New product development and life cycle strategies process


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Slide 1: This is an introductory slide to Product Life Cycle and Development. State your company name and begin.
Slide 2: This slide shows Product Life Cycle with its definition and five components- Design, Manufacturing, Distribution, Customer, End Of Life.
Slide 3: This slide shows Product Life Cycle Stages graph with four levels- Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Decline.
Slide 4: This slide shows Introduction Stage which consists of the following five levels- SALES, PROFITS, COMPETITION, TARGETS, COST.
Slide 5: This is Building Product Awareness In The Market slide. It shows Brand Awareness Cycle with six parameters- No Longer Convinced, No Longer Remembers, Unaware, Aware, Informed, Convinced.
Slide 6: This slide shows The Product Concept by stating the Core Product Or Service. This further includes- Installation, After Sale Service, Warranty, Delivery & Credit, Packing, Features, Design, Quality Level, Brand name.
Slide 7: This slide shows the Brand-Product Matrix. Put relevant data in the given table and make use of it.
Slide 8: This slide shows Product Quality Check meter with the following five parameters- Excellent, Good, Average, Poor, Bad.
Slide 9: This slide presents Penetration Pricing in a graphical form.
Slide 10: This slide presents Distribution Of A Product flow chart. It shows the various levels the product has to go through to reach the End User.
Slide 11: This slide shows Marketing Communication Mix which consists of- Advertising, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, Public Relations, Direct Marketing.
Slide 12: This slide shows Building Brand Preference graph. In this graph Time is shown on the x- axis and Relevance on the y- axis with three parameters- Loyalty, Awareness, Preference.
Slide 13: This is Market Share slide showing Increased Market Share with the following parameters- Increased Deal Visibility, Increased Sales Performance, Higher Deal Completion Rate, Increased Deal Flow.
Slide 14: This slide Features Comparison Of The Products. Add relevant data in this table.
Slide 15: This slide shows four levels in the Growth Stage- Pricing, Distribution Channels, Product Quality, Promotions.
Slide 16: This slide shows Maturity Stage with various levels. Some of them are- Profits Sales Costs Marketing Objectives Product Price Distribution Advertising Low Costs Per Customer Process etc.
Slide 17: This slide showcases Decline Stage graphically with Time on the x-axis and Services sales on the y-axis. It also shows three options if the sales are declining- Maintain The Product, Possibly Rejuvenating It By Adding New Features And Finding New Uses, Reduce Costs And Continue The Offer, Discontinue The Product.
Slide 18: This is Repostioning A Product slide with creative human brain imagery. You can easily reposition your product as per your need on the basis of the following two parameters- Among Existing Customers, To new Consumers.
Slide 19: This slide presents Repositioning Strategy matrix which shows- Image Repositioning, Intangible Repositioning, Tangible Repositioning, Product Repositioning.
Slide 20: This is Extending The Product Life Cycle graph slide with the following stages to be shown/ displayed- Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Decline.
Slide 21: This slide shows Readvertising The Product with loudspeaker imagery.
Slide 22: This slide shows Price Reduction with imagery and text boxes.
Slide 23: This is Exploring New Market slide on a world map iamge form. You can mark different locations of your market in this map and use it accordingly.
Slide 24: This slide shows Channel Promotional Events namely- REGIONAL EVENTS, REFERRAL PROGRAM, PRESS, RELEASE, BUY BACK PROGRAM, TRADE SHOWS.
Slide 25: This slide shows Our Trade Show Calendar. Mark the dates of your trade show in this calendar.
Slide 26: This slide shows Competitive Intelligence matrix with High and Low parameters. Put relevant comparing data here.
Slide 27: This slide shows five stages in Communication Plan- Developing Marketing Communication Program, Marketing Communication Plan, Evaluation & Control Of Marketing, Budget Planning, Situational Analysis.
Slide 28: This slide presents Social Media Plan in a timeline form. It also shows the icons of some popular social media sites such as- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube. You can alter them as per your need.
Slide 29: This slide presents Product Roadmap in terms of years.
Slide 30: This slide shows Website Update Plan.
Slide 31: This slide presents Customer Testimonial. Add data as per your need.
Slide 32: This slide is titled Additional Slides to proceed further with the presentation. You can also change the content as per need.
Slide 33: This is an Agenda slide. Use it to showcase your product/ company agenda etc.
Slide 34: This is Our Vision slide with text boxes. State your vision here.
Slide 35: This is Our Team slide. Mention name, designation etc. here.
Slide 36: This is an About Us slide. Provide a brief introduction about company/ team here.
Slide 37: This is Our Goal slide to state company goals, aspirations etc.
Slide 38: This slide displays Comparison on the basis of gender. It shows male and female image compared in terms of percentage.
Slide 39: This is a Financial score slide to show financial aspects here.
Slide 40: This is a Quotes slide to convey message, beliefs etc.
Slide 41: This is a Dashboard slide showing- Income Distribution, Cogs Distributions, Expense Distributions, Profit And Loss.
Slide 42: This is a Location slide to show global growth, presence etc. on a world map image.
Slide 43: This is a Timeline slide to present important dates, journey, evolution, milestones etc.
Slide 44: This is a Post it notes slide showing the following notes- Data Analysis, Project Management, Assurance And Verification, Content Development.
Slide 45: This slide presents Newspaper Layouts with text boxes to flash company news, position etc.
Slide 46: This is a Puzzle image slide to show information, specifications etc.
Slide 47: This is a Target image slide to show targets, goals, information, specifications etc.
Slide 48: This is a Circular image slide showing Social Media consisting of the following components- Marketing, Customer Service, Public Relations, Networking, Sales.
Slide 49: This is a Venn diagram slide showing- Economic, Environmental, Social.
Slide 50: This is a Mind map image slide to show information, segregation, specifications etc.
Slide 51: This slide shows a Matrix with two parameters- Supply Risk, Profit Impact.
Slide 52: This is a Lego image slide to show information, specifications etc.
Slide 53: This is Silhouettes slide showing- Attract Visitors, Gather Contact Info, More Interaction, Request A Proposal.
Slide 54: This slide presents Swimlanes showing Strategic Planning.
Slide 55: This is an Idea slide with bulb imagery showing Maketing Idea. This marketing idea consists of- Marketing, Team, Innovation, Analysis, Success, Strategy, Work, Plan.
Slide 56: This slide shows a Magnifying glass image with text boxes. State information etc. here.
Slide 57: This slide presents Bar Graph showing- Economic System, Capital Formation, Marketable Surplus, Foreign Trade Situations.
Slide 58: This is a Funnel image slide with the following stages- Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral.
Slide 59: This is a Thank You slide with Address# street number, city, state, Contact Numbers, Email Address

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