Don’t let your next pitch deck FAIL. Most of the pitches fail despite the great ideas. But that’s not all you need in today’s business world. You have got to hit all the right chords to get everything in rhythm. One wrong chord, it becomes distasteful. Other than having the great idea, you need those 11 slides in your pitch deck which can help you get a cheque from the business angels.


What goes wrong in the meeting room, reasons could be many. One could be the PRESENTATION. It should be as great as your idea.


To make you sure you are approaching it the right way, we are presenting you those 11 crisp, clear and convincing pitch deck PowerPoint templates which can make you set apart from the rest. Include these professionally created pitch deck slides in your presentation and stand out from the crowd.


The ideal investor pitch deck outline to follow is that given by Guy Kawasaki and David McClure.


Here are the slides, according to these experts, you must have in your presentation:


Slide no. 1- The Problem

The Problem


Mention the problem you are solving using this slide. Say who has the problem. Talk about the current scenario in the market regarding the problem.



Slide no. 2- The Solution

The Solution


Provide the solution to the problem people are facing. Explain how you solve the problem and make the situation better for the people out there.


Slide no. 3- Product or Service

The Product


Simply put, keep your product or service under the spotlight now. Showcase how it works in simple steps.


Slide no. 4- Business Model

The Business Model


Your business model is a tale of how your business works. Incorporate this slide to merely explain what you sell, to whom, and how you will make profit through your business model.


Slide no. 5- Market Size

Market Size


Have this slide to showcase who are your ideal customers. Mention the total market size. Talk about your target market. Explain how you can generate the revenue if you dominate the market.



Slide no. 6- Competition

The Competition


Know your competitors well. Describe how you are different than those of your contemporaries. Is there any “secret sauce” that you have and give you an edge over your competition?


Slide no. 7- Sales and Marketing Plan

Sales and Marketing Plan


Be clear with the sales and marketing strategies. How are you planning to get on board the customers? What are the ways you plan to use to get customers attention on your product? Tell investors the different ways to reach out to the customers.


Slide no. 8- Traction

The Traction


Make this slide part of your presentation to showcase the concrete proof that the customers love your product. Use this slide to outline the milestones you have achieved so far.


Slide no. 9- Financials


The Financials



Expect the investors to see your sales forecast. Have this slide to show how much money you are expecting to make in coming years.


Slide no. 10- Funding




Now is the time for what you are actually there for. To get a cheque from the investor. They would want to know how much money you need and how exactly you will be planning to use that particular amount of money to reach your goals. Be specific while answering these. You can also mention about the investors who have earlier invested in your startup. This enhances your credibility.


Slide no. 11- Team


The Team


Mention the key people that are helping you grow your business. Highlight their skills and expertise that are critical to company growth.


Want to download these professionally designed pitch deck slides? Click the link below to download the editable PPT and let the world know about you and your startup:


Download Pitch Deck Template


Other than this, you can also take a look at few of the amazing startup pitch decks so that you don’t commit a rookie mistake while pitching your idea to the investors.


Top 5 Startup Pitch Decks To Give You a Headstart: 


1) Facebook:


Facebook offers solid numbers to the investors in its pitch deck. It has data to show user engagement, growth metrics, and traffic. It also allows investors to see company’s value proposition, marketing services and key metrics. Also Facebook started with a killer quote. No harm in trying that. Take cues from one of the most successful companies and you are good to go.


2) AirBnB:


AirBnB deck is simple and accurate. It covers all the points from mentioning the problem to showcasing the market validation. Company’s business model is to the point. Try pitching it their way. The pitch is smooth and understandable.


3) Buffer:


With the help of an invincible pitch deck, Buffer was able to raise a half million dollars. Their deck is on the same lines as of the Facebook. It talks about numbers, traction and marketing services. Business model is precisely explained. Their pitch deck is clean and transparent.


4) Foursquare:


Foursquare is a mobile app that helps you locate the best places to go in your neighborhood. The app has been very popular among the youth. And they have represented it pretty well in their deck by adding the screenshots of the users. Nice way to show the investors that we are already favorite of so many.


5) LinkedIn:



LinkedIn is a business and employment oriented social networking service that operates via websites and mobile apps. It talks about company’s values, networking, and market opportunity. Explains well in the deck that how it is different than the other social networking sites and how it helps individuals avail their business opportunities via LinkedIn.


Adopt useful tips from these amazingly presented Pitch Decks and employ those 11 pitch slides that we showed you in your presentation.


Present this 11 classic pitch deck slides and maximize your chances to get funded.


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