You wish to kick-start a startup. What are the key ingredients you require?


An idea to base upon, the correct resources to rely on, and some workforce to achieve that objective. In the absence of any of these forces, you are heading unprepared and prone to loss and instability.


Now say your pitch and talent pool is ready at the dock; how further do you think you can leap with limited resources? At one point, you will exhaust them. Especially when you unravel the potential of your startup, you might want to expand and grow. In this scourge, you are definitely going to exhaust your resources to completion. Then what? Is that how startups coalesce? No! Because this is where the idea of budget and financing comes to our rescue, i.e. plan and spend. 




You devise a roadmap of your expenses and spend accordingly, sometimes to purchase resources or raw materials, other times to upskill yourself or your team. During this period, miscellaneous expenses may emerge, and they need equal attention the next time you revise your budget. Thus, a comparison between the expected budget and the actual expenditure becomes crucial to tend to. Avoiding debt and a negative balance is, after all, every business owner’s solace.


This is how your budget vs actual sheet assumes importance. We began with startups, but every business stage needs an insight into their finances until they are intuitive about their profits and savings. 


How Does a Budget Vs Actual Template Serve Your Organization?  


Once you prepare a budget vs actual finance report, it needs to be conveyed to take necessary action upon. This assessment might signal caution in the form of an early cash runway, especially when your burnout rate is uncontrollable. It can also imply stability when your budget is higher than the actual expenditure made in the specified time. Thus, keeping a close watch and making your team aware of your company’s budget versus the actual sheet becomes crucial. 


So here we have shared 10 templates that you can use to create and visualize such comparisons. Share them singly or together in a monthly or annual financial statement analysis report to shed light on your finances. 


Template 1

If you are looking for a all-encompassing slide to analyze actual vs budget amounts, here is a 19-slide complete deck to use. Perform overhead cost budget analysis, quarterly budget analysis, variations analysis, and budget forecasting with this all-in-one budget vs actual PowerPoint presentation.


Actual Expenses Vs Budget PowerPoint Presentation Slides


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Template 2

Here is another actual vs budget variance complete deck to compare the parameters of monthly, overhead, and budget variance. This 21-slide template is additionally equipped with ready-to-use pie charts to variate the visualization of the budget vs actual stats.


Actual Vs Budget Variance PowerPoint Presentation Slides


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Template 3

This is the simplest yet the most explanatory PowerPoint template to study the sales budget vs actual stats. Compare your expenses with the preplanned dispositions for the four annual quarters side by side. The horizontal bar graph look of this budget vs actual PPT template grants it a graphically superior look while comparing data sidewise.


Sales Budget Vs Actual Ppt Design Templates


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Template 4

Use this dashboard PowerPoint template to explain the variation between the actual and adjusted budget for your financial report. Compare the financial performance in three pictorial visuals to study its implication on your startup's well-being. Study the scope of increasing or decreasing your expenses to keep your venture afloat with the deviation column.


Actual Vs Planned Budget Cost M2476 Ppt PowerPoint Presentation Infographic Template


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Template 5

Here is a holistic report that can be edited in PowerPoint or Google Slides to compare the actual cost with the budget for your offices. Track your pre-set budget with the real-time expenditures for various domains like raw material purchase, employee cost, salaries, maintenance, electricity, admin charges, etc, with this PPT design. Deduce your performance in the comments column to create an overall self-sufficient PPT template.


Actual Vs Target Variance PPT Infographics Topics


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Template 6

Here is another simple yet on-point PowerPoint template to perform a budget vs actual analysis. Use this tabular slide to compare production with the funding and understand your flexible budget in this process. Deploy this slide to find the hidden wealth of your finances that gets overlooked under mismanagement.


Actual Vs Budget Analysis PPT Gallery Rules


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Template 7

Here is a long table to perform actual vs target variance with additional room to specify revenue, budget, and profit. Compare these parameters for various jobs or assignments to analyze their financial performance. Download this template now!


Actual Vs Target Variance PPT Infographics Topics


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Template 8

Another elaborate yet thematically unique sheet to compare your budget vs actual cost is presented here in this PPT template. Compare and calculate the difference between the two figures, find variance, and allot comments to each observation in this PowerPoint template.


Actual cost vs budget presentation layouts


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Template 9

Here is a single slide of actual cost vs budget sheet to compare various expenditures within your business or office setup. Add comments to manage your budget for the betterment of your company's financial stability.


Actual Cost Vs Budget Ppt PowerPoint Presentation Professional Slide


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Template 10

This is yet another simple PPT template to compare your office expenditures with the stipulated budget. As a financial analyst for your company, you can suggest ways in the comments to improve your financial position with this budget vs actual cost PowerPoint template.


Actual Cost Vs Budget Ppt PowerPoint Presentation Show Ideas


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These were 10 ready-made templates to compare and present your budget vs actual values that, in turn, determine your company’s financial performance. This sheet can be either presented individually or as a part of comprehensive financial statement analysis. Also, if you are looking forward to preparing a full-fledged financial report, here is a blog  aid. If you found this blog helpful, let us know in the comments below.