Are you tired of your business’s boring sales brochures collecting dust on the shelf? Are you convinced that your potential customers are using them as makeshift coasters?

Well, fear not, dear reader, because we're here to shake things up! It's time to ditch the dull and uninspired sales brochure and embrace a new era of creativity.


Although some areas of print advertising are experiencing a decline, sales brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, leaflets, and flyers remain popular and effective marketing mediums for over four decades. In fact, they've even acquired a unique spot in digital marketing through the years.


Why are sales brochures still so special?


For one, they offer small businesses a cost-effective way to offer their products/ services in a more detailed yet easy-to-read way than other promotional materials. Brochure advertising allows potential clients to evaluate your offerings at their own pace, with a mix of compelling visuals, infographics, and concise text that answers their most pressing questions.

For independent businesses, a sales brochure is a valuable and impactful marketing tool. With its ability to guide clients through service selection and persuade them to book, the sales brochure is a simple yet powerful resource that can help you grow your business.


Why do you need a sales brochure template?


A professionally-designed brochure template can differentiate between sealing the deal and losing it to a rival. It also helps build your authority and provide added value to clients. Crafting sales brochures by using effective methods and strategies can transform potential leads into faithful customers.

With our thoughtful and well-researched templates, you can create a sales brochure that can become a conversation starter, a brand ambassador, and a sales powerhouse all rolled into one.


What’s even better is that each of the templates is 100% customizable and editable. 

So, forget everything you know about boring brochures filled with endless blocks of text and uninspired graphics. Let's now explore the power of the sales brochure done right!


Template 1: One-page retail and sales brochure florist template


Bloom to Success with our One-Page Florist Sales Brochure Template! This ready-to-use PPT sample lets you highlight your product and service offerings, cost structure, and client testimonials, all in one visually appealing and informative page. With attractive icons and a pleasing color scheme, this brochure PPT will grab your audience's attention and help you land more business deals. Download now to impress your potential clients!


one page retail and sales brochure florist template


Download now!


Template 2: Product Sales Brochure RO Water Purifier Trifold


Quench your thirst for sales with this trifold brochure! It's an ideal way to exhibit your products and services. With its professionally designed PowerPoint theme, you can provide information on your company, contact details, and packages. Engage your customers and spark their interest by showcasing your eye-catching water purifier range with their respective features. Don't let impurities hinder your sales – download our RO purifier brochure template today!




Download now!


Template 3: Black Friday Sales Brochure Bifold


Get ready to rock Black Friday sales with this irresistible brochure template! Its visually stunning design will attract a massive crowd of customers and lets you showcase exclusive offers and discounts in one place. Whether you sell clothes, jewelry, gadgets, or anything in between, this ready-to-use PPT is your ultimate weapon to promote your store like a pro. Gear up to boost your sales like never before. Download the template below!




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Template 4: Property Sales Brochure Trifold


Property on the Market? Let this Brochure be Your Partner-in-Sale! Showcase your real estate offerings in style and attract potential buyers with its visually stunning design. From a brief company introduction to property location to pricing, this PPT template allows you to list everything in a captivating manner. Additionally, it lets you shine the spotlight on the company’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and special offerings. Download now and get ready to close those deals!


property sales brochure trifold


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Wrap it up with a bang!


Don't overlook the might of a top-notch sales brochure template! It sets the scene for your business and gives quick answers to FAQs. With our minimalist brochures, you can fit every significant detail in a compact, stylish design. After all, the God is in the detail. 


Want a last finishing touch? Follow our four golden rules to make your brochure an instant hit. 


A- Attention: Grab attention by answering the correct question in your brochure. Use appealing images, visuals, and infographics to interest your customers.

I- Interest: Tell audiences why they would want your products/ services. Make sure your brochure is easy to read. Use bullets to highlight key features.

D- Desire: Create desire by clearly yet engagingly highlighting the key features, takeaways, and unique offerings. Use bullets for this.

A- Action: Next, you want to convince readers to take the next steps. Place a strong yet clear call-to-action in your brochure to get people to convert their desires into immediate actions.


FAQs on Sales Brochure Templates 


What is a sales brochure?


A sales brochure is a comprehensive document, either printed or digital, that delivers crucial information about a product or service in a catchy yet informative manner. A basic sales brochure includes product features, services offered, pricing, testimonials, images, and contact information. The ultimate goal of a sales brochure is to influence potential customers to take a desired action or make a purchase. Businesses commonly use them across industries (retail, real estate, clothing brands, service providers, etc.).


What should a sales brochure include?


Your brochure should be a one-stop shop for all things amazing about your business. Ensure adding appetizing details to entice customers and differentiate yourself from the competition!


  • Company's history and mission statement: Your customers need to know the story behind your brand! Including your company's history and mission statement in your sales brochure establishes credibility and gives customers a reason to personally and emotionally connect with your brand.


  • Latest products and services: Keep your brochure updated to capture your audience's attention. Showcasing latest products and services and their unique features helps highlight the company's commitment to innovation and growth. It also provides potential customers an idea of how the company can meet their needs and desires.


  • Eye-catching visuals: The right combination of images, infographics, fonts, color schemes, and typography creates an emotional connection with the reader, making them more likely to remember your brand and ultimately make a purchase. It also conveys your brand message in an impactful way.


  • Call to action: Seal the deal with a clear and tempting call to action that helps convert your readers into customers by telling them what to do next and take action. 


How do you make a sales brochure?


Here are some steps to create a stunning brochure:


  • Define your audience and objectives: It's crucial to identify your target audience and set clear objectives for your marketing efforts.
  • Choose the type of brochure: Decide which type of brochure will suit your business best- a single-sheet flyer, a bi-fold, or a tri-fold brochure.
  • Create a rough draft: Decide on your brochure's layout and content. Sketch out a rough draft to help you visualize your design.
  • Choose your images, font, typography, and stock pictures: Use high-quality images, visuals, and headlines relevant to your message and audience. Also, use bullet points to focus on the key features of your product or service. Focus on readability, ensuring your brochure is easy to read and understand by using clear, concise language and font.
  • Sell, don't tell: Focus on selling the benefits rather than just listing features of your product or service. Use persuasive language to convey the benefits of your product or service. Highlight your unique selling points.
  • Choose the right colors and fonts: Choose fonts and color pallets that reflect your brand's personality and resonate with your target audience.
  • Design your brochure: Use a design tool or software to create a visually appealing brochure. Be sure to include white space, headlines, and call-to-actions. Use the AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) to guide the structure of your brochure.
  • Print and distribute: Once you're finished with your design, print your brochure on high-quality paper and distribute it to your target audience.
  • Use a brochure template: Simplify the process by selecting and integrating one of our brochure templates from the above options.


What are the three types of brochures?


The three types of brochures are:


a) Single-sheet brochures, also known as flyers, handouts, or leaflets- are usually printed on one or both sides of a single sheet of paper. These are generally used to promote a specific product or service and can be handed out at events or placed in a brochure rack. They are cost-effective and provide a quick overview of what the company has to offer.


b) Bi-fold brochures are folded in half to create four panels (two on the front and the other two on the back). These are a bit more elaborate than single-sheet brochures, providing more space to communicate the company's offerings. They can include a cover page, inside spread, and back cover.


c) Tri-fold brochures are folded into three sections, creating six panels (the front three and the other three on the back). These are the most popular types of brochures and provide even more space for information.  


d) They allow businesses to tell a story, showcase a variety of products, or detail a specific service. The tri-fold brochures are often used for marketing, sales, and educational purposes and can be mailed or handed out at events.