the team and other viewers to retain information. On the other hand, the timeline highlights the same points in a quick and easy-to-understand overview, making it an invaluable tool for managers, employees, and other business leaders. 


A career timeline is a representation of a person’s professional growth over time. It helps to understand strengths and weaknesses and plan for the future. Employ our professionally created PPT Templates on Career Timeline and showcase your proud journey.


An arrow timeline can be used in industries like construction, event planning, manufacturing, etc. but creating a timeline from scratch can seem like a daunting task. Keeping that in mind, slideteam has curated these pre-designed PPT Templates on arrow time to streamline the process. These slides are designed by experts and provide consistency and professionalism in the presentation. Get a much-needed headstart using these 100% editable and customizable PPT templates.


Let's Explore 


Template 1: Year Based Company History Timeline

A company’s history allows the stakeholders and potential investors to trust where their investment is going. It is an invaluable tool to highlight the growth and development of an organization over time. Using this PPT Slide design, you can effectively communicate the achievements and milestones in the company’s journey. It serves as the backbone of the organization. Each year is highlighted by different colors and connected by arrows that direct and guide the viewer through the company’s course. 


Year Based Company History Timeline




Template 2: Five Staged Arrow Stair Timeline with Years

This PowerPoint Slide showcases a staircase-like visual metaphor to depict the growth of an organization over a period of time. Each step of the staircase represents a stage or a period, with years marked along the arrows. The layout of the slide aids in displaying information about major achievements, setbacks or growth, developments, etc. in chronological order for the stakeholders' better comprehension.






Template 3: Next Step Timeline with Arrow and Roadmap

This PowerPoint Slide illustrates a visual depiction of the progression and future direction of a project or a plan. It includes a roadmap in the shape of an arrow to convey a clear sense of direction and keep an eye on any deviation from the path. Each step represents a milestone or a phase, aiding stakeholders in keeping track of the progression towards the achievement of the common goal.


Next Step Timeline with Arrow and Roadmap




Template 4: 6-Month Project Timeline with Forward Moving Arrow

This PowerPoint Slide visualizes project development over a half-year period. It includes an arrow representing constant progress and momentum throughout the project’s existence. The timeline is divided into six parts, each representing a month. This allows for easy tracking of project achievements and deadlines. This template is ideal for managers and teams to build project plans and track progress. 


6 Month Project Timeline with Forward Moving Arrow




Template 5: Arrow Timeline for Different Milestones

This PowerPoint Template showcases a clean and structured visualization tool for highlighting different achievements in the order of occurrence. The template includes a roadmap in the form of an arrow shape to show the passage of time, with each of the achievements represented by a separate marker on the timeline. This leads to straightforward communication of major successes, or project phases, which promotes audience comprehension and participation. It can be used for project planning, corporate progress reports, etc. as it offers a well-organized framework for conveying the progress.


Arrow Timeline




Template 6: Arrow Milestone with Years

The following PowerPoint Slide showcases a dynamic arrow-shaped timeline that signifies an organization's growth and progression over time. It highlights key moments and achievements of the organization through the years. This template offers a clear representation of the organization’s developmental journey.  


Arrow Milestone with Years




Template 7: Milestone Icons Shown by Upward Arrow Timeline and Graphs

This PowerPoint Slide showcases upward arrow timelines and graphs to visually present project progress and achievement. It includes engaging icons and graphs that are color-coded for clarity and enhancing engagement. This template helps in offering insights into performance trends, facilitating communication of project milestones, and establishing coordination among team members and stakeholders. Grab it today!


Milestone Icons Shown By Upward Arrow Timeline and Graphs




Template 8: 100 Days Action Plan with Forward Moving Arrow

This PowerPoint Slide showcases a dynamic forward-moving arrow that represents progress in an organization. It includes a comparison chart with color-coded columns and unique icons, which allows the teams of the organization to enter information for analysis and decision-making. Key metrics or performance indicators can be presented in a visually appealing manner for strategic planning and working out the next plan of action toward the achievement of desired objectives. 


100 Days Action Plan with Forward Moving Arrow




Template 9: Arrow Timeline Graphics for Mobile App Development for Startups

This PowerPoint Template showcases timeline graphics for Mobile app development for any startup venture. It efficiently presents complex steps by employing special icons specific to app development phases. Each of these icons depicts a key step, like concept design, development, and launch. This PowerPoint Slide enables entrepreneurs to visually layout the progress of their application from its initial stage to its launch. It also promotes seamless integration of schedules, data, milestones, and more for clarity and coordination among team members and investors. 


Arrow Timeline Graphics for Mobile App Development for Startups




Template 10: Four-Staged Arrow Timeline Diagram

This PowerPoint Slide showcases the Four-Staged Arrow Timeline Diagram, which visually represents sequential operations or stages in business. Each arrow in this template is color-coded for clarity and may be utilized to represent a separate phase or milestone in a project. This helps to explain complex information in a simple, straightforward manner, which improves understanding among the organization's stakeholders. Grab it today!


Four Staged Arrow Timeline Diagram




Wrapping Up


A well-structured template sets the stage for a unique and engaging presentation. Effectively communicate the progress, plans and strategic initiatives of the organization with the investors and clients using these visually appealing custom-ready slides. 


PS: A successful project completion requires teamwork and excellent planning and milestones indicate how far you’ve come and how far you are from your goal. This is where our milestones timeline templates come in handy. These are custom-ready and customizable as per your unique business needs. Explore now!