In the fast-paced startup industry, a solid business strategy and startup plan are essential for survival and success. Starting a social company, building a software solution, or pitching a food business all require a well-organized business plan. Our carefully designed PowerPoint presentations help company entrepreneurs express their business goals and plans.


Our templates are suitable for traditional Business-to-customer models, new social business models, and cutting-edge cryptocurrency and insurance firms.


Our templates can help you communicate your business idea in a detailed food startup business pitch, Target Operating Model strategy, or tech funding

pitch deck.


Easily customizable templates let you focus on your business's unique value proposition and strategic direction. Our wide collection will enhance your startup's presentations and help you connect with the right investors, partners, and customers.


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Template 1: Target Operating Model for Startup Business Growth

This PowerPoint slide is meant to help startup founders come up with a good business plan that will help the company grow a lot. The slide shows a clear framework that combines parts of standard Business-to-customer models with new ideas for social business. It lists the most important business goals and sets the stage for a strong business plan that meets the needs of today's market. This visual tool gives you a full picture of all the parts you need to make a clear and flexible startup plan. It's perfect for startups that want to improve their strategic planning. It successfully combines theoretical ideas with real-world applications, helping business owners see how a well-thought-out operational strategy can lead their company to success. This slide is a must-have for startups that want to make sure their operational goals are in line with their overall business plans.


Target Operating Model for Startup Business Growth


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Template 2: Our Food Startup Business Model 

The framework and visual appeal of this PowerPoint presentation make it a great way to show off a startup business plan, especially one for a food startup. It goes into great detail about a complete Business-to-customer model that focuses on important business goals and plans needed to stand out in the food market. Each slide is designed to help the presenter talk about an important part of the business, such as marketing plans, revenue models, and market research.


This set of slides is a strategic roadmap that lays out clear steps and methods to reach business goals. It's perfect for entrepreneurs who want to get to the heart of their food company. It's perfect for explaining to possible investors and business partners what makes the startup special. It also makes sure that every part of the business plan fits with the overall business strategy and is tailored to meet the needs of the target market.


Our Food Startup Business Model


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Template 3: Business Model For Startups Company 

This PowerPoint presentation is meant to help business owners make and show a strong business plan that fits their new company. The slides make it easy to put together a full business plan by showing important parts of both business-to-customer and social business models that are needed for them to work. The content is organized to help you set attainable business goals, create a business strategy, and list the specific steps you need to take to put your starting plan into action.


This set of slides is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to show their vision and strategy to investors or other important people. It helps you do it in an organized way, focusing on your startup's strategic direction and operational approach. This resource is a must-have for anyone who needs to, briefly, and powerfully explain the main parts of their business plan.



Template 4: Market Insights

This PowerPoint slide effectively displays market trends over three years, providing a visually appealing and straightforward representation of strategic changes in a business or market area. The bar graph layout facilitates easy comparison of data from 2015 to 2017, clearly illustrating growth, decline, or stability. Additionally, three placeholders for insights allow the highlighting of key observations or strategic points related to the data.


Ideal for businesses incorporating market research into their business strategy, startup plan, or business plan presentations, this slide ensures that all stakeholders grasp the historical market performance, vital for future planning. Suitable for both business-to-customer and social business models, this template aids in aligning business objectives with historical data, offering a robust foundation for informed decision-making and strategic planning in any business context.


Market Insights


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Template 5: What We Offer Slide 

This PowerPoint slide is expertly designed to showcase a business's array of services in a visually engaging manner. Centered around an image of an open box, the slide creatively represents the unveiling of a company’s core offerings. Surrounding the box, six circles connected by lines are poised to detail diverse services or products, making this layout ideal for businesses looking to clearly articulate the scope of their offerings within a business plan, startup plan, or broader business strategy.


This slide is versatile, and suitable for any business model—whether business-to-customer, social enterprise, or other forms. It provides a structured way to demonstrate how various services or products integrate to enhance the business's overall value proposition. This organized presentation approach is invaluable for clarifying business goals and effectively communicating with investors and stakeholders.


What We Offer


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Template 6: Projected Key Financials

This PowerPoint slide effectively presents key financial metrics—sales, gross profit, and net profit—through a clear, color-coded bar graph covering four years (2014 to 2017). This visual format facilitates easy year-over-year financial comparisons, enhancing comprehension of a business's financial health.


Ideal for financial discussions, this slide aids stakeholders in quickly grasping a company's financial trends and is an invaluable tool for reviews, business, or startup planning sessions. It supports the evaluation of past performance and aids in aligning future financial goals with overall business strategies. The slide's straightforward layout is particularly beneficial for any business model, including business-to-customer and social business models, allowing clear communication of financial outcomes. This template simplifies complex financial data, making it essential for clear, effective financial presentations.


Projected Key Financials


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Template 7: Crypto Startup Business Model Canvas

This PowerPoint slide is crafted to detail the revenue generation mechanisms of a cryptocurrency company, showcasing key components like partnerships, income streams, and customer segments. Its well-organized layout simplifies the visualization of how these elements interconnect to support the company’s broader business objectives and plans.


Ideal for crypto startups looking to articulate their business models to investors, the slide provides a clear framework for discussing operations within business-to-customer or innovative social business models. It effectively enables founders and entrepreneurs to present their startup plans, highlight crucial initiatives, and demonstrate their strategies for achieving business goals. This tool is especially valuable for those aiming to showcase their innovative edge in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market.


Our Crypto Startup Business Model Canvas


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Template 8: Business Model For Mobile App Startup 

This PowerPoint presentation was designed to help mobile app startups create and present their business ideas. It contains a detailed framework for a successful mobile app business, including market research, a value proposition, user engagement techniques, and revenue streams.


This slide simplifies the startup plan, outlining how the company will achieve its goals and develop a solid business strategy. Entrepreneurs seeking funding or launching a mobile app will love it. It allows you to define a business-to-customer or social business model to suit varied markets and behaviours.


Companies can use this form to start their business strategies, including how they will compete, attract new customers, and grow. Startups must communicate their innovative ideas and strategy goals to investors and stakeholders.


Our Business Model for Mobile App Startup


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Template 9: Fundraising Pitch Deck for Insurance Tech Startup

This PowerPoint slide is meant to show how the business plan of a new insurance technology company works. It has important parts that describe the startup's business, financial, and marketing plans that are necessary for it to succeed. You can see on the slide how the company wants to interact with its customers, the cutting-edge tech solutions it provides, and the strategic partnerships it wants to build.


This form makes it easy for business owners to explain their business strategy and goals, which is great for insurance tech startups that want to get funding or partners. It shows a business-to-customer model that uses current technology to improve the experience of customers and make operations run more smoothly. This slide is a must-have for startups in the competitive insurance tech sector that want to show a full business plan that includes their market placement, growth potential, and a road map for achieving their startup plan.


Our Business Model - Insurance Tech Startup Pitch Deck


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Template 10: Overview of Social Startups Business Models

This PowerPoint slide was designed to help social startups present their business concepts. Its focus on social aims and long-term commercial plans makes it ideal for entrepreneurs who want to tackle social issues and make money. The form explains how a social business model helps the community, what it delivers, and how it engages customers.


This presentation illustrates how social companies can balance business aims with social needs. Founders who need to convey their distinctive strategy to stakeholders or investors will love it. It organizes a startup plan, ensuring that mission-driven goals, business, and consumer involvement function together.


This template is crucial for social entrepreneurs presenting their business plans. It shows their dedication to making a difference and outlines their business ambitions.


Overview for social startups business models


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Strategic Essentials: Top 10 Business Model Templates for Startups


Today's business world requires a solid business strategy and strategic thinking to implement an idea. Especially for startups. In our Top 10 Startup Business Model Templates blog post, we discussed several tools that can help startup entrepreneurs build a robust business structure. These models help businesses create precise strategic plans that meet industry and market needs.


From the Target Operating Model that integrates corporate strategy and operational data to food startup, software company, and social business models, each template is crucial. They help you outline your business goals, attract investors, and align your short-term and long-term plans. Each template is versatile, so you may customize it to your value proposition and strategy. This helps people hear and remember your pitch.


Finally, a startup's success hinges on selling its business plan and strategy. These PowerPoint examples might help you create a convincing and effective business plan to attract investors and partners. Use these techniques to improve your talks and make your startup successful. Browse our templates and choose the ideal one for your startup to attain your goals faster.