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Top 10 Campaign Dashboard Templates With Samples and Examples

Top 10 Campaign Dashboard Templates With Samples and Examples

Nawsheen Muzamil

Nawsheen Muzamil

December 9 2022

Marketing and sales are undoubtedly the primary business mover. Yet, businesses need to design campaigns to use these disciplines to full potential. After this is done, a dashboard is what helps the business owner or CEO take an informed decision.


It is clear that a campaign dashboard is an indispensable tool for business purposes, it helps in the task of monitoring, tracking metrics, and using this data to guide all those involved. You’ll be needing campaign dashboard templates to keep a close eye on how your audience absorbs your content, responds to your campaign, and how the overall efforts bolster sales. 




Did your brand gain from the campaign or has the experience forced you to rethink how you advertise? These are some questions on your mind. 


Don’t break a sweat! SlideTeam presents this all-inclusive collection of campaign dashboard templates to help you track metrics and campaign data at ease. Check now!


Template 1: Marketing Campaign Performance KPI Dashboard


Analyze your marketing campaigns with this KPI dashboard that allows you to track metrics like visitors, traffic sources, conversions, and even bounce rates on a single slide. A mix of graphs, charts and sheets imparts the visibility to complex and real-time data, and you can also project the major findings of your campaign dashboard alongside using this PPT Template. Download now.


Marketing campaign performance KPI dashboard


Download this template 


Template 2: Sales Campaign Pipeline Management Dashboard


Dedicated campaigns must be run to drive in sales and for this you need this management dashboard template to monitor their performance. Track your leads and the consequent revenue derived out of ones that converted. Using this slide, you can assess the performance of your sales managers to compare the campaign performance under each. With this vivid portrayal of metrics, simplify sales analysis of your campaigns today. Download now!


Sales campaign pipeline management dashboard


Download this template


Template 3: Social Media Campaign Performance Dashboard


Monitor the social media channels of your campaign impact with this PPT Template. Tally how well you fared in terms of generating reaches, and consequently leads. Use this slide to keep an eye out on the buzz of online traffic, visits, and revenue derived. Use this dashboard template to display all of this information on a single pane. Get it now!


Social media campaign performance dashboard


Download this template


Template 4: Multiple Online Campaigns Result Dashboard


You could be running multiple campaigns simultaneously or might be needing to go through the previous ones to revise strategies. Here is a campaign dashboard slide for you to contrast and present the analysis from multiple campaigns in action and those from the past. Compare their performances in terms of acquisition, and impact to identify the best performing campaigns and to calculate their influence on the brand image. Record and present your stats with this PowerPoint Design. Get it now.


Multiple online campaigns result dashboard


Download this template


Template 5: Digital Campaign Marketing and Performance Dashboard


Present the overall performance of your digital marketing campaigns with this PPT Slide. The campaigns could be run on social media channels, in email marketing, websites, etc. Visualize how well you are faring across all these aspects on a single dashboard. Note down your visitors and categorize them into leads and strays, simultaneously look for traffic sources with this PPT Layout. Track your monthly revenue generation corresponding to leads and use a funnel diagram to identify the best strategies to enhance sales. Perform this analysis on this single slide and download it from the link below.  


Digital campaign marketing and performance dashboard


Download this template


Template 6: One-Page Dashboard to Measure Social Media Campaign Performance


Here is the one-page dashboard template you were looking for to monitor your campaigns. Assess the impact your campaigns generated over social media channels with this one-page layout. Highlight the key points of the report from individual channels like Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook etc. and use graphs to determine the stats. For YouTube, tally the dynamics of subscribers, and on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, monitor their individual KPIs. Generate a full assessment with this multi-purpose slide. Download it now!


One page dashboard to measure social media campaign performance infographic ppt pdf document


Download this template


Template 7: Social Media Marketing Campaign Management Dashboard


Use this yet another all-inclusive design to track and monitor your social media campaigns with special reference to the geographic reach as signified with the map. Next like every campaign management dashboard parameters like leads, revenue, traffic, etc, to generate a full-fledged report. Get the editable format today by visiting the link below.


Social media marketing campaign management dashboard


Download this template


Template 8: Campaign Sessions and Conversion Performance Dashboard


How well is your campaign running over a period? Assess its performance with this report template. Walk your audience through the major KPIs like Cost Per Clicks, transactions, impressions, sessions, revenue, and performance. Use this slide to bring to the spotlight all these major metrics. Download it now.


Campaign sessions and conversion performance dashboard reshaping product marketing campaign


Download this template


Template 9: Email Marketing Campaign Results Dashboard


It’s time to track the metrics of the email marketing supremacy with this dedicated PPT Template. Record parameters like emails delivered, open rate, actions taken, and overall revenue generated with this dashboard template. Generate monthly and annual reports with this editable PPT Template. Grab it now!


Email marketing campaign results dashboard


Download this template


Template 10: Promotion Campaign Dashboard With Acquisitions and Clicks


Is a promotional campaign live that needs tracking and monitoring? Then deploy this sophisticated PPT Template to obtain key insights of your campaigns. Report on aspects like CPAs, CPCs, CTRs, and acquisitions with this graphical dashboard template. Download it now.


Promotion Campaign Dashboard With Acquisitions And Clicks


Download this template 


We are sure this variety of campaign dashboard templates would have served you well. Find out other dashboard templates for your business here.


PS: It is always better to always stick to mindful and advertising that is based on business first principles. This is why we present this blog on brand framework templates so that your journey onto building a brand is well guided. 


FAQs on Campaign Dashboard

What is a campaign dashboard and when is it created?

A campaign dashboard is a visual representation of data that is live and historic during its course. A campaign dashboard is made alive at the inception of a campaign so as to record the performance of activities, and to channel a meaningful expenditure of resources. It should not only depict measurable data, but that data should also be secure and untampered especially if you are using third-party solutions. 

What are the metrics to be tracked on a campaign dashboard?

A campaign dashboard can highlight a variety of metrics depending on the nature of the campaign and the industry it is run for. Common metrics tracked on dashboards are demographics covered, nature of users, number of sessions, revenue driven, sales generated, number of clicks, traffic sources, bounce rates, etc. These metrics are important for the current campaign as well as for the future high-end projects. You could be creating a digital marketing dashboard, SEO dashboard, e-commerce analytics dashboard, web analytics dashboard, or email marketing campaign dashboard. The metrics will vary accordingly and as per the nature of study.

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