First of all congratulations. You are launching a new service. However, before you welcome your new service into the market, make sure your investors, clients, probable customers are on the same page as you. As in, they should also believe in the new service as you do. How can you go about it?  You can showcase a presentation on the launch of a new service. Make your audience aware of the research you have done before launching it, show your planning, discuss existing market place and much more so that the new service gets the best launch.


Since we have told you the right thing to do before launching it, now we should tell you the best way to do it. Let us take a hypothetical service to make it easier. Say you are launching an Online Coaching service for supplemental learning and preparation for competitive exams. Which slides should you include in your service launch deck and what is the best way to design those slides? Let’s get started. Here’s the most common PowerPoint slide design you get to see:


Our Mission


Above is a plain black and white image. An image which talks about the mission of the New Service. Now, this is not how you should go about your presentation on launching a New Service. It will just bore them, they will lose interest looking at these black and white slides. The new service will turn into a disaster and your new service will get a bad landing even before it takes off.


Unveil your new service in a more sophisticated and creative manner. Give your service the best launch in the market. How about having a slide like this After slide:


Our Mission


You can clearly see the difference between the two slides. The most important aspect of any organization, company or even a new service is its mission. It can either make a deal or break a deal. In the BEFORE slide, some of the relevant points of a new service are mentioned in bullet point format. Whereas, in the AFTER slide, name of the new service and “Our Mission” are boldly highlighted. There is a team picture of a company which immediately captures the audience’s attention. Mission of the new service is precisely mentioned and can be clearly understood.


Ditch the old ways to showcase your presentation and catch the eyeballs through some amazing visuals. Go through our Before and After images of Launching a New Service PowerPoint presentation and download our complete deck on the same.


Download Complete Service Launch PPT


Professional Designs For Your Product Launch PPT:


  • Your Team: Let’s say you have to present the genius minds behind this New Service. Just don’t write the names and designations. Rather showcase your team in a style. Have a look at the below image.

Our Team


  • Market Overview: Showcase your research on the market and brief your audience with the perfect visual. Just like the below image.

Market Overview


  • Buyer Behavior: Discuss the buying behavior of the students with the perfect PowerPoint background. Do not just quote the figures on a plain slide. Have a look at the below image.

Buyer Behavior


  • Compare Infographic: Give assurance to your investors and clients why Online Coaching Services is a good idea and will give good returns.

Compare Infographic


  • Testimonial: Showcase Student’s Testimonial and convince your audience that your New Service will be beneficial to the company.

Student Testimonial


  • Customer Need Analysis: Discuss the requirements of the students. Showcase what they are looking for. Illustrate with the apt graphic. Take a look at the below image.

Student Need Analysis


  • SWOT Analysis: Discuss the internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats of the New Service. Of course you were going to, but just with the words. Aware your audience about it by showcasing the amazing visual.

SWOT Analysis


  • Targeting: Illustrate your Target Audience.



  • Strategic Positioning: The best way to demonstrate the Strategic Positioning is to use the Matrix. Do not just write down your strategic positioning on a white slide. It will confuse your audience. Use the right design and get your audience to agree with you.

Strategic Positioning


  • Our Offerings vs. the Competition: You just cannot afford to mess with this slide. You cannot just jot down anything and present it to the audience. It should be as best as your New Service. Put the best comparing chart, highlight the important points and you are good to go.

Our Offerings Vs. Competition


  • Market Entry Strategy: How do you plan to enter the Market? Investors and clients are very curious to know. Do not showcase the boring usual slide which could just shut their eyes. Instead put an eye catchy graphic, use the right fonts and impress your audience.

Market Entry Strategy


  • Benefits of the Service: Do not talk about the benefits of your services with the bullet points. It’s time to flaunt them. Flaunt them with the style. Use the innovative graphic and impress your audience.

Benefits of Our Services


You just have witnessed the difference. Now you are the master. Go ahead and pick the right PowerPoint Templates and deliver the best presentations.


Download Complete Service Launch Presentation


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Share your feedback and have fun creating awesome Presentations.


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