"You should invest in the share market"—perhaps the most given advice when you ask someone how to grow your money. After hearing about stock market investment, the first thought that comes into your mind is the risk and volatility of stocks. The human mind needs proof or vital facts to understand and mitigate these risks. This is why you prefer the advice of an investment expert rather than your daily golf buddy. 


If you are thinking: can I be like these experts? Can I also bid with precision in the share market? Don't worry; let us bring KFC’s roasted chicken to your doorstep so that you can relish it like what? An expert! 😉




In this blog, you will learn how to create a stock pitch and its purpose. Also, there are 11 templates to develop and present succinct one-page stock pitches to the audience.  


But, let's first understand its components!


1. Recommendation


It is also known as analyst forecast or Consensus. This is a prediction of company stocks—rise or fall, depending on the circumstances. It helps you determine whether you or your client should invest in a particular stock company or not. If yes, then whether it's for a long position (buying and holding) or a short position (borrowing and selling). A recommendation should also be based on facts and knowledge of the stock market, like company value, targeted share price, and Estimated Price of Share (EPS). Therefore, determine them carefully to give the perfect recommendation.


This template will assist you in doing so.


Template: Recommendations Analysis Presentation Design


This fantastic template can be used to share recommendations for a stock pitch. You can add company stock information, Estimated price, current trend, and more. Our team of professional designers drafted it, so grab it now!


Recommendations Analysis PowerPoint Template


Download this template


2. Company profile


Company profiles are of many types like acquirer, public company, service provider, corporation, etc. As stock pitch creators, we should look at the public profile of the company and its financial position. Information like company products, market capitalization, revenue, profit shares, and EBITDA is also a part of it. So make sure you include them. 


Pro tip: While creating a stock pitch, choose a company wisely. There are organizations that function in multiple industries, like technologies, healthcare, retail, and more. You need to find the one which is industry-specific and performs well in the stock market.


We included a predesigned template for you to share the company profile. Download it now!


Template: Company Profile PowerPoint Presentation Template


Incorporate this slide in your presentation to show the company’s financial background. This slide is fully customizable, and you can easily edit the information, text, color schemes, images, and more to align them with your stock pitch.


Company Profile PowerPoint Presentation Template


Download this template


3. Investment thesis


This is one of the most crucial steps in a stock pitch. It states the "why" factor. why should you invest (as an investor) in this stock? Why is this stock valued at this price, etc? This is where you can convince the clients/audiences to invest in your recommendation.


Our expertly designed template will help you present the investment thesis with panache!


Template: Detailed Investment Analysis PowerPoint Presentation


Use this visually appealing template to present a complete investment analysis of the organization. Draft an eye-catching investment thesis with this professionally designed and highly engaging template. Download it now!


Detailed Investment Analysis PowerPoint Presentation Slide


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4. Catalysts


These are factors that can help the current stocks go up. This mainly includes upcoming global and local market situations and their effect on company products, revenue, and ultimately on the current stock value. They are mainly of two types; soft (potential events) and hard catalysts (definitive events in the future) like global pandemics, recession, and product or service launches. 


Check this template below to impress the audience with your market knowledge!


Template: Catalysts and Headwinds Presentation Slide


This template will help you highlight the catalysts and their effects on the company stock values in the near future. Take advantage of this template to compel the investors to buy or sell the stock in no time. Grab it now!


Catalysts and Headwinds PowerPoint Template


Download this template


5. Valuation


Based on the company value and investment thesis, you can calculate whether a stock is overvalued (more than its intrinsic value) or undervalued (less than intrinsic value). Once this is done, an investment strategy must be created from where you can choose from various tried and tested strategies like value investing, growth investing, momentum investing, and dollar-cost averaging. 


Employ our ready-made template to present the valuation figure in an eye-catching manner.


Template: Valuation Equity Target PowerPoint Template


Use this template to present the current values of company shares. You can present and compare the intrinsic and market values of shares with this PPT design. You can also display the historical data of company shares using this template. Therefore, grab it now!


Valuation Equity Target PowerPoint Template


Download this template


6. Risk factors and mitigation


By this time, you and your investors will have enough information about the company's current stock and forecasted situation. However, it is necessary to craft and present a risk factor analysis for interest rates, exchange rates, commodity prices, stock prices, and more. Also, it's of utmost necessity to craft mitigation strategies to lower the loss due to these factors.


This template can help you share the possibilities of the share market, risk analysis, and its mitigation with the audience. Check it out now!


Template: Risk Mitigation Strategy Presentation Deck


Employ this template to share this risk assessment and your strategy to mitigate them with ease. Without any doubt, this is an ideal choice to get the investor's attention towards an important part of the stock pitch presentation. So click on the link to download it now!


Risk Mitigation Strategy PowerPoint Presentation Slide


Download this template


After understanding the essential components, let us enlist and understand the uses of a stock pitch! 


  1. In interviews — especially for the analyst position — for hedge funds/accounting firms/investment firms/investment banks, and other relevant places.
  2.  While making personal investment decisions.
  3.  While giving professional advice to the investors or clients.
  4. In investment club competitions or debates that help provide reasons for market mispricing.


One-Page Stock Pitch Templates


Our one-page stock pitch templates help you in all situations, from providing a crisp and concise stock pitch to backing them up with facts and figures. So let's explore them now!


1. One-Page Stock Pitch Template for Pharmaceutical Company


Design a persuasive stock pitch for a pharmaceutical company using this template. It has ample space to present each factor of a stock pitch. So convince the investors quickly and easily by presenting the research work with this fantastic template.


One-page Stock Pitch for Pharmaceutical Company PPT Template


Download this template


2. One-Page Stock Pitch Template for Semiconductor Company


This template is crisp and clear for presenting a one-page stock pitch for a semiconductor company. With this document, you will be able to provide a comprehensive view of your services with minimal effort. It will also save you precious time and help you communicate your message to the investors. So download now! 


One-page Stock Pitch for Semiconductor Company PowerPoint Slide


Download this template


3. One-Page Stock Pitch PPT Layout for Aerospace Company


Deploy this template to show the horizon of aerospace company stocks. It is replete with pre-written text and well-marked fields to save you time and effort.  Therefore, try this easy-to-edit template now!


One-page Stock Pitch for Aerospace Company PPT Template


Download this template


4. One-Page Stock Pitch Presentation Design for Departmental Stores


Make an enthralling one-page stock pitch for a departmental store using this expertly designed template. This one-pager is ideal for presenting investment opportunities for chains of mini-marts. Grab this design now!


One-page Stock Pitch for Departmental Stores PowerPoint Slide


Download this template


5. One-Page Stock Pitch Template for Physical Fitness Company


Deliver an all-inclusive one-page stock pitch for a physical fitness company using this template. Mesmerizing color schemes, editable text, and ready-to-present features make this template perfect for your next stock pitch presentation. Therefore, download it now!


One-page Stock Pitch for Physical Fitness Company PPT Template


Download this template


Template 6: Multiple Stock Charts Report Document for Business


This template is an excellent choice if your client doubts competition or is confused about high-performing stocks. Use it to augment and compare the performance of different companies with ease. Since it is an editable template, it will surely help you deliver the best results. So grab it now!


Business Multiple Stock Charts PPT Template


Download this template

The Coda


Stock pitches are the most basic thing for investment marketing. And their understanding is necessary to glide through the bullish and bearish trends.


Our pre-designed and easy-to-use templates can help you create and deliver concise pitches for interviews, club competitions, investment advice, and regular study and practice. So download them now and get started!


P.S: Increase your knowledge about the stock market with the help of this guide. It has the best templates included. So explore and grab your favorites now!


Download the free One-Page Stock Pitch PDF.