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Presenting this set of slides with name - Product Launch Go To Market Strategy Powerpoint Presentation Slides. The stages in this process are Product Launch Go To Market Strategy, Entering A New Market, New Product Introduction.

Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Are you launching a product soon? Well, if you are, you need a product launch go-to-market strategy. However, it is not just needed when you are about to launch a product or a service. Ideally, a product launch strategy should be running parallel to product testing. This means that as soon as the product looks usable, you should develop its market strategy.

Not that easy right? Well, there is nothing to worry about! Our product launch go-to-market strategy PowerPoint template helps you maximize your returns by helping you create a perfect presentation slide. This slide brings you levels of numeric customization and a sense of organization. This go-to-market strategy PowerPoint template helps you in presentation and planning for a successful product launch.

Template 1: Overall Understanding Needed To Create a Product Launch Go-To-Market Strategy

The first slide of our product launch go-to-market strategy PPT template is an introductory slide that helps you determine and portray basic components involved in launch strategies. The slide includes attributes of the product, service or solution you are selling. You can mention your key strategies and comments in this section. The next attribute is that of a business model in which you can mention your principal strategies and your business models. This slide also includes has a market position section, where you can mention your brand’s market positioning.

All of the above aspects are required while formulating a product launch market strategy and this PPT gives you the added advantage of adding your personalized brand information into previously formulated information tabs.

Template 2: Key Aspects Involved in Creating a Product Launch Go-To-Market Strategy

This PPT Template covers key aspects involved in creating a product launch go-to-market strategy. Even if you do not have a product launch market strategy ready, this PPT can help you design one! All you need to do is just follow the slides and input the information as sought. Voila, you have your very own personalized brand marketing strategy for product launch.

As a step-by-step guide, this slide also asks you to think about collaborations, channels and partners that will be involved in the product launch. The final and fourth step includes the decision-making involved in deciding and mentioning the team in-charge of this particular launch.

Template 3: Setting Value Propositions and Key Messages

Use this PowerPoint Slide to create a voice for your go-to-market strategy with sub-sections including that of customers, channels and audience. It helps you organize your value propositions and key messages for all three sections mentioned above.

You can also check out our Product Launch Timeline Powerpoint Presentation Slides which will help you in creating a very precise product launch strategy.

Template 4: Channel Product Pricing for Launch

The channel product pricing slide is a wholesome package for administering your products or services and their associated pricing and pricing rationale behind them. The simple math is that this not only helps you keep your product pricing strategic but also intends to keep them all in one place.

Ideally, you should have a product listing and set prices handy all the time, it is the best thing you can prepare in advance to make quirky and favorable decisions.

You can also access our Product Launch Checklist Go To Market Roll Out Marketing Plan Powerpoint Presentation Slides for creating a comprehensive market plan.

Template 5: Competitive Analysis Product Launch Go-To-Market Strategy PPT Template

This particular slide of the product launch go-to-market strategy PowerPoint presentation slide features a comprehensive competitive analysis dashboard. This is a very crucial aspect of product launch services as it is of persistent need throughout the journey of the product. The slide lets you measure your product or service in comparison to that of your competitor's product or service. The wholesome parameters that it includes are design, price, quality, additional functions, equipment, expected product service life and quality assessment. You can even rate your product or compare it with the competition.

This slide builds up your research and infant will help you in the betterment of your product by introducing some competitor points taken from this research. It is up to you to add or delete the number of competitors you would like to add. You can also rank your competition against your product and formulate a comprehensive competitive strategy.

Template 6: Revenue and Costing Forecast Product Launch Strategy PPT Template

The revenue a product is going to generate and the expenditure that will be spent are one of the most important goals of any product launch. Even before a product or service is launched in the market, the revenue goals should have been entirely formulated from start to launch. To help you and your business with revenue goals we have our revenue and cost forecast slide. You can simply assemble your financial goals for the product and estimated expenditure on a fiscal year basis.

The slide features the bottom lines for both revenue and expenditure on the basis of past financial years and the projected ones. It also features two graphical representations of the total accumulated revenue for all years generated by the product or service and the accumulated cost for all years generated by the same. Here, you can put in the planned costs and expenses and plan.

Template 7: Beta Program Overview For Product Launch PPT Template

This portion of the product launch PowerPoint slide helps you in compiling an overview of the beta program. Ideally, this is a timeline you set for yourself or your company with dates and a pathway. There is also a section in which you can organize your aims of beta testing that are customized to your business needs and further act upon them to achieve humongous results. You can also build collapsible timelines that can expand further starting from alpha testing leading to beta testing and then to full-scale testing each with its deadlines. These can contain in-house and external checking. It is also ideal to run a pilot test with your potential consumers. This technique often brings out the best results while formulating a kicking product launch go-to-market strategy PowerPoint. You can further add your elements, timelines.

Template 8: Customer Feedback Slide For Go-To-Market Strategy PPT Template

Not just a product launch strategy, this slide also helps you put in perspective customer feedback to measure the impacts of your launch strategy, empowering you to improve and make a comeback. In this particular segment of the product launch go to market strategy PowerPoint, you can record customer responses and feedback. It has options from mentioning the total number of happy clients, customer complaints & their numbers, the total number of issues resolved and how many working hours it took to do the same. It also has space for putting beta customer feedback that you can study later and make improvements in the launch services to gather and attract more customers.

To make a more comprehensive plan you can also access our product launch plan powerpoint presentation and combine both of these templates for a successful launch.

Template 9: Product Launch Tracking For Go-To-Market Strategy PPT Template

This slide is of our product launch go-to-market strategy PowerPoint is of utmost importance. It gives you a product launch tracking dashboard where you can keep all your information in one go. The comprehensive sections of area, remarks and status help you organize your launch strategy in one place. The curated status section has three colored (Green, Yellow and Red) systems with a hierarchical order of red to green. You can select red for places where it is almost alarming or no actions have been taken yet.

The yellow is more like an alert to-do which will help you prioritize. Finally, the green indicates everything turning out well and as planned. If you are struggling with how to organize your product launch strategy, this slide helps you put in perspective some basic parameters. The column includes putting in your regional infrastructure, unit 1 & 2 development actions and plans, training and communication.



Our product launch go-to-market strategy gives you an overall edge to launch your product or services in the market by preparing. The slide gives you access and knowledge to create product launch tracking, income & expenditure from the product, launch strategies, comprehensive feedback & their analysis, channeling & product pricing, BETA testings and an overall research-based informative presentation to convince your stakeholders. This slide not only serves businesses for their products, this also services individuals launching their services in the market.

Get your hands now on our product launch go-to-market strategy and deliver a solid product launch strategy that will impress everyone, now!


A Go-To-Market strategy is a plan that outlines how a company will introduce its products or services to the market and reach its target audience.

When creating a Go-To-Market strategy, factors such as key product attributes, business model, pricing, target markets, initial market penetration strategy, launch team, and channel/partners should be considered.

The aims of Beta testing in product launches include: Achieving high initial product quality. Early customer engagement. Early customer references and testimonials. Generating more bookings and revenue.

Channel partners can be trained through various methods such as face-to-face and WebEx training, channel flash email newsletters, and video libraries.

Additional slide options that can be used in a product launch presentation include charts and graphs, comparison slides, financial score slides, quotes slides, location slides, and mind map image slides.

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