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Presenting Training Deck on Presentation Stage in Sales Process. This deck comprises of 77 slides. Each slide is well crafted and designed by our PowerPoint experts. This PPT presentation is thoroughly researched by the experts, and every slide consists of appropriate content. All slides are customizable. You can add or delete the content as per your need. Not just this, you can also make the required changes in the charts and graphs. Download this professionally designed business presentation, add your content and present it confidently.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 3

This slide contains information about a sales presentation. It highlights that a sales presentation is a brief presentation of your solution to prospects or current customers to persuade them to purchase. It also mentions the characteristics of a good sales presentation.

Slide 4

This slide depicts how to make a sales presentation. It highlights that while preparing a sales presentation, a salesperson must define the purpose, make a list of critical points and add data to it, and adjust the sales presentation based on the audience.

Slide 5

This slide provides information about defining the purpose in sales presentation. It mentions that to succeed with the presentation, salespersons must know precisely what they need to convey to their target audience.

Slide 6

This slide depicts the importance of adjusting sales presentation based on the audience. It highlights that a salesperson should consider their target audience, which could include decision-makers, stockholders, purchase managers, etc. It also mentions that sales reps should also be knowledgeable about the industry in which their clients operate.

Slide 7

This slide discusses making a list of critical points and adding data to it in a sales presentation. It highlights that sales reps must comprehend what they are about to present, add data to emphasize the key points and simply the message for ease of their prospect’s comprehension. It also mentions that they can also incorporate few metrics or statistics into the storyline.

Slide 8

This slide contains information about researching the company and the client before a sales presentation. It highlights that while researching the client and the company, a salesperson should understand their pain points and challenges, what is most important to them, and to whom will they be presenting and their motivations.

Slide 9

This slide discusses the importance of presenting your product/service to the prospect while giving a sales presentation. It highlights the importance of keeping the presentation simple and concise, focusing on the challenges your prospects face rather than your products’ features, and practicing the delivery.

Slide 10

This slide lists the tips for better sales presentation. The tips are: Keep the presentation short, tell a story, know ahead of time what your clients want or require, and practice but don’t deliver a memorized speech.

Slide 11

This slide discusses about keeping the presentation short as sales presentation tip. It highlights that a salesperson's presentation should be brief. Instead of writing a whole description on their product or service, they should generate curiosity. 

Slide 12

This slide depicts the significance of telling a story during a sales presentation. It highlights the importance of starting with storytelling techniques to help your audience relate to your pitch. It also states that you should start with a fictional character and describe how your service or product changed or improved their life or work.

Slide 13

This slide depicts how a salesperson must anticipate what their clients want or require. It highlights the importance of a salesperson understanding their ideal client's and customer's needs and desires. It also states that the sales presentation should address these concerns and clearly explain why your product or service is the best choice for them.

Slide 14

This slide explains why a salesperson should practice rather than give a memorized speech during a sales presentation. It emphasizes the importance of preparation in delivering an effective sales presentation. However, many people misinterpret this and attempt to memorize everything they intend to say during the presentation.

Slide 31 to 46

These slides contain energizer activities to engage the audience of the training session.

Slide 47 to 74

These slides contain a training proposal covering what the company providing corporate training can accomplish for the client.

Slide 75 to 77

These slides include a training evaluation form for instructor, content and course assessment.

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