Product launch is a BIG thing. As a product manager, you rigorously follow all the stages that go into the successful launching of a new product- data gathering and analysis, market strategy, launch planning, and implementation. But before you unveil the product and its offerings in the market, you need to brief all business teams and key stakeholders on your product launch strategies and bring them on one page.


Your in-house presentation has to be as successful as your public presentation. Unfortunately, most managers do not take this seriously and design boring-to-death slides full of bullet points and unprofessional designs.


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Showcase your product features and specifications, ideal customer profile, marketing and distribution strategy, advertising plan, etc., in style and with perfect clarity.  This article shows what to do and what not to do while designing slides for your in-house product launch PowerPoint presentation.


How to Design The Perfect Product Launch Presentation


Let’s get started with designing the slides:


Slide 1: Product Overview

Product Overview


Product Overview – The main slide that describes your product and its purpose. So, why just use bullet points? Show your product in your slide. Keep the text on the right. Use colors for text and slide titles that not only match your product’s color but are also soothing to the eyes.


Slide 2: Product Features

Strategic Product Feature


Make your product’s features stand out with innovative designs and inform your team members how it’s different from your competitors. Unorganized text is ugly and unprofessional. Use icons with bold titles and give life to your presentation. Also, use the same colors for titles that are used in your products.


Slide 3: Ideal Customer Profile

Ideal Customer Profile


Ideal customer Profile is a guideline for the sales lead to reach your ideal customers. Keeping a dull slide with such an unimpressive table and colors will surely lead to no good. Use rectangular shapes for each title and its explanation. Place icons relevant to your title. This is all you need to do to catch the attention of your sales team.


Slide 4: Channel of Distribution

Channel of Distribution


Give an overview of your channels of distribution to your colleagues. See how unprofessional the Before image looks. Random colors and unorganized boxes will definitely do no good to catch the eyeballs of your viewers. On the contrary, light professional colors used in the After image will certainly do the trick. The icing on the cake is the usage of the right icons with titles. Show from which channel the product passes to another channel in a linear form, making the process easy to understand.


Slide 5: Product Pricing

Product Pricing


Build a top-notch product pricing strategy. The Before Matrix will surely cause headaches. Unnecessary use of shapes between the squares and bright colors will just burn the eyes of your viewers. Use cool variants of blue shades or your branding color as shown in this After image that best suit the phrase, “There is beauty in simplicity.” Use a light grey shade to create a good contrast.


Slide 6: Core Marketing Deliverables

Core Marketing Deliverables


Represent your innovative ideas among your board members and colleagues with this After Image style. Gone are the days when various features were shown only with small circles and lines. Use creative shapes and arrange them in the order you wish. Place relevant icons with the text that make your slide interesting.


Slide 7: Advertising and Promotional Plan

Advertising and Promotional Plan


Discuss the promotional and marketing communication techniques with your marketing manager and develop influential advertising and pull tactics. The Venn diagram is considered the best while explaining the relationship between various elements. But, arranging them is an art to avoid the clutter formed in the Before Image. Use dotted lines to explain the areas overlapped by circles rather than keeping the text directly on the space. Keep professional colors and increase the transparency to have visible overlapping.


Slide 8: Product Packaging Strategy

Product Packaging Strategy


Share the packaging strategy with the team and board members and introduce the successful packaging idea. Keeping bullet points in the slide looks boring and outdated. Try your hand at placing your text in the clockwise direction within the rectangular shape. Additionally, you can also keep other professional graphics to make your PPT Slide look stunning.


Slide 9: Launch Stages

Launch Stages


All three launch stages, i.e., Pre-Launch, Launch, and Post Launch are cardinal when you are planning a new product launch. Showcase different launch stages in one slide. Using an arrow with circles that you picked from SmartArt is too common. Demonstrate different stages of any process, phases, or planning with icons and graphics that are suitable to your main title. Innovative graphics will fuel the excitement of your team as well.


Best Product Launch PPT Templates


Sure, your inner designer can flex some muscles a bit from the above tutorial. But if it is a convenience that you are looking for, pick from our remarkable selection of product launch templates. Also, feel free to put your own spin on them, as these templates are completely customizable. Here's the drill: choose, download, edit, and deploy!


Template 1: Product Launch Marketing Plan PPT Template

Step into the business world, and you'll realize that the competition is fierce. With so many organizations vying for the top spot, you need a well-planned marketing strategy to make your product stand out. Don't worry; we've got you covered! Introducing our meticulously designed Product Launch Marketing Plan template - the perfect tool to help you create winning tactics for your next product launch. Our template includes a customizable pie chart that lets you conduct a comparative analysis of your competitors' market share with ease. With this PowerPoint Set, you can highlight the need for launching your product and give a brief overview to your audience. It also covers the various stages of a product's life cycle and the crucial concepts of market segmentation, targeting, and positioning. But that's not all; our template also guides you on organizing a product launch event and the marketing tactics that can be used for its promotion. We even touch upon the challenges you might face during the launch and suggest post-launch measures to ensure your product's success. Get it now.


Product Launch Marketing Plan PPT Template


Download this template


Template 3: Product Launching and Marketing Playbook PPT Deck

Are you tired of navigating the murky waters of marketing on your own? Do you find yourself struggling to keep track of all your marketing activities? Fear not, for we have the solution you've been looking for! Here's our Product Launching and Marketing Playbook template - the ultimate tool for businesses looking to streamline their marketing efforts. Our template is designed to educate new and existing marketing team members on best practices that can be implemented to ensure consistency in approach. Our presentation starts with a product overview and vision board slides, providing a comprehensive look at the products offered and their market share, vision, needs, and business goals. We then dive into our five-phase marketing process, covering everything from planning to optimization. With our PPT Design, you can plan the right marketing strategy for your business, determine your target audience through customer segmentation, and create a marketing and communication plan for successful implementation. You'll also have access to editorial calendars for content distribution, a RACI matrix for assigning responsibilities, dashboards for monitoring lead generation, and a gap analysis sheet for enhancing your overall marketing efforts. Download now.


Product Launching and Marketing Playbook PPT Deck


Get this template


Template 3: Product Launch Go To Market Strategy PowerPoint Presentation Slides

You have generated hype around the product. But when it comes to managing every minute detail of a product launch, you don’t have to be rearranging slides for 2 hours. Simple solution — use this template. From product specification to advertisement strategy, this modern deck will cover everything you need. So download it right away.


Product Launch Go To Market Strategy PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Grab this template


Template 4: New Product Launch Plan PPT Set

Here's an illustrative PPT Deck designed to help you showcase your brand-releasing journey in the most exciting way possible. With our product launch PowerPoint templates, you can depict various development plans like manufacturing, operational, and budgeting. We even provide a breakdown of the phases of the marketing launch plan, including creating press releases and using Twitter to your advantage. Our product promotion PPT Visuals also demonstrate the phases of the product development funnel, from discovery to exploration, scoping, and development. We help you create an effective marketing plan that covers all the bases, including direct marketing, public relations, personal selling, sales promotion, and advertising. Our brand launch PowerPoint Deck also guides you on implementing content writing, paid organic search, email marketing, and social media management to create a wonderful marketing plan. With our help, you can achieve your business objectives by creating a product roadmap consisting of celebrity partnerships, press launches, ongoing marketing, and more. Download our amazing product release PPT slides and increase demand for your offerings like never before. It's time to take your brand to the next level!


New Product Launch Plan PPT Set


Download this template


Template 5: Stage Gate Product Launch Process PPT Template

Strategize with Panache by using this product launch template. The simple design elements enable easy preparation and save a lot of time. No need to fidget with white slides and think about color schemes and such. This thematic deck will serve excellence in your product launch presentation.


Stage Gate Product Launch Process PPT Template


Download this template


Template 6: Product Launch Marketing Proposal PPT Deck 

In a deadline-driven environment, product managers have to plan out strategies meticulously. So when time is of the essence, and you just have your product data in an MS Word file, how do you make arrangements for an excellent product launch? Fret not! Deploy this template. Simply put the data into the placeholders, and you are good to go.


Product Launch Marketing Proposal PPT Deck


Download this template


Template 7: Product Launch Marketing Proposal PPT Deck

It’s good to have a workable marketing scheme in place. After all, how will people know about your product? Highlight the marketing strategy for your product launch and other schemes to get your team up to speed with this template. Feel free to add product snapshots in the presentation to get the team members on the same page. Inspiration guaranteed!


Product Launch Marketing Proposal PPT Deck


Grab this template


Template 8: New Product Go To Market Roll Out Launch Process Flow and Steps PPT Deck

Set your eyes on a spectacular product launch by prepping the team with our template. The set comes with stunning graphics that can overturn conventional product launch ideas and bring something fresh to the table. Showcase product details and the roadmap presentation templates to success by simply downloading this template and personalizing it as per your needs.


New Product Go To Market Roll Out Launch Process Flow and Steps PPT Deck


Download this template


Template 9: New Product Launch Tactics PowerPoint Presentation Slides

A successful product launch needs not only unique ideas but also coordination among team members. Work your way through challenges by defining the template below as per your brand imagery. To avoid getting caught up in the nitty-gritty, simply pick the slides you want and edit the graphics to align them with your product. Present with panache.


New Product Launch Tactics PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Grab this template


Template 10: Product Launch Checklist Go To Market Roll Out Marketing Plan PPT Set

Shine the spotlight on the customer profile and crucial metrics in your product launch presentation with this template. Share important insights with your teammates and carve out the best strategy for achieving your objectives. Invite queries from the viewers and refine your plan to disrupt the market. Grab the template now and check all the right boxes!


Product Launch Checklist Go To Market Roll Out Marketing Plan PPT Set


Download this template


Template 11: Introducing New Product Roadmap PPT Template

It is crucial to gather enough data about the target market of your product. But equally important is to present that data in a lucid format. Deploy our professionally-designed template and manipulate the data charts to speak your mind clearly and precisely. Feel free to convert the PPT file into various formats and circulate it within your team for effective communication.


Introducing New Product Roadmap PPT Template


Grab this template


Template 12: Project Launch Meeting PPT Design

The structure is key to an unbeatable product launch strategy. So augment that structure with bespoke design highlighting this template. Work your way to success easily by telling a story with slides depicting the journey from an idea to the product. Captivate the viewer with every strong and weak point of your strategy. Download and give the prospective customer a reason to click “Buy Now.”


Project Launch Meeting PPT Design


Download this template


Be the master of your game. Pick the best presentation ideas and hold all the aces you need to win the day. Do share your feedback with us!



FAQs on Product Launch Templates


What is the product launch strategy?

The product launch strategy is a comprehensive plan that outlines the steps and tactics necessary to successfully introduce a new product to the market. It includes market research, product positioning, marketing and promotional activities, pricing strategies, distribution channels, and post-launch evaluation to ensure the product's success.


What is a product launch ad?

A product launch ad is a marketing campaign or advertisement that introduces a new product to the market. It aims to create awareness and generate excitement about the new product, highlighting its features, benefits, and unique selling proposition to attract potential customers.


What are the four stages of product launch?

The four stages of product launch are:


  1. Planning: This involves conducting market research, defining the target audience, and creating a comprehensive product launch strategy.
  2. Pre-Launch: This includes building anticipation for the product through teasers, generating media coverage, and educating stakeholders about the product.
  3. Launch: This stage involves the actual launch of the product and executing the marketing plan.
  4. Post-Launch: This stage involves evaluating the launch's success, monitoring customer feedback, and making necessary adjustments to ensure the product's long-term success.


What are the three types of product launch?

The three types of product launch are:


  1. New product launch: This involves launching a completely new product that has never been introduced to the market before.
  2. Line extension launch: This involves introducing a new variant or flavor of an existing product to expand the product line.
  3. Brand extension launch: This involves launching a new product that carries the same brand name as an existing product but may target a different audience or serve a different purpose.