How to find select and manage influencers for social media marketing powerpoint presentation slides


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PowerPoint presentation slides

Presenting How To Find Select And Manage Influencers For Social Media Marketing PowerPoint Presentation Slides. Get access to 51 completely customizable slides by downloading this complete PPT deck. You can edit color, patterns, background, font, and text of all the templates. Our professionally created PowerPoint slideshow is compatible with Google Slides. It also works well with various screen resolutions including standard and widescreen. Converting the PPT format into PDF, PNG, or JPG is fairly easy.

Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide introduces How To Find, Select & Manage Influencers For Social Media Marketing. State your Company name and begin.
Slide 2: This slide displays Table of Contents.
Slide 3: This slide presents Influencer Marketing - A Snapshot
Slide 4: This slide represents Influencer Marketing- A Snapshot. Discover the rising popularity of a new form of marketing i.e. influencer marketing also called as influence marketing.
Slide 5: This slide discusses about Creating Influencer Marketing Strategy
Slide 6: This slide represents Influencer Marketing Strategy- Steps to Follow
Slide 7: This slide states Our Goals for Influencer Marketing. Mention the goals you have set for your influencer marketing campaigns, be it increase in awareness or sales of your products so that the performance can be measured by comparing to these goals.
Slide 8: This slide shows Our Target Audience.
Slide 9: This slide gives brief description of student Hannah.
Slide 10: This slide showcases Most Popular Social Media Channels amongst Target Audience.
Slide 11: This slide displays Our Influencer Marketing Campaign. List all the activities you will undertake as part of your influencer marketing campaigns. It can be a combination of many strategies.
Slide 12: This slide displays Content formats for Influencer Marketing.
Slide 13: This slide showcases Annual Budget for Influencer Marketing.
Slide 14: This slide showcases Percentage of Budget Allocation for Influencer Marketing.
Slide 15: This slide presents Social Media Channels Preference for Influencer Marketing.
Slide 16: This slide shows Finding the Right Influencers – Selection Criteria
Slide 17: This slide tells about Choosing the Right Category of Influencers.
Slide 18: This slide shows Choosing Influencers: Factors to Consider.
Slide 19: This slide presents Potential Influencers for Current Campaign.
Slide 20: This slide presents Influencer Dashboard Template – Influencer’s Reach & Followers
Slide 21: This slide showcases Influencer Marketing - A Snapshot
Slide 22: This slide displays Metric- Total Audience Reach & Impressions.
Slide 23: This slide shows Metric- Audience Reach & Impressions by Influencer.
Slide 24: This slide displays Metric- Total number of Posts
Slide 25: This slide showcases Metric- Brand Engagement.
Slide 26: This slide shows Metric- Brand Engagement- Influencer Breakdown. Break down the engagement per influencer to know which were the most successful for your campaign.
Slide 27: This slide displays Metric- Audience Growth
Slide 28: This slide displays Metric- Top Locations. Record where the campaign was received the best. This can help you perfect your product, distribution, and sales strategy as well.
Slide 29: This slide shows Metric- Age Range. Measure which age group interacted with your campaign the most. This too can have far reaching impact on your product and sales strategy.
Slide 30: This slide displays Influencer Marketing Campaign Performance Dashboard.
Slide 31: This slide showcases Campaign Performance Dashboard - Summary
Slide 32: This slide showcases Influencer Marketing - A Snapshot
Slide 33: This slide gives introduction about Micro-Influencers
Slide 34: This slide shows Benefits of Choosing Micro-Influencers.
Slide 35: This slide displays How to find the Right Micro-Influencers.
Slide 36: This slide shows Campaigns for Engaging with Micro-Influencers.
Slide 37: This is How to Find, Select & Manage Influencers for Social Media Marketing Icons Slide
Slide 38: This slide displays Influencer Marketing - A Snapshot Additional Slides
Slide 39: This slide shows Bar Chart for product comparison.
Slide 40: This is Financial slide with Minimum, Medium and Maximum.
Slide 41: This slide shows Comparison between male and female users.
Slide 42: This slide represents Goal.
Slide 43: This slide is titled as Important Notes.
Slide 44: This slide displays Location.
Slide 45: This slide displays Magnifying Glass for highlighting important content.
Slide 46: This slide displays Mind Map.
Slide 47: This is Lego slide.
Slide 48: This is Venn slide.
Slide 49: This is Puzzle slide.
Slide 50: This slide shows Idea Generation for representing ideas.
Slide 51: This is Thank You slide with Contact details.

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