Former US president Abraham Lincoln was spot on when he said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” The pioneering US leader gave us a timeless lesson in approaching important things in life with this quote.


Even as execution is what matters, it is the behind-the-scenes planning that dictates the quality of our actions. This quality is an important part of ensuring that what we are striving for is successful.


Taking Lincoln’s example forward, if we are to hold a conference or meeting on marketing for six hours, four of these should be devoted to research, planning, and organizing. The remaining two hours must be spent producing and delivering communications and campaigns. This division of favoring flawless planning is the only real, fool-proof work distribution strategy that marketers should have. This approach is sure to result in a strong marketing plan that delivers effective campaigns.


Today, when the talk of recession is everywhere, you, as business owners, are forced to hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. You need to understand how your consumers will likely behave and how to continue delivering value to them and, in the process, differentiate yourself from competitors.


Your marketing team should lead your company’s response in such a scenario. It should evaluate how to respond to an economic crisis or recession and how to adjust marketing strategies and activities across all four “Ps” of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion.


The only roadmap to tackle your business woes and sustain profitability is to draft a strategic marketing plan. It helps you identify and prioritize your market needs, formulate the best ways to meet these, and measure the results.


Marketing Plan Templates


If you want to speed up your planning process and be prepared for the worst, we have Marketing Plan Templates from SlideTeam to assist you. These content-ready templates cover topics related to the marketing mix and creating strategies. Using these can help you save time, money and effort. You also get the bandwidth to focus on more productive areas.


Let’s explore these customizable templates!


Template 1: Strategic Marketing Plan PPT Presentation


Presenting this factual Strategic Marketing Plan Presentation that will help you showcase methods used to conduct market research and identify trends. Use this marketing strategy PPT Template to explain how to evaluate opportunities and the probability of success of each. It will let you determine the steps needed to connect with customers for product awareness. You can also share insights into processes like creating customer value & loyalty, analyzing the market, and identifying market segments & targets. Download now!


Strategic Marketing Plan PPT Presentation


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Template 2: Marketing Plan PPT Presentation


Use this customer-driven marketing plan that emphasizes allocating resources in the most economical way. It gives intelligent direction to marketing operations and entails crucial aspects of an actionable plan. You can find valuable templates in this PPT Deck, such as distribution model/ plan/ timeline templates, content distribution matrix, and additional slides for icons, checklists, clustered bars, combo charts, etc. Download it today to save yourself the massive effort of creating complex formats!


Marketing Plan PPT Presentation


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Template 3: Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation


If you want to develop a marketing plan with bonus insights and additional information, then you must use this Marketing Plan to identify who your customers are, how you’ll meet their demands, and what marketing tactics you should undertake. Using this PPT Template will help you streamline your sales and marketing process and optimize lead conversion. It also contains a lead generation flow chart and content matrix template to organize related activities. Grab it today!


Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation


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Template 4: Marketing Plan Activities Template


If you want to add a dash of realism to your marketing efforts, you must explore this Market Plan Activities Presentation. It provides a logical sequence of activities for marketing objectives, with a plan to achieve each. It entails templates for activity scheduling, budget planning, sales planning, e-commerce planning, and more. Download this simple, clear, and straightforward framework to get started on the journey to result-oriented, effective marketing.


Marketing Plan Activities Template


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Template 5: Marketing and Business Development Action Plan


Use this Marketing and Business Development Action Plan Presentation to put your goals, strategies, and other plans in writing. The PPT Template includes content-ready slides on current market analysis, new market scenarios, sales forecasting, budget activities, risk analysis, and more. You can use this Marketing Action Plan Template to organize promotional activities to get more sales or add that extra fizz to your brand-building effort. This presentation template can become an indispensable part of your overall marketing execution and implementation. Download it now to prepare your team for a quick response in a crisis.


Marketing and Business Development Action Plan


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Template 6: 90-Day Marketing Plan Template


If you want to develop a 90-day strategic marketing plan, this PPT Presentation is ideal. It will help you break up the first three months into 30, 60, and 90 days and provide a more realistic and achievable plan. You can identify your goals in each timeframe by looking at these in terms of stages. This content-ready template will save you time and help you understand the step-by-step process to showcase your marketing activities and project your growth. Download this now!


90-Day Marketing Plan Template


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Template 7: New Service Launch Marketing Plan


If you find persuading consumers to buy your new product challenging, then you must take the assistance of this valuable presentation. It entails essential elements of a successful launch plan, such as customer need analysis, SWOT analysis, targeting, segmentation, etc. With a proper product launch marketing plan, it will deliver on the expectations of your target buyers. Thus, it becomes critical to download this compelling presentation template and use it well!


New Service Launch Marketing Plan


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Template 8: Marketing Plan for Cloud Services


If you are working for a cloud services company and are looking to streamline your marketing process, exploring this PPT Template will be of use. It includes informative slides on the benefits of cloud computing, its challenges, solutions, and the competitive landscape. You can use this presentation template to describe the services your company offers and why customers should choose your services over others. Download it today to make your business stand out for its offering of cost-effective and value-adding digital transformation services.


Marketing Plan for Cloud Services


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Template 9: Partner Marketing Plan Template


Use this PowerPoint Template to create a partnership marketing plan that drives growth. It will guide you on some crucial aspects and define what will work best for each stakeholder. It will direct you on the partner selection process, co-partnered marketing campaigns, and in assessing the current scenario. You can also brainstorm/line up initiatives for ensuring channel partner benefit with the relevant, thoughtful use of this template. This template also includes a dashboard for tracking business movement, performance, and assessment. Download now!


Partner Marketing Plan Template


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Template 10: New Product Sales Strategy and Marketing Plan


If you have a brilliant idea for a new product, this New Product Sales Marketing Plan Template will read your thoughts back to you. This exciting and captivating presentation covers marketing tactics, launch tips and tricks, product launch detailed plan & process, external communication tools, lead generation activities & basics of the marketing funnel, etc. This educational resource is also helpful for a few more product lifecycle management and product marketing topics. Download it now!


New Product Sales Strategy and Marketing Plan


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A marketing plan is a blueprint for launching new products, creating strategies, understanding the complexities of your market, growing your consumers, and branding. With a well-designed marketing plan template, you can design more effective promotions and impactful campaigns, reach your target customers with relevant advertising, and track your campaign results with proper insights and analytics.


Now that you have all the valuable resources available to you, it is time to download your favorite template and get started with a robust marketing plan.


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FAQs on Marketing Plan Template


What are the components of a marketing plan?


A marketing plan is the first step in creating a successful marketing program; it doesn’t have to be complicated. The ten components of that an ideal marketing plan must include are:


  1. Market Research
  2. Target Market
  3. Product
  4. Competition
  5. Mission Statement
  6. Market Strategies
  7. Pricing, Positioning, and Branding
  8. Budget
  9. Marketing Goals
  10. Monitor Your Results


How to create a marketing plan?


A marketing plan will vary depending on the business’s objective or the type of company it is designed for. Here is a sequential guide on how to go about creating a marketing plan:


  • Frame your marketing plan outline
  • State business mission and values
  • Create an executive summary
  • Set your KPIs
  • Outline your buyer personas
  • Identify your competitors
  • Describe your content strategy and initiatives
  • Define your marketing budget
  • Highlight your team and their responsibilities


What are the types of marketing plans?


Depending on how detailed you want your marketing plan to be, you can create a plan for the whole year or separate marketing plans for each channel you want to target. The most common types of marketing plans are:


Annual Marketing Plan (General marketing plan): You can see everything at a glance with this marketing plan. It entails everything from the company mission and USPs to SWOT analysis and marketing channels.


Content marketing plan: A content marketing plan focuses on tactics, strategies, and campaigns you can use to help your business reach its goals content-wise.


Social media marketing plan: A social media marketing plan contains the specific tactics you can use for each social media channel and campaign to acquire a presence on other social media platforms.


Paid (demand generation) marketing plan: This type of marketing plan focuses on paid marketing strategy, such as search ads, paid social media ads, email marketing strategy, etc.


Product launch marketing plan: This plan serves as a roadmap for the strategies to promote your new launch. It is, by far, the most downloaded and searched-for plan as there is always something new that businesses have to offer to customers or clients, in the case of the B2B segment.