Building strategies, setting up a good marketing plan, and analyzing various market opportunities are just a few of the many important tasks, handled by a product manager. With a lot of moving parts in an industry, a product manager is burdened with a lot of duties. Similarly lining up apt quantifiable reasons for the most important decisions is a key responsibility of the product manager. When done correctly it leads to a successful conclusion if not then it has a negative impact. Product management also helps in building a great product that exceeds all expectations.

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However keeping these artifacts up-to-date and in a single promising structure, calls for hours of laborious hard work and diligence. Creating spreadsheets, and designing presentations to help the colleagues understand the flow of work is not something that can be accomplished with ease. It requires a lot of thought and constant mechanism to achieve. Thus making product management tools like templates, documents, processes an asset! 


In this article, you will find 15 ready-to-use templates, which when employed will give you positive results. They help make your life a tad bit easier and rewarding, a case seldom considered important. Apart from this, these tools will make sure that the process of examining and explaining your thoughts comprehensively is carried out with ease and precision. 


So, let us begin examining each design closely, to find your perfect template match! 


Product Management Templates

Template 1 

Incorporate this complete deck to present an idea on the new product strategies developed. Examine the market trends and help build a solid and concrete product that conforms to every expectation of the user. This complete deck has a lot to offer not only in terms of its design but also the invaluable content that has been added to every slide to help you become a better presenter and administrator. With topics like a product roadmap, product ideas, category analysis, and many more it is a great template to include in your product management arsenal. 


Example Presentation Of Product PowerPoint Presentation

Download Example Presentation Of Product PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 2

This is an informative product management tool that can be presented to your stakeholders and clients to spread the news of the launching of a new product. The product and its details can be demystified using this complete deck that has a diverse yet professional outlook that is sure to impress every viewer. A detailed synopsis of your product with aspects like product idea screening, market analysis and many more can be presented with this pre-designed management template bundle that is free to edit. Therefore, without any extra thought, click on the download button now! 


Example Presentation About New Product PowerPoint Template

Download Example Presentation About New Product PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 3

Launching a new service has its perks and challenges. This template helps in easing the work of the presenter in designing a product launch presentation from scratch. It also acts as a resourceful product management tool that can be put to use as per the linking and interest of the user. Its adaptable layout makes it a great addition to your product management tool collection. 


Launching A New Service PowerPoint Presentation With Slides

Download Launching A New Service PowerPoint Presentation With Slides Go To Market

Template 4

Looking for ways to make a new product launch strategy an absolute success? Then, this template is a sure winner. Presenting a detailed overview of the new product and service launch this is an informative bundle that will meet all your expectations. Use it to present and explain concepts like product overview, product launch timeline, planning phase, and several others that require your due attention. Highlight all the necessary information to make your go-to product launch extremely successful.


New Product Go To Market Roll Out Launch Process Flow And Steps PowerPoint Presentation

Download New Product Go To Market Roll Out Launch Process Flow And Steps PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 5

Impress and enlighten your audience about your new product and service with a single bundle. This template facilitates as a great product management tool that will help you lay emphasis on the strengths of your new product. Showcase how it will be an absolute hit by covering all the important topics of discussion. These include pricing strategies, market trends, target audience, etc. Every detail that is important can be resourcefully covered with this product management complete deck that can be downloaded and edited. 


Planning A Flawless New Service Launch PowerPoint Presentation

Download Planning A Flawless New Service Launch PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 6

Illustrate and present an overview of the product lifecycle with this management tool. Showcase various facets and attributes of your product such as its phases, results of product life cycle analysis, penetration pricing, and several others, that need a thorough discussion. Everything in this product management template can be changed, therefore feel free to adjust it as per your needs. 


New Product Development And Life Cycle Strategies Process PowerPoint Presentation

Download New Product Development And Life Cycle Strategies Process PowerPoint Presentation With Slides

Template 7

Help initiate a successful project with this product development timeline. This template is designed in the form of swimlanes and follows a color-coded scheme to make the information presented much more comprehensive and useful. Therefore it guarantees resourceful and utmost satisfaction to anyone who employs it in their work culture. It is also a great template to include in order to prioritize your tasks effectively and streamlining them. 


Product Development Roadmap Timeline

Download Product Development Roadmap Timeline Dev Milestones Product Releases 4 Quarters

Template 8

Stay competitive and lay out a comprehensive product development timeline with this fully adaptable slide that comes in widescreen and standard screen ratios. Showcase the different phases of product development like plan, analyze, design and so and so forth. It can accommodate a significant amount of information in a single setting, therefore without any further ado, download it now!  


Product Development Implementation Timeline

Download Product Development Implementation Timeline PowerPoint Graphics

Template 9

The entire process starting from the conception to the launch of the product can be demonstrated using this roadmap powerpoint presentations templates. Highlight and keep a tab on various milestones achieved with this product management roadmap slide that is easily accessible and editable as per your wants. 


Product Roadmap PowerPoint Images

Download Product Roadmap PowerPoint Images

Template 10

Capture and communicate the true essence of your product plans with this creative bundle. Save your time and resources by using this pre-equipped slide that can be used to showcase your product framework with ease. It is a great starting point to illustrate all the important facets of your product in a single layout that responds to all your needs and aspirations. 


Product Roadmap PPT Ideas

Download Product Roadmap PPT Ideas

Template 11

Fill in the unnecessary market gaps and update your existing product roaster with this pre-equipped template. Use it to showcase product contingencies, states of development, and several other important points that make your product more convincing and persuasive. Provide yearly, quarterly or weekly information about different categories of your product with this slide that comes in an editable format. 


Product Roadmap PPT Model

Download Product Roadmap PPT Model Design Ideas

Template 12

This is an engaging and informative slide that you can use to showcase different phases of product development like planning, testing, launching, and others. In addition to this, it can be used to show a breakdown of various milestones with color-coding so that it is easy to figure out steps for building a successful venture. 


Product Strategic Roadmap PowerPoint Template

Download Product Strategic Roadmap PowerPoint Images

Template 13

This template provides a high-level summary of the product with the necessary milestones all highlighted. It uses a color-coding approach to help with the communication process as it makes the information presented a lot more readable and comprehensive for the viewer. In addition to this, this product management tool comes with adaptable features so customize and use as per your convenience. 


Product Delivery Timeline With KPI And Marketing

Download Product Delivery Timeline With KPI And Marketing

Template 14

Evaluate and demystify your product performance by employing this slide into your business structure. With all the necessary KPIs highlighted and marked, this template makes information interpretation a lot easier and convenient for the viewer. Therefore, it is a very useful tool for product managers to include in their arsenal. 


Project Status KPI Dashboard Showing Delivery Roadmap

Download Project Status KPI Dashboard Showing Delivery Roadmap And Resource Allocation

Template 15

This is another meticulously crafted product management tool. Use it to showcase major process handlings with ease. Right from conception to the launch of the product everything can be showcased with utmost efficiency. Therefore, grab this exclusive bundle now and put it to the best use. 


Product Launch Roadmap Quarterly Timeline

Download Product Launch Roadmap Quarterly Timeline Covering Milestone Marketing And Sales


These meticulously crafted sets of 15 product management bundles are great to provide invaluable insights. They are also easy to share and not static in approach. Thereby helping you convey your message in the best possible manner. Hence, give them a shot to make your product management experience more enriching!