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How to Draft a Powerful Digital Payment Firm Pitch Deck to Raise Million Dollars?

How to Draft a Powerful Digital Payment Firm Pitch Deck to Raise Million Dollars?

Deepali Khatri

Deepali Khatri

August 17 2022

Gone are those days when you had to stand in ATM lines or have enough cash in hand to get your day’s necessities and leisure. The modern era calls for reforms that make human lives easier.


Transactions have always been an integral part of where it all began with the barter system in medieval times. People use to trade their goods for another.


Then came the era of currency coins and notes that denominated the path to procure the necessities. After years of cash transactions, arrived the age of cashless transactions.


Now making payments is just a click away and cash dependency is no more a requirement.


Digital Payments On the Go


Digital payments refer to those cashless transactions where an individual can transfer funds from one account to another through electronic devices and internet support. It transcend the physical boundaries of cash transactions and make transfers possible to any corner of the world having a stable internet connection.


Fulfil Your Ambition of Setting Up a Digital Payment Firm


Are you planning to launch a digital payment platform of your own?


Well, that would be a major addition to the ongoing financial revolution. After the ongoing struck pandemic started wreaking havoc across the globe, the importance of digital payments rose by leaps and bounds.


Cashless transactions ran in consonance with social distancing. Here a digital payment app on the forte would provide the customers and users with an extended option than the recent ones. Nevertheless, the competition is tough and you require some extra edge to stand out.


How much Does it Cost to Set Up a Similar Platform? 


Starting a digital payment platform or taking it to the next level requires adequate capital funds. The cost would lie somewhere between $250k to $1 million!


Such hefty amounts require sufficient investments for which you must approach the interested investors and capitalists. And, for this you must be backed up with a stunning digital payment firm pitch deck.


How to Raise Funds With Your Digital Payment Firm Pitch deck ?


Concerned about gathering sufficient funds to give flight to your digital payments dream?


Approaching the investors is a tough nut to crack if you do not have the right strategy.


Simply blabbering metrics and your ambition will be of no help.


Remember, your goal is to entice the investors into investing and putting their capital funds into your business. Thus, you require interesting and engaging methods to do the same.


SlideTeam offers you are ready-made digital payment firm pitch deck that can propel your pitching influence to the ultimate standards of convincing power. With our slides as your forte, you can craft the right plan to present your idea in the most efficient ways.


We cannot wait to see your digital payments firm rise and give your dream the wings they deserve.


The Cover Slide


The Cover Slide

Download this PowerPoint Template Now


Get your hands on this amazing cover slide and create an ever lasting impression in the minds of your audience. Your audience will care about the presentation depending upon the effort that has been put in creating the cover slide.


The given slide incorporates the name of the pitch deck. Add your company name and get started with presenting yourself with full zeal.


Brief Description


Brief Description of Digital Payment Firm Pitch Deck

Download this PowerPoint Template Now


This slide puts forth a brief description of digital payment firms in a succinct manner. This template will let you talk about the firm’s mission and vision statement. You can also present the services that your organization plans to offer.


A pictorial presentation of the increased revenue is depicted using the bar graph chart in this slide.

If you are to present your company’s description in a manner that pleases your audience to invest in your business idea, you are just one click away.


Key Statistics Associated to the Firm 


Key Statistics

Download this PowerPoint Template Now


This slide caters details about key statistics associated with digital payment firms. It showcases a timeline from the year organization was founded to all the milestones achieved so far.


Some of the stats presented in the slide are-

  • founded in the year 2010
  • number of active accounts 377MM
  • payment transactions per active accounts - 50
  • Number of employees working - 5000-10000, etc.

Utilize this template to showcase your business stats and convince your investors to fund your business.


Digital Payment Service Pricing Package


Service Pricing Package

Download this PowerPoint Template Now


This slide throws light on the pricing package of digital payment services rendered by the firm.


It showcases monthly charges for both standard and advanced packages along with its features.


This slide will give an idea about the future of the product, it’s acceptability among the customers and its profitability to the investors. Based on the conclusion, your audience will decide whether to invest in your firm or not.


Growth Potential of Digital Payment Platform Market 


Growth Potential of Digital Payment Platform Market 

Download this PowerPoint Template Now


Keep a tab on the growth potential of the digital payment platform market by taking the assistance of this readymade slide. the given slide showcases rise in digital payment market share across different geographies utilizing the bar graphs. Also, you can depict the rise of digital payment market across various industries with the help of this slide.


Addressing SWOT Analysis 


SWOT Analysis of Digital Payment Firm Pitch Deck

Download this PowerPoint Template Now


It caters details about the SWOT analysis for digital payment service sector. Talk about your organizations strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats which will help your investors decide where can they invest and how their investment can result into improvements in the business.


Competitive Landscape 


Competitive Landscape of Digital Payment Firm Pitch Deck

Download this PowerPoint Template Now


This slide showcases the list of other products that customer can choose and how your product is better than that of your competitors. It presents all the competitors existing in digital payment platform market by comparing them on various parameters like-

  • Free P2P Transactions
  • POS Compatibility
  • Mobile Wallet
  • E-Currency

This comparative analysis will help your investors better decide whether they want to fund your business or not.


Details About Clients 


Clients Associated to Digital Payment Platform

Download this PowerPoint Template Now


Use this slide to present the details about the clients associated to digital payment platform.


It incorporates enough space for you to present the logos of the clients and companies you have already worked with.


Present your clients valuable feedback and gain trust of your investor by having your hands on this slide.




If you are planning to create one such platform and lacking funds, this pitch deck will help you raise sufficient amount for your own big venture. SlideTeam is here at your assistance to help you create an effective pitch deck. If you have any questions or need help putting together your pitch, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would be happy to assist you in any way we can. Call us at +1-408-659-4170 for any queries.


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