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Presenting this set of slides with name - Product Launch Go To Market Strategy Powerpoint Presentation Slides. The stages in this process are Product Launch Go To Market Strategy, Entering A New Market, New Product Introduction.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide introduces Product Launch Go-To Market Strategy with relevant imagery. State your company name and get started.
Slide 2: This is a Go-To-Market Strategy slide showing 4 factors of WHAT are you Trying to Market?. These factors include- Key Attributes of your product/solution, Business Model, Price Positioning, Market Position.
Slide 3: This is also Go-To-Market Strategy slide showing- Target Markets, Initial market penetration strategy, Channel/ Partners, Launch Team.
Slide 4: This is another Go-To-Market Strategy slide showing WHY should they adopt it?
Slide 5: This too is Go-To-Market Strategy slide showing HOW and WHERE should it be done? It also shows these three points- External Activities, Tools for Customers, Tools for Internal Audience.
Slide 6: This slide shows Channel Partner Training Plan consisting of- Face-to-Face & WebEx Training, Channel Flash Email Newsletter, Video Library.
Slide 7: This slide presents the List of Channel Partners. Mention them here with Name along with the key comments.
Slide 8: This slide presents Channel Product Pricing in a tabular form. Add relevant information and use it.
Slide 9: This slide presents Competitive Analysis table.
Slide 10: This is Revenue & Costing Forecast slide showing the following two aspects- Accumulated Cost For All Years Due To This Project, Accumulated Revenue for all years generated by this project.
Slide 11: This is Beta Program Overview slide showing the Aims Of Beta Testing. These aims are- High Initial product quality and early customer engagement, Early customer references and testimonials, Generate more Bookings & Revenue.
Slide 12: This slide showcases Beta Program Timeline.
Slide 13: This slide showcases Beta Customer Feedback infographic consisting of the following data- Happy Clients, Customers Complaints Received, Completed Tickets, Working Hours.
Slide 14: This is Learning From Past Projects slide presented in a tabular form.
Slide 15: This slide showcases Product Launch Tracking table with the following three sub headings- Area, Remarks, Status.
Slide 16: This is Product Launch Go-to Market Strategy Icon Slide with various icons. Use icons as per requirement.
Slide 17: This is a Coffee Break slide to halt. You may change it as per requirement.
Slide 18: This slide is titled Charts & Graphs to move forward. You may change it as per requirement.
Slide 19: This is a Donut Pie Chart slide to present product/ entity comparison, specifications etc.
Slide 20: This is a Clustered Column - Line slide to present product/ entity comparison, specifications etc.
Slide 21: This is a Radar Chart slide to present product/ entity comparison, specifications etc.
Slide 22: This is a Line Chart to present product/ entity comparison, specifications etc.
Slide 23: This slide is titled Additional Slides. You can change the slide content as per your needs.
Slide 24: This slide contains Our Mission with text boxes.
Slide 25: This slide helps depict Our Team with text boxes.
Slide 26: This is an About Us slide showing Target Audiences, Preferred by Many, and Values Client as examples.
Slide 27: This is Our Goal slide showing- Awareness, Quality, Success.
Slide 28: This is a Comparison slide for comparing entities/ products etc.
Slide 29: This is a Financial score slide. State financial aspects etc. here.
Slide 30: This is a Quotes slide to convey company messages, beliefs etc. You can change the slide contents as per need.
Slide 31: This is a Dashboard slide to state metrics, kpis etc.
Slide 32: This is a Location slide on a world map image to show global presence, growth etc.
Slide 33: This is a Bulb or Idea image slide to show information, ideas, specifications etc.
Slide 34: This is a Mind Map image slide to show information, specifications etc.
Slide 35: This is a Magnifying Glass slide with imagery to show specifications, information.
Slide 36: This is a Thank You slide with Email Address:Contact Numbers, Address# street number, city, state.

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