Marketing is an ever-changing discipline in this expeditious business world and a proper strategy can differentiate between struggling and thriving. A marketing strategy acts as a guiding compass that helps illuminate the pathway for a business to present its products and services before the target audience effectively. Today, we will be discussing social media marketing and real-time marketing guidelines.


When it comes to social media marketing, you need to understand how to utilize this platform to meet your business goals. It refers to a process of content creation for social media platforms to introduce products or services, get connected with prospects, and drive traffic to the business. Nowadays, with the maturity of social media and content-related platforms, business enterprises seek ways of creating and implementing real-time marketing guidelines to stay connected to their customer and get better ROI.


Develop effective marketing strategies with these predesigned Direct Marketing Strategies that result in measurable outcomes.


Align your company’s vision and goals, ensure good results, monitor your business’s day-to-day, and manage all kinds of promotional activities with our professional marketing guidelines presentations. Furthermore, you can also unleash the potential of real-time marketing to tackle current events, customer feedback, and the latest social media trends to generate relevant engagement.


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Let’s dive into the world of marketing guideline templates and choose the best one for you.


Template 1: Accounting-based Marketing to Target Strategic Accounts

Increase your visibility along with sales by targeting the proper strategic accounts and engaging with your customers. Doesn't it sound perfect? An account-based marketing strategy can fulfill your wish. It is a marketing strategy that selects specific companies with customized campaigns instead of focusing on a large group as a whole. Use this presentation template, which encompasses a five-step account-based marketing approach, including identification and profiling of accounts by the sales team, creating content, launching campaigns by the marketing teams, and lastly, measurement and analysis of campaign performance. Save it now!


Use Account-Based Marketing to Target Strategic Accounts


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Template 2: Create Content Strategy that Resonates With Targets

In this digital era, creating a content strategy that resonates with customers has become an indispensable part of social media branding rules. Growing an online presence is a much more effective strategy that resonates with targets. However, it is not as simple as it seems. Learn the art of creating meaningful content with our visually engaging PPT Template to capture the attention of your prospects. It showcases a marketing strategy for creating content that provides value to the customers. It also depicts the requirements of target accounts like high yield, product fit, competitor customers, and strategic importance with appropriate graphical icons. 


Create a comprehensive content management playbook with this ready to use help from SlideTeam featuring our 10 best PPT Templates.


Create Content Strategy that Resonates with Targets


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Template 3: LinkedIn’s Targeting Capabilities for B2B Marketers

Do you know how a B2B digital marketing strategy can help your business? If not, then this captivating PPT Template can make your job easier. This strategy helps to market products and services to other organizations through online platforms and digital technologies. Empower yourself with this B2B marketing strategy and increase your brand awareness together alongside your online visibility. It encompasses LinkedIn's business-to-business marketing strategies, including B2B targeting, versatile ad options, filtered audience awareness, custom-list awareness/nurture, and retargeting-nurture/convert. Grab it today and impress your audience with your digital marketing strategy.


LinkedIn’s Targeting Capabilities for B2B Marketers (Cont…)


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Template 4: Building Ad Sets and Ads Placement

Create opportunities for meaningful engagement with your target audience by using SlideTeam’s innovatively designed Ad building PPT Layout. It portrays all the guidelines for building ad sets and ad placements for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and audience networks. The graphical representation crisply displays the critical data to entice your audience without any hassle. The best part is that it provides a separate part to illustrate the key takeaways so the audience can understand the complete details at a glance. Download now!


Employ this expert-designed help to craft an impactful business promotional plan for you in-house activities and to attract potential customers.


Building Ad Sets and Ads Placements


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Template 5: Drive Organic Traffic With SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is applied by business enterprises to optimize web pages, sites, and content for ranking your page higher in search engines like Google for driving more organic traffic to your site. This PPT Slide provides a clear and concise view of the guidelines required to drive unpaid traffic with SEO. Use it as an informative resource and immerse your audience in the essence of digital marketing strategies. Download now!


Drive Organic Traffic with SEO


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Template 6: Google Analytics for All Web Tracking

Social media reporting tools are essential for digital marketing as they provide insight into the performance of social media platforms, evaluation of audience engagement, campaign effectiveness, and ROI. We present a dark-themed background to highlight reporting tools to measure marketing analytics, such as Google Analytics. It demonstrates web tracking, Google Data Studio to build real-time reporting dashboards, and Google Data Studio reports with a wide range of graphs and charts. Take it now and craft a persuading marketing guideline presentation to identify the accounts with the highest revenue potential.

Keep a close eye on your campaign performances with the vivid collection of campaign dashboards collated in this blog.


Google Analytics for all Web Tracking


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Template 7: Comparative Analysis of Outbound and Real-Time Marketing

Outbound and real-time marketing are different marketing strategies used to interact with their target audience. Outbound marketing is a conventional approach to reaching potential clients on a large scale. Whereas, real-time marketing is a personalized and dynamic approach to reaching potential customers. But to make this comparison more understandable to your audience, we have come up with a simple yet elegant outbound vs real-time PowerPoint Preset. It depicts a comparison of both marketing strategies to determine critical differences and similarities, including elements like social media posting, event management, mobile messaging, and so on. Just own it and go ahead confidently.


Comparative analysis of outbound and real time marketing


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Template 8: Stages of Real-Time Marketing Lifecycle

Here, we are introducing another effective real-time marketing guideline deck that includes comprehensive strategies for business organizations to adopt real-time marketing practices successfully. Use this PPT Design to illustrate various stages of the RTM cycle to enhance customer experience. It showcases critical components like determining real-time use cases, analyzing behavioral patterns of consumers, planning responsive actions, selecting the best targeting method, etc., along with appropriate symbols to provide an eye-catching look. Get it now and deliver complex marketing concepts in a simplified way.


Stages of real time marketing lifecycle


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Template 9: Align Business Goals With Social Media Marketing 

Define your business goals clearly and align them with social media marketing by deploying our user-friendly PPT Template. This prefabricated slide covers different business and social media goals to generate more and more leads and website traffic. It displays elements like awareness, engagement, conversions, consumers, customer retention, etc., accompanied by their KPIs. Download it now and create an impactful presentation with striking visuals.


Monitor your social media success and present it to stakeholders that have a say in it with our ready to use social media report templates.


Align business goals with social media marketing q


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Template 10: Overview and Types of Content Marketing

Want to succeed in the digital marketing business? Creating valuable information, resources, tools, and various contents can help considerably. Content marketing is a big task, and content marketing tools can make it significantly easier. Our real-time presentation template provides an overview of real-time marketing tools and their impact on overall marketing performance. It presents significant components, such as infographics, blogs, podcasts, videos, customer satisfaction, etc., to harness the latest social media trends. Get access now!


Overview and types of content marketing


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Final Thoughts


An efficient and well-designed marketing guideline is handy for reaching target customers, increasing commitment, and attaining business objectively seamlessly. These Top 10 Marketing Guidelines Presentations serve as a guiding light for professionals. The user-friendly interface of these PowerPoint Layouts ensures accessibility, thus effortlessly guiding your audience through your marketing strategies. Do not forget that crafting a cohesive marketing strategy is one of the most critical elements of becoming a marketing professional.


P.S. Effective marketing requires optimum utilization of resources. Here comes the role of the marketing action plan. Please find out more about it here.