Brand Awareness Plan To Increase Product Visibility Powerpoint Presentation Slides


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Enthrall your audience with this Brand Awareness Plan To Increase Product Visibility Powerpoint Presentation Slides. Increase your presentation threshold by deploying this well-crafted template. It acts as a great communication tool due to its well-researched content. It also contains stylized icons, graphics, visuals etc, which make it an immediate attention-grabber. Comprising fifty three slides, this complete deck is all you need to get noticed. All the slides and their content can be altered to suit your unique business setting. Not only that, other components and graphics can also be modified to add personal touches to this prefabricated set.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide introduces the Brand Awareness Plan to Increase Product Visibility. Commence by stating Your Company Name.
Slide 2: This slide depicts the Agenda of the presentation.
Slide 3: This slide includes the Table Of Contents.
Slide 4: This is yet another slide continuing the Table Of Contents.
Slide 5: This slide showcases the Title for the Topics to be covered further.
Slide 6: This slide highlights the Key challenges due to ineffective product marketing.
Slide 7: This slide reveals the Major marketing challenges faced by the company.
Slide 8: This slide describes the Ineffective product marketing impact on sales volume and value.
Slide 9: This slide elucidates the Ineffective product marketing impact on customer acquisition cost.
Slide 10: This slide shows Ineffective product marketing impact on customer retention rate.
Slide 11: This slide contains the Headings for the Contents to be covered further.
Slide 12: This slide presents the Major phases of product development process.
Slide 13: This slide displays the Steps involved in product marketing launch plan.
Slide 14: This slide depicts the Product overview with subscription details.
Slide 15: This slide explains the Market problem and current solution for the customers.
Slide 16: This slide highlights the SWOT analysis of the company’s product.
Slide 17: This slide provides information about the Competitive analysis of various companies based on product features.
Slide 18: This slide reveals Solution offered by the company.
Slide 19: This slide contains the Heading for the Topics to be covered further.
Slide 20: This slide provides insight about the Major steps in product marketing process workflow.
Slide 21: This slide incorporates the Quarterly product roadmap plan for 2021.
Slide 22: This slide depicts the Hierarchical structure of product marketing team.
Slide 23: This slide showcases the Key benefits of the product marketing process.
Slide 24: This slide lists the Title for the Topics to be covered in the upcoming slides.
Slide 25: This slide includes the Various ways of product marketing communication.
Slide 26: This slide shows the Product market communication model for customer feedback.
Slide 27: This slide elucidates the Product marketing strategy overview.
Slide 28: This slide potrays the Key strategies for product marketing leadership.
Slide 29: This slide states the Title for the Topics to be discussed in the next template.
Slide 30: This slide reveals the Major initiatives under product marketing leadership.
Slide 31: This slide showcases the First Strategy Manage and optimize teams and budgets.
Slide 32: This slide depicts the Second Strategy to Improve marketing performance.
Slide 33: This slide includes the Third Strategy to Leverage emerging marketing technologies.
Slide 34: This slide incorporates the Fourth Strategy to Increase alignment with external partners.
Slide 35: This slide highlights the Title for the Topics to be covered further.
Slide 36: This slide discusses the Post strategy implementation - number of product sold.
Slide 37: This slide illustrates the Post strategy implementation - customer acquisition cost.
Slide 38: This slide covers the Post strategy implementation - Lead conversion rate.
Slide 39: This slide showcases the Company’s performance comparison- before and after strategy implementation.
Slide 40: This slide displays the Heading for the Contents to be covered in the upcoming template.
Slide 41: This slide illustrates the Product marketing dashboard for pay per click campaign.
Slide 42: This slide highlights the Dashboard showing digital marketing performance.
Slide 43: This is the Icons slide containing all the Icons used in the plan.
Slide 44: This slide is titled as Additional slides for providing some extra information.
Slide 45: This is the About us slide. State Your Company information here.
Slide 46: This slide is Our mission slide. State your Organization's mission here.
Slide 47: This slide includes the Financial topic.
Slide 48: This slide showcases vertical Bar Graphs for comparison.
Slide 49: This is the Idea generation slide for encouraging innovative ideas.
Slide 50: This is the Timeline slide showcasing information with respect to time.
Slide 51: This slide contains Post it notes for reminders and deadlines.
Slide 52: This is Our target slide for listing the Organization's target.
Slide 53: This is the Thank You slide for acknowledgement.

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