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Top 15 Templates to Flaunt a Well-Structured Brand Style Guide

Top 15 Templates to Flaunt a Well-Structured Brand Style Guide

Deepika Dhaka

Deepika Dhaka

May 21 2022

The American Marketing Association defines branding as "A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers." The aim of branding is to help consumers identify and spot your brand instantly. There are many ways to build this desired level of recall, with consistency in what you offer identified as the key to being memorable.


Today, people use online and offline platforms for affordable shopping and managing their budgets. Keeping your company branding consistent across all channels is imperative if you want customers to prefer you over others. The best brands because their presence is reinforced by the repeated flashes of the same logo, fonts, color palette, and images. Once people see these identifiers enough, the brand becomes instantly recognizable. This kind of brand recognition is possible only if you have a solid brand stylebook to guide you.


Why do you need a brand style guide?


Creating a style guide is an essential part of giving a visual identity to your brand. This is also the final marketing step before you launch the brand. The guide is an instruction manual with a set of rules and suggestions that specifies the look and feel of a brand. It helps your company’s internal team and vendors to speak the same visual language and maintain a consistent brand image.



After this step, you give every stakeholder a document to refer to if they have a question about using your brand colors, fonts, and more. The final result is that branding mistakes from your designers and external creators are eliminated.


That’s why we are here to present our exclusive collection of brand style guide templates. These content-ready PowerPoint designs will communicate instructions without confusion and help you take your company to the next level.


Let’s explore these!


Template 1: One-page Brand Style Guide Template for IT Company


The following PPT document is an example of a style guide for an IT company. It includes instructions on how to use the company's logo, primary and secondary color schemes, typography, headings, subheadings, etc. This document can be circulated among employees and business partners to ensure that everyone understands your company’s brand visuals. Download it now!


One-page Brand Style Guide Template for IT Company


Download this template


Template 2: One-page Style Guide for Aviation Company.


If you work for an aviation company, here’s a PPT template that can serve as an extensive reference document for your brand. It can provide an outline of your airline’s identity, including messaging, graphics, and Dos, and Don’ts. This guide is ideal for employees, contractors, and industry partners to produce compelling, effective experiences for audiences through all touchpoints. Grab it now!


One-page Style Guide for Aviation Company.


Download this template


Template 3: One-page Brand Style Guide for Resort


This PowerPoint template can help you build an effective hotel brand with guidelines for your visual identity. Following this framework can make your staff more confident in communication style, improve brand recognition, and build guest trust. You can add captivating images of your resort to the layout. It also allows you to add icons to highlight travel partners associated with your resort. Download it now!


One-page Brand Style Guide for Resort


Download this template


Template 4: One-page Brand Style Guide for Restaurant


Here is a dark-themed PPT template designed to help you create a strong image of your restaurant and attract more customers. This attractive design features the company logo, with variants, so that your creative department can use them on business cards, websites, envelopes, and letterhead. Use this design today and train your employees to make your venture stand out from the competition.


One-page Brand Style Guide for Restaurant


Download this template


Template 5: One-page Style Guide for Global Brand


This PPT template is meant to help you carve a niche for your brand in the global marketplace, as consistency is ensured worldwide. It lists out instructions on avoiding the misuse of logos and gives you a headstart in building a brand voice. No matter where your business is operating from, this handout can work as a universal reference document for any employee at any location. Download it now!


One-page Style Guide for Global Brand


Download this template


Template 6: One-page Company Branding Guidelines


Use this simple PPT design to demonstrate what your company is, what it does, and what it stands for. This stunning template summarizes all essential elements of branding. Other than visuals, it also allows you to outline brand engineering and strategies that your team needs to implement. Grab it today and turn your brand into a class apart.


One-page Company Branding Guidelines


Download this template


Template 7: One-page Brand Style Guide Template


This PPT gives you a unique way to display your brand guide to your team. This template includes more graphics and less description. It allows your staff to represent everything visually. This document also lets you define logo measurements to avoid any variation in size. Get it today!


One-page Brand Style Guide Template


Download this template


Template 8: One-page Branding Guidelines


Here’s a brand style guide template that can be used for any business. This PowerPoint document helps you determine your logo design in an effortless manner. The framework is easy to understand for employees and vendors, with space to define a social media logo, a major requirement for digital marketing. Download it now!


One-page Branding Guidelines


Download this template


Template 9: One-page Branding Style Guidelines


Presenting this handy PPT printable that allows you to frame your guidelines in a concise manner. It includes features of the company, corporate, and event logos, along with the Dos and Don'ts. It also describes typefaces to be used for headings and body text. Download it now!


One-page Branding Style Guidelines


Download this template


Template 10: One-page Brand Style Guide Proposal


If you are in the branding business, use this proposal template to guide your team on how to propose your design services to clients in an impressive way. With this handout, your staff can understand all the crucial aspects they should consider to develop a successful brand identity and specifications for clients. It will allow your business to maintain consistency while fulfilling clients’ needs.


One-page Brand Style Guide Proposal


Download this template


Template 11: One-page Team Guidelines for Branding


Create a brand book that your team will love by using this visually attractive and informative page. It conveys the strategies, layouts and grids, and keys to strong brand identity. This PPT template can help you form the cornerstone of your brand creation process and will keep your brand identity water-tight. Download it now.


One-page Team Guidelines for Branding


Download this template


Template 12: Brand Style Guide Bi-fold


This bi-fold branding manual PDF template is a remarkable visual communication and promotion tool to capture attention. Use it to devise a successful branding project that speaks for your company's identity and arouses customer interest. If you are the brand marketer, use this template to deliver a style guide to your clients that will help maintain uniformity and the same style in design.


Brand Style Guide Bi-fold


Download this template


Template 13: Bi-fold Company Branding Style Guide


This PPT handout is ideal for executives who are handling the branding project. It covers information on brand description, strategies, color scheme, brand engineering, and a Contact Us page at the end. This handbook can help you build up a successful brand with a strong image and identity. Use it today!


Bi-fold Company Branding Style Guide


Download this template


Template 14: Bi-fold Brand Style Guide


Here’s another go-to instruction manual for your marketers to create a recognizable brand that stays in customers’ minds. This document is designed to ensure every element of the company’s branded content is always with the established look, feel, and design of the brand. Download this professional brand book today!


Bi-fold Brand Style Guide


Download this template


Template 15: Bi-fold Brand Designing Guidelines Proposal


Use this PPT template to create a feasible and informative brand book for your clients. With the help of this multi-page document, you can show your clients how you go with the branding process and how your guidebook benefits them in the long run. This manual can also help you describe the process to maintain the quality of a brand image worldwide. Download it now!


Bi-fold Brand Designing Guidelines Proposal 

 Download this template


In the cluster of brands available today, you should create a unique voice for your company. Your creativity, individuality, and insight can take you a long way toward securing a unique brand. And now that you know of a compelling way to do that, begin today by downloading these brand style guide templates.


All these PowerPoint examples are fully customizable. You can choose the colors, fonts, designs, and texts as per your brand needs.


If you want a custom stylebook for your brand, feel free to contact our design services team right now.


P.S: If you are looking to develop a mindful brand strategy framework, here’s a handy guide replete with stunning templates.






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