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Introducing Crowdfunding Technical Strategies And Challenges PowerPoint presentation comprising a total of 58 slides. Each slide focuses on one of the aspects of Crowdfunding with content extensively researched by our business research team. Our team of PPT designers used the best of professional PowerPoint templates, images, icons and layouts. Also included are impressive, editable data visualization tools like charts, graphs and tables. When you download this presentation by clicking the Download button, you get the presentation in both standard and widescreen format. All slides are fully customizable. Change the colors, font, size, add and remove things as per your need and present before your audience.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide introduces Crowdfunding Technical Strategies & Challenges. State your company name and begin.
Slide 2: This is an Agenda slide. State your agendas here.
Slide 3: This slide shows What Is Crowdfunding? with four steps- Campaigner presents ideas to public, General public funds the campaign, Backers get awarded in terms of interest equity or rewards loan, Campaign turns into reality if sufficiently funded.
Slide 4: This slide presents an Outline Of Crowdfunding which shows the following steps- Micro Finance, Micro Lending, Peer-to-peer Lending, Crowd funding. Use these four steps to add on value to your company.
Slide 5: This slide shows Timeline Of Crowdfunding with three categories- Pre-launch, Promotion, Follow up.
Slide 6: This slide presents How It Works. We have mentioned six steps here. You can use these steps or add your own.
Slide 7: This slide shows Crowdfunding Process with the following steps- Company has a problem, Company broadcasts problem online, Online “crowd” asked to give solutions, Crowd submits solutions, Crowd vets solutions, Company rewards winning solvers, Company own winnings solutions, Company profits.
Slide 8: This is Crowdsourcing Is slide with text boxes.
Slide 9: This slide states the Forms Of Crowdfunding. We have mentioned four of them for your reference, you can make use of these or add your own.
Slide 10: This slide shows Types Of Crowdfunding with- Donation Model, Reward Model, Lending Model, Equity Model.
Slide 11: This slide also shows Types Of Crowdfunding.
Slide 12: This slide shows Crowdfunding Escalator with these five stages- Idea, Revenue, Rewards, Validation, Expansion.
Slide 13: This is Rewards VS Equity slide. You can add the Reward, Equity.
Slide 14: This slide shows Equity Crowdfunding. We have mentioned 8 steps, you can alter them as per your need.
Slide 15: This is Based Crowdfunding slide.
Slide 16: This slide presents Donation Based Crowdfunding in a graphical form. Use as per need.
Slide 17: This is Researching Ideas slide with imagery and text boxes.
Slide 18: This is Set Up Social Profile slide with some popular social media icons.
Slide 19: This is Researching Target Audience slide with relevant imagery.
Slide 20: This slide shows Setting a BUDGET. You can add the data as per your need and make the use of it.
Slide 21: This is Design Marketing Collateral slide showing- Social media, Website, Mobile marketing, E-mail marketing.
Slide 22: This slide shows Crowdfunding Market with Global Market, Categories and Risk and Opportunity to state.
Slide 23: This slide shows Crowdfunding Marketing Tools such as- Research, Promotion, Engagement.
Slide 24: This slide shows the Impact Of Crowdfunding. Add your own content and make the best use of it.
Slide 25: This slide states Different Elements Of A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign- A relatable narrative, Sharing impacts, Building a community, A tangible theory of change, Effective outreach, Interesting rewards.
Slide 26: This slide shows Crowdfunding For Startups with these points to consider- Develop a business idea or goal, Crowd funding site screens you for eligibility and fit, Create your crowd funding campaign describe your business idea or goal, Supporters pledge funding, Share your campaign with family, friends, and social networks, Choose a crowd funding site, Campaign closes, and you receive funds, Crowd funding platform subtracts its fee, Complete your business goal or bring your product to market, Reward your supporters with equity, product samples, or loan interest.
Slide 27: This slide presents Crowdfunding Statistics on a world map image.
Slide 28: This is another slide presenting Crowdfunding Statistics in a graphical form. Add relevant data in this graph and use it accordingly.
Slide 29: This slide shows Number Of Crowdfunding Platforms By Region. Add the data and make the best use of it.
Slide 30: This is Choose A Platform slide with the following steps- Check your projects eligibility, Select your major strategies, Determine cultural and personality fit, Look for credibility display opportunities, Evaluate platform costs, Consider the individual platforms minor features.
Slide 31: This slide presents External Effects On Crowdfunding Platforms. You can use this slide for your business needs.
Slide 32: This is a Coffee Break slide to halt. Alter/ modify as needed.
Slide 33: This slide states 6 Common Crowdfunding Platforms- Kickstarter, Buzzbnk, Indiegogo, Beacon, Gofundme, Artistshare.
Slide 34: This slide states the Pros Of Crowdfunding. We have stated 6 points to it- It’s about so much more then money, A free page dedicated to your business, Investor groups regularly surf crowd funding platforms, Feedback and sense of community, A willing audience interested in you and success, Cheerleaders for your brand. Use as per your business requirement.
Slide 35: This slide showcases Cons of CROWDFUNDING with imagery . We have listed a few of them- Time consuming, All or nothing?, Unrealistic expectations, Hard work, Lots of planning required, Chances you wont get funded,
Slide 36: This slide shows Successful Crowdfunding Projects with these Four projects- The DAO, Pebble time, Star citizen, Elio motors.
Slide 37: This slide presents Crowdfunding For Idea/Startup/Business in a tabular form. You can add in the table -Category, Participation and Fundraised.
Slide 38: This slide shows Successful Crowdfunding Campaign.
Slide 39: This slide shows Crowdfunding Plan. Use it as per your requirement.
Slide 40: This slide shows Crowdfunding Technical Strategies Icons. Use/ add icons as per need.
Slide 41: This slide is titled Additional slides. Alter/ modify as per need.
Slide 42: This slide shows Our Mission. State your vision and mission here.
Slide 43: This is an About Us slide. State team/ company specifications here.
Slide 44: This is Meet Our Team slide with name and designation to specify.
Slide 45: This is a Financial score slide. State financial aspects, information etc. here.
Slide 46: This slide shows Our Main Goal with target imagery. Use it to state your goals.
Slide 47: This is a Comparison slide. You can compare the male and female percentage in it.
Slide 48: This is a Business Quotes slide to convey company's message, beliefs etc.
Slide 49: This is a Dashboard slide to state metrics, kpis etc.
Slide 50: This is a creative Timeline slide to show evolution, growth, milestones etc.
Slide 51: This is a Location slide on a world map image to show global presence, growth etc.
Slide 52: This is a Puzzle image slide to show information, specifications etc.
Slide 53: This is a Target image slide. State targets, etc. here.
Slide 54: This is a Lego box image slide to show information, specifications etc.
Slide 55: This is a Venn diagram image slide to show information, specifications etc.
Slide 56: This is a Mind Map image slide to show information, specifications etc.
Slide 57: This is a Magnifying Glass slide with imagery to show specifications, information.
Slide 58: This is Thank You slide stating Address# street number, city, state, Contact Numbers, Email Address.