Most of the people devoid themselves of the benefits that templates provide while creating a proposal. In fact, they try to slog through the tedious process on their own because they think they are equipped enough to create one for themselves.


Reality- Without a set framework, they waste their precious hours and even days in creating “dull as a dishwater” proposal. 


As a designer, you must be spending your precious time designing interactive websites not wasting your time in creating proposals from the very scratch. This is why we have come up with a ready-to-use Web Design Proposal Template that will not only provide you with an outline but also help you in bagging your web design contracts as soon as you present it in front of your client!


But before we dwell on complex issues such as creating a web-design proposal, let us go back to the basics. Without the know-how of the basics, the complex situation can’t be handled!


What is a WordPress Web-Design Proposal 


A web design proposal is a document that will decide whether your services are useful and will land clients or not. This is the document through which you will be able to sell yourself and your work to the clients as it a summary of what are the things that you can achieve for your client and how. It also shows how you will solve their problems if they are facing any. Therefore, it is a very important document that cannot be neglected. 


Now that we have covered the basics, let us move forward to the most tricky part of a web-design proposal that is creating a lucrative one for yourself by following these guidelines!

Download WordPress Web Design Proposal Template PowerPoint Presentation Slides


The Building Blocks of an Enticing Web-Design Proposal 


1. Project Outline 


Project Overview


Project Outline aka Project Overview is the central nervous system of the web design proposal. It is an at-a-glance area that shows how you are planning to design the client’s website, objectives, goals and the mission and the vision of the project. This is the initial phase of persuasion, so it has to be something different from what others might be offering because if the client loses his interest in this section then the entire proposal will become futile. You can make this section as informative as you like or keep it simple. The choice is yours but the key is to show why you and not others should be selected.  


2. Scope 




Let us move one step forward in the art of persuasion. 


Some clients might be aware of what benefits they will receive if they hire a website designer for themselves while some may not. So, now is the time to mention everything that the client may not be aware of to persuade him even further and sell yourself to him. 


Position this section in such a way that it helps resolve the problems that the client might be facing. Apart from this, you can also mention the individual skills that you possess such as-


Discovery- This point is all about having an in-depth understanding of your client’s business, his goals and his aspirations and that your design will adhere to all these points.


Design- Definitely the most important part of a website wherein you can explain all the aspects that will be designed by you.


Development- This contains all technical information such as coding which are the fundamentals of a website. 


User Testing- You can show that you will evaluate each and every delivery aspect of the website before handing it over to your client. You can also mention that you will deliver a fully functioning website to your client without any bugs.


3. Project Timeframe


Project Timeframe


This section provides an overview of the milestones of the company in the form of a timeline. Along with showing the start date and the completion date, this timeline lists many other aspects and shows whether the goals set for those aspects have been achieved or not. It also shows the duration of each phase, for example planning will take 12 days or so, concept design- 10 days. 


This timeline has to be quite realistic which shows everything to the client with full transparency. 


4. Deliverables 




This section is all about outlining the main deliverables that you will provide to your client during or at the very end of the engagement. You can include all the important dates and functions that you will carry out for each of the phases and till when you will deliver them to your client so that the client knows when to expect a fully functioning website. 


5. Your Investment 


Your Investment


Nine out of ten clients will head over right to this section so that they can decide whether they want to hire you or not. Therefore, it is crucial to provide all the information about your proposal and your estimated cost for it. This is the section where you will show how you will work for your client and what is the price that they will render for each of the services. This is also the section that will show how competent and well versed you are with the pricing strategy in the market. 


Break down the cost of each phase in an easy-to-digest way so that it is not very overwhelming for the client. Based on your chosen pricing strategy, a simple table mentioning each phase with the price should do the trick. 


6. Case Study 


Case Study


Adding mere testimonials or examples of your other clients is simply not enough to attract land new clients. Though these also make a difference, what makes a huge difference is a case study. 


Therefore, include a case study for sure in your proposal if you want to be taken seriously by your client. You need to show that you understand your client’s issues and that you are skilled enough to come up with a solution for the same.  


7. Sign-Off




This is the end goal, right? This is what you have wanted throughout your proposal. To bag the contract of this customer. This is the section where your client signs the contract with you. 


Along with the signature, the other information that you can include in this section is the after services that you will provide to make your proposal more impactful. 


Download WordPress Web Design Proposal Template PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Of course, you can use the template provided as it is but we recommend you to tailor it as per your client’s wishes which is quite easy with this template. You can customize it in whichever way you want by changing the design, font, color palette... the possibilities are endless and the world is your oyster. So, rock your next web design proposal by using our readymade templates!