Performance reports have played a part in every individual’s career. Whether it is a school progress report, college transcript, or employee performance review, we all have owned at least one of these documents. 


The main intention behind preparing performance reports lies in sharing constructive feedback with the recipients. As such, multiple such statements can be shared to identify the star performers and the ones in need of improvement. Consequently, there would be promotions, demotions, upgrades, or simply trimming of man-force, resources, or processes in lieu of such reports that can be prepared daily, weekly, or monthly. 


Apropos, SlideTeam has summoned the best one-page performance reports to create a concise and professional record of assessments that canthen be reproduced in formats of your choice. These include PNGs, JPGs, PDFs, and more. 


So without any further ado, let’s walk you through them! 


Template1: One-page Monthly Project Performance Reports


Here is a rather dynamic one-page template to create monthly performance reports. Using a vivid combination of graphs and comparison tables, quantify your team’s monthly performance and the output of the projects undertaken. Additionally, these graphs are Excel-linked, allowing you to visualize the exact scenario.


One Page Monthly Project Performance Reports for Management PPT Template


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Template 2: Weekly Sales Performance Report


Present your weekly sales performance using this dazzling one-pager report template designed in hues of turquoise. Generate real-time graphs and charts owing to the Excel-linked feature of this template. Deduce the customer lifetime, their contributing value, and the crucial “lead to opportunity” value of your weekly sales with this easy-to-edit template.


Weekly Sales Performance Report Weekly Sales Performance Report


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Template 3: One-page Sales Employee Performance Review


Are you looking to present a performance report of your sales team? Here is a well-designed template to compare the various parameters of such an assessment. Compare an employee’s capabilities concerning fulfilling the job responsibilities, meeting the set targets, and rate them on the level of enthusiasm they showcase with this graphically rich one-pager template. 


One Page Sales Employee Performance Review PPT Template


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Template 4: Ecommerce Website Performance One-pager 


How well is your website faring as an e-commerce enterprise? Tally and deduce it in this One-pager performance report template. This graphically illustrated template helps you determine your website traffic sources, monthly sales, audience demographics, and revenue generated, among other discussion factors. So, download this template to create an atmosphere of appreciation and motivation.


Ecommerce Website Performance One Pager PPT Template


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Template 5: One Pager Annual School Library Report 


Present the hustle and bustle of your school library with this one-page-performance report template. Record all the events that happened over the year including the number of new registrations, the number of borrowers, online visits, wifi sessions, etc, in this PPT template. Using infographics, highlight the key statistics, financials, and the activity that the facility witnesses annually. Download this creative template now.


Annual School Library Report One Pager PPT Template


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Template 6: Business Annual Report One-pager PPT


This template will help you deliver annual business performance reports to your senior management and teammates. It has various Excel-linked graphs to present a vivid structural, financial, and futuristic analysis of your business. This one-pager template will highlight your key achievements, revenue charts, and annual strategical revisions. So download now!


Business Annual Report One Pager PPT template


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Template 7: One-page College KPI Performance Report 


Create a comprehensive college KPI report with this template. Prepare this performance report on factors like employment rates, employer satisfaction, students' satisfaction, and more. Tally your results over the years to understand how well you are faring and then work on improving those stats as per your needs.


College KPI Performance Report PPT template


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Template 8: Marketing Campaigns Performance Analysis Report


Analyze your annual, bi-annual, or quarterly marketing campaigns with this one-pager template. Record the impressions, conversion rates, and the average cost per conversion with this composite one-page template. You can also denote your searchability across social media platforms and search engines to track the progress made over the months with this PPT design. Download now to explore its full potential.


Analyzing Our Marketing Campaigns Performance PPT Report


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Template 9: Monthly Digital Marketing Performance Reports


Presenting another dynamic one-page performance report template to showcase your digital marketing efficacy! Study trends, classify campaigns and jot down their effectiveness with this vibrant template. Download this PPT design now to exploit its editability and many other compelling features it offers.


One Page Monthly Digital Marketing Performance Reports for Management Template


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Template 10: One-page Annual Performance Report 


Keep an eye on your funds and ensure they are on track with this investment performance report template. Maintain an annual record of the dynamic stock market with this PPT design. With the amalgamation of factors like performance allocation trends, historical summary, and risk factors, generate a thorough one-pager annual performance report to share with your prospects.


One Page Annual Investment Funds Performance Report Template


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Template 11: Quarterly Stock Performance Report


Monitor your company stocks with this quarterly performance review template. Highlight the opening and closing trading points and the span of rise and fall of stock price with this PPT template. Download now.


One Page Quarterly Stock Performance Report PPT Template


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Template 12: One-page School Performance Report


Are you operating any educational institute and wish to analyze and share its impact on your community? Here is a one-page school performance report to share your performance over a period. Present your demographics, major achievements, and features that distinguish you from your competitors with this template. Inspire your staff about their workplace and motivate the parents looking for enrolling their children in your institution with this PPT template. 


One Page School Performance Report Design PPT Design


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Template 13: Webinar Performance Survey Report


Whether you are a first-timer or have been imploring webinar marketing for a while, it is a good practice to analyze your session. You can base this performance checkup on the number of conversions such as website-driven traffic, app downloads, or registrations post the webinar. With this survey report template, you can even conduct a preliminary assessment of the webinar based on how many of your audience actually shows up and stays throughout the session. Study and present all these parameters by downloading this intuitive PPT template now! 


One Page Webinar Performance Survey Report Design


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Template 14: One-page Hotel Chain Performance Report


If you are operating several hotels, analyze how they perform with this one-page review template. Understand factors that drive revenue from these property assets, and work the feedback to improve them. Download this template to bring into limelight other factors like the total RevPAR, return of capital, the hotel adjusted EBIDTA margin, etc.


Snapshot of Hotel Chain Performance PPT Layout


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Template 15: Current And Previous Year Financial Performance Review


Are your company finances keeping you awake all night long? Do you fear being duped? It’s time to bring your team to action by keeping a vigilant eye on your finances with this one-page financial performance template! Recognize factors that add to your growth and understand dimensions that need restrategizing with this one-page design. So explore this template now!


Current and Previous Year Financial Performance Report PPT Template


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Template 16: Company Ranking and Financial Performance  Report 


Quantify your company’s performance in the market with our performance reports. Highlight your architectural record, interior design, and building design that sets you apart from your rivals with this PPT design. Share a visual snapshot of the financial performance over the years with this Excel-linked bar graph representation. Download now!


Company Ranking and Financial Performance PowerPoint Template

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Template 17: Funds Long Term Investment Performance


Determine and share the performance of your long term funds using this template. Present a clear snapshot of the total returns on your shares based on the previous year's performance. The bar graph shown in this template complements and adds to the comprehension of your performance report, so download now!


Fund’s Long-Term Investment Performance Report PPT Template


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Template 18: Political Website Performance Analysis


Do you wish to deliver a smooth, customer-friendly website experience to your visitors? Then keep an eye on its performance with a predesigned one-page design. Track your website’s performance in times of campaigning or during your activity with this PPT template. Understand the temperament of your audience, especially your supporters, favorable regions to conquer, and much more with this graphically enriched one-page performance report. So download now!


One Page for Political Website Performance Analysis PPT template


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Template 19: One-page Environmental Performance Review


Does your company vouch for environmental sustainability? If yes, then it’s prudent to keep a check on how your products (both useful and waste) affect the environment! This ecological performance overview report showcases your company’s impact on the environment. Highlight the influence of all the steps taken to minimize the harm to the environment, including reduction in the hazardous waste and the emission of CO2. Study the trends of reducing and reusing waste over the years to imply environmental friendliness with our one-page performance reports.


Environmental Performance Overview PPT template


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Template 20: Environmental Performance Summary Report


Here is another one-pager to quantify your environmental friendliness. This graphically supreme environmental performance report shows the trend in reducing CO2 emissions, designating more floor space to green surfaces, and the shift towards renewables over the years. Download now and fascinate your board of meeting on how far you have come!


Environmental Performance Summary of the Firm Report Template


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Template 21: New Joinee Performance Improvement Plan


Is your organization constantly looking for fresh talent to onboard? Here is a new joinee performance improvement plan to study the influence of your efforts on training and perfecting new employees. Highlight their performance deficiencies and chart out an improvement plan with this PPT template. Assign projects, review, and record their performance with this presentable performance report. Download now!


One Page Top New Joinee Performance Improvement Plan PPT Design


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Template 22: One-page Employee Performance Report


Is employee performance review a part of your company’s annual assessment? If yes, here is a performance review one-pager to portray it! Understand your employee’s key strengths and weaknesses, add comments and suggest ways to improve their shortcomings with this PPT design. Finally, rate their growth and development pace with this one-page template.


One Page Employee Performance Review Form PPT template


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Template 23: One-Page Environment Sustainability Scorecard 


How well are you delivering on your environmental sustainability objective? Check with this one-pager scorecard template! Compare and contrast electric and water management over the years with our performance reports. Use this slide to study the trends and strategize accordingly.


Performance Sustainability Score Card Report Template


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Template 24: Company Performance Stats One-page Report


Share your company’s performance snapshot with this one-page teaser template. Highlight your growth in terms of employee number, projects completed, and clients served. Additionally, specify the revenue generated during the fiscal year with this PPT layout. Download now! 


Company Performance Stats One Page Teaser PPT Template


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Template 25: One-pager Public Relation Annual Report


Here is a one-pager report template to be shared with the company chairman on behalf of the general public. Highlight your feats, upgrades, and product rollouts during a specific period with this performance review template. Highlight your funding and revenue amassed with this template. Bring your team, social media channels, and other company details into the spotlight with this PPT template.


One Pager for Public Relation Annual Report


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Template 26: One-page Students Annual Report 


Here is an extensively prepared report card template to share insights into the academic and co-curricular performance of the students. Using a combination of facts, figures, and visual elements, create a full-fledged report on the pupil’s performance to motivate and congratulate them. Download this one-page annual report template now!


One Page Summary for Example of Students Achievements Annual Report PPT


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Template 27: One-pager for College Annual Report 


Present an annual report of your college by including the significant feats with this one-page slide. Share a snapshot of the reviews by your students, employees, and the people impacted by your institute. Additionally, make some of your institutional information such as the name of funders, chairperson, and other communication details public with this one-pager annual college report. Download this report now! 


One Pager for College Annual Report PPT Template


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In addition to this, there are more than 2500 one-pager performance reports you can find on our website. And did you know that you can even have one customized for you and your team? Just get in contact with our research team or place a request here!


P.S: In the business world, there is another performance analysis tool that comes in handy while assessing organizations that goes by the name SWOT analysis. If you are looking for such result-driven SWOT templates that are essential in business decision-making, here is a guide that you need to check. So click and explore now!


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