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Top 10 Sales Action Plan Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 10 Sales Action Plan Templates with Samples and Examples

Deepika Dhaka

Deepika Dhaka

November 25 2022

Black Friday is around the corner, the busiest shopping festival that gets its name from the fact that it turns retailer’s accounts from being “in the red” to being back “in the black.” Marking the start of the Christmas shopping season, most consumers have started planning and creating their list of purchases for Thanksgiving 2022.


As a business owner, however, are you prepared to capture their attention and fulfill demand? If not, begin now, or you might lose business to your competitors. Planning for Black Friday Sales is the key to standing out in a large crowd of retail businesses. Think about it! Every store, whether brick-and-mortar or e-commerce, is already coming up with promotional activities. Customers are busy searching for these. How do you catch their attention?


You can turn this Black Friday sale into significant profits for your business with the creation of a Sales Action Plan to help you prepare and roll out some effective sales tactics. And yes! Don’t let creating your Black Friday Sales plan frustrate you. It’s easier than you think to brand yourself as a class apart. All you need is a definitive Sales Action Plan that helps your business draw in the crowds and have cash registers ringing.


Sales Action Plan Templates


SlideTeam presents the most popular Sales Action Plan Templates that global marketing leaders have found indispensable. The Black Friday Sale is just one instance of the application of these PowerPoint Templates, you can use these content-ready samples for all sales campaigns of the year.


Let’s explore these customizable templates!


Template 1: Sales Action Plan PowerPoint Presentation


Boost your top-line revenue growth and increase profitability with this Sales Action Plan Template, which is packed with content related to components, steps, and types of sales strategies. It will educate you on the benefits of sales strategies and the costs involved in the implementation. This PowerPoint Presentation also includes a strategic action timeline and guides on digital tools for enhancing the effectiveness of your sales strategies. Here you will also find slides to display statistics related to sales and a dashboard for your busy CEO. Grab it today if you are looking for a consolidated PPT Presentation on Sales Action Plan!


Sales Action Plan Presentation


Download this template


Template 2: Yearly Sales Action Plan Template


This one-pager PowerPoint Template will help you hone in on tactics that will define how you can reach your set objectives. With this consolidated layout, you can talk about key sales channels, including online, wholesale, and in-store channels. Present your revenue targets, target customers, and budget allocation with this content-ready PowerPoint Template. At the top of the slide, you can mention your sales goals and the plan year, along with its budget. Display the products and services you offer to your customers along with the budgeted sales and the devised distribution strategy. You can download this pre-developed sales planning one-pager PPT Template instead of wasting time writing any presentation from scratch.


Yearly Sales Action Plan Template


Download this template


Template 3: One-Pager Sales Action Plan Sheet


Are you struggling to develop a sales plan that can enrich and empower your business? This sales action plan template is the easiest and most graceful way to lay out your objectives, strategies, and tactics to optimize your sales channels. The strength of this one-page sales plan is that all your team members can understand it. It can help you identify potential obstacles and roadblocks so that you can come up with ways to overcome challenges. It includes six key parameters that will help you understand and study your sales channels. These are products and services, budgeted cost categories, projected sales, distribution strategies, proposed deadlines, and KPIs.  Download it today!


One Pager Sales Action Plan Sheet


Download this template


Template 4: Yearly Strategic Sales Action Plan Template


Peppered with eye-catching graphics, this Bi-Fold Yearly Strategic Sales Action Plan Template is a remarkable visual communication and promotion tool to bring attention to your business offerings. Use it to devise a successful sales campaign that speaks volumes about your products and grabs consumer interest. With plenty of industry-specific customizable shapes, visuals, graphics, and many more, this A4-size bi-fold design will help you create strategies and improve your customer engagement. Grab it today!


Yearly Strategic Sales Action Plan Template


Download this template


Template 5: 30-60-90 Day Sales Action Plan Template


Sales managers and new sales representatives will benefit from this stunning 30-60-90 Day Sales Plan because it documents the progress, challenges, and victories you record as you do business, day in and day out. You can use this PPT Template to ensure members of the sales team are growing in their roles and to identify any need for additional training or guidance. With this PPT Template documenting goals and accomplishments, it becomes easier to carry out the sales performance review process. Managers and their team members can see details of their work that they might have otherwise forgotten over time. Get it now!


30-60-90 Day Sales Action Plan Template


Download this template


Template 6: Sales Action Plan Steps Template


Presenting a six-step Sales Action Plan Template for an easy understanding of the concept and providing directions to the entire team. The first step is defining the sales objective, evaluating the current situation, listing barriers to success, assessing strengths and assets, creating a sales call strategy, and outlining an action plan. This complete and comprehensive process is presented here in a foolproof manner. Download it today to get started!


Sales Action Plan Steps Template


Download this template


Template 7: Sales Action Plan with Brand Development and Advertisement


Use this Sales Action Plan Template to create a strong brand presence and reach the maximum target audience. This PPT Slide highlights vital elements of developing a brand. These elements focus on identifying top customers, advertising, increasing networks, and updating and developing a plan. It also offers suggestions on how to identify prospects and create a personalized approach plan. This presentation template also includes appealing icons to help you recall all these stages when needed. Download it now!


Sales Action Plan with Brand Development and Advertisement


Download this template


Template 8: 10-steps to Develop an Effective Sales Action Plan


Deploy this 10-step sales action plan template to give your employees direction and purpose. It will ensure that your staff have everything they need to achieve their goals when it comes to sales quotas and prospecting. The more detailed your action plan is, the less likely it is that your team will end up confused and struggling to make decisions for themselves. Using this foolproof plan, then, becomes a necessity. This PPT Slide entails activities that are a must-have for any sales plan. Grab it now!


10 Steps to Develop an Effective Sales Action Plan


Download this template


Template 9: Sales and Marketing Action Plan Sample


Are you looking for a well-structured and easy-to-use sample to display your sales and marketing action plan? This PPT layout is an ideal pick to chart your online advertising and market research action plan. Use this template to track performance and make informed decisions for future sales planning, as it offers you the option of adding sub-categories. This table will help everyone stay on the same page and suggest necessary changes to bridge the gap between potential and performance. Download it now to speed up the process!


Sales and Marketing Action Plan Sample


Download this template


Template 10: Sales Action Plan Template for Online and Offline Channels


Increase your sales with the help of this strategic sales action plan for online and offline channels. It includes a comprehensive layout to tabulate the products and services to offer and the budgeted costs of in-store, online and wholesale channels. It will help you make informed calls regarding who you want to sell to, what your revenue goals are, and how you’re going to structure and prime your teams for success. Download it today to futureproof your business!


Sales Action Plan Template for Online and Offline Channels


Download this template




A sales action plan is the easiest way to draft your objectives, strategies, and tactics in a way that your team can understand and work effectively to achieve success. It helps you identify likely obstacles and roadblocks so that you can come up with ways to bridge the gaps and overcome challenges.

Now you are aware of how to create a compelling and practical sales action plan, it’s time to put your knowledge into action by downloading these powerful PPT Templates.


FAQs on Sales Action Plan


What Is a Sales Action Plan?


A sales action plan highlights your tactics to achieve your sales goals, focusing on transactions and relationships that you can develop with customers. It gives information about who you want to sell to, what your revenue goals are, and how you’re going to prepare an effective team to achieve success. An effective sales plan should communicate your sales objectives and goals and outline the roles and responsibilities of the team. It should also be able to deliver strategic direction to your sales team.


What are the steps of preparing a sales action plan?


The ten crucial steps of preparing an effective sales plan are:


  • Identify yourself to customers; what do you stand for, and what do you offer
  • Identify prospects; who will or should buy from you and why? Be clear on this
  • Identify team members
  • Create an approach plan
  • Use the power of advertisements well
  • Invest in brand Development
  • Increase Network
  • Take Feedback
  • Update and develop Plan
  • Track Performance


Why having a Sales Action Plan is important?


A Sales Action Plan helps you give your sales team the guidance that they need to make smart business decisions. With a Sales Action Plan, you support your sales team members by addressing issues that are within your direct control, such as a lack of guidance and direction. Once you are in the game, improved results are a given.


A sales plan includes a strategy that works for your representatives and ensures that they have everything they need to follow to achieve the targets that are handed out. With a robust sales plan in hand, you’ll find that the meetings, demos, and closed deals will be natural results that will help enter the success cycle; most importantly, you will be able to stay there as well.











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