Change is a matter subjective to comparison — it can imply both growth or plunge depending on where your interests lie. All you require are checkpoints to compare and determine whether the change has been constructive or otherwise. 


For instance, CEOs would like their company profits to soar, continuously claim the market monopoly, and have impressive customer/employee feedback. Simultaneously, they want to reduce their losses, the failed attempts at running successful campaigns, and avoid insolvency at all costs. All of this is monitored over time or studied with respect to the campaigns that they run! 




Thus, developing a company comparison chart is a much-called-for task that every business owner must look up to. You need to prepare statistics and continuously monitor your performance in light of it. 


Whether financial, departmental, or competitive analysis, keep a watch on your performance to address all the loopholes that could impede your growth. Company comparison chart templates can also allow you to recognize trends and campaigns that worked well for you in the past. It will also come in handy while studying the cause-effect relationship of campaigns, investments, or strategies that your company disposes over a period. 


All of this information needs to be recorded, analyzed, and presented professionally. Here, a company comparison chart template comes to your rescue when sanctifying such surveys. 


Whether you are looking to develop a full-fledged report or a single slide analysis, we have collected some of our best company comparison chart templates to help you deliver impactful reports. Let’s look at them and help you find your best fit.


Template 1: Service Features Comparison Chart


Introducing the company comparison chart template to analyze your services in contrast to the competitors. Compare the key features from your industry with up to eight competitors using this design. You can evaluate your performance based on motion analytics, customer support, product-centric services, etc, and deduce the best-fit strategies to take your brand to heights.


Service Features Comparison Chart With Multiple Competitors PPT Template


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Template 2: Features Comparison Chart For Digital Agency 


Amidst the chaotic rise of digital marketing agencies, how can you stand tall? Introducing our features comparison chart template to tally your critical features with your competitors. Use this graphic to understand the relevance and perks regarding the services you offer for your customers like web designing, video production, copywriting, etc, and work on improving your utilities to attain the market monopoly. Download this extensively practical template now!


Features Comparison Chart For Digital Agency Selection PPT Template


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Template 3: Comparison Chart of Quarter-wise Sales 


To compare your company’s quarter-wise product sales, here is an attractive PPT slide. Address your sales from different market suppliers via this graphical template annually. You can replicate this sheet for multiple regions and add color codes to enhance the aesthetic and readability of its stats. Download this company comparison sheet template now!


Quarter Wise Product Sales By Multiple Supplier Through Comparison Graph PPT Template


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Template 4: Objective Comparison Chart of Companies


Here is another template to create a company comparison of your objectives on a single sheet compared to your counterparts. Using this colorful layout, state your primary/secondary goals and compare their proficiency with your rivals in the market — tracking objectives like earning profits, employee retention, growth, etc. Thus, reform your strategies in light of this template. Like all of the templates available on our website, this one is entirely editable too. Hence start editing and creating inspiring presentations now!


Comparison Table Of Different Companies Objective PPT Template


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Template 5: Comparison Chart for Our Services


This PPT template comprises another company comparison sheet wherein you can analyze your services, their utility, and the subsequent feedback from your customers compared to the competitors. Use the color coded format of this PPT design to fill these bars that are Excel-sheet linked and analyze your areas of improvement and appreciation. Download this graphically clean and easy to edit PPT template today to explore its potential.


Comparison Bar Chart For Our Services PowerPoint Slides


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Template 6: Company Competition Comparison PPT Sheet


This is a single slide to tabulate and compare the features of different products of your competitors. With this PPT template, differentiate up to 8 features of your core rivals that can include everything from generating adequate sales, to employee retention and even customer satisfaction. You can then discuss this slide with your team to devise new strategies to stay ahead of others.


Competition Comparison Table PowerPoint Slide Templates


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Template 7: Project Comparison PPT Sheet


To be able to survive in the market or retain your market monopoly, it is essential to keep track of your competitors. Presenting this company comparison chart to collate the performances and critical features of your direct and indirect competitors to help you gain an understanding of the market standards and devise measures to aim at it. Use this company comparison chart template to compare the features and utilities offered by your rivals and determine your leverage and downside consequently.


Project Comparison PPT Professional Template


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Template 8: Financial Competitive Analysis PPT Template


Use this competitive analysis template to compare your company’s financial well-being with your competitors. You can use this sheet to compare parameters like the total revenue, profit, employee strength, etc, and thus create a financial report card to work upon. In order to grant this template a professional look, you can add your company logo, while the icons will add to the visual aesthetics when distributing amongst your clients. Explore its utility by downloading it now!


Competitive Analysis Financial Comparison Rise Construction Defect Claims Against Company


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Template 9: Service Feature Comparison PPT Template


Here is another valuable template to perform comparative analysis. Use this PPT design to collate the primary features of your company with respect to your competitors and identify your utility and serviceability for the customers and economy in general. Detect areas of up-gradation and recognize your plus points in the market with this company comparison chart template. 


Service Features Comparison Our Company PPT PowerPoint Presentation Infographic Template Portrait


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Template 10: Companies Performance Comparison Chart


Presenting another handy template to simultaneously compare companies based on their latest revisions, focus areas, cost-effectiveness, best features, etc. The slide is completely editable and Excel-linked, allowing you to incorporate both text and graphs. Download this company performance comparison chart now! 


Companies Performance Comparison Chart PowerPoint Templates


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Now you have gone through the ten best company comparison chart templates to determine your futuristic strategies. Use these PPT presentations to brainstorm with your team, discuss action plans, and address concerns that have stunted your growth curves. 


These graphics will help assemble readily available and organized data that is easy to process and analyze. On this note, how is your data governance framework? Have you incorporated a data management and protection tool in your organizations yet? No? Well, here is a guide to help you understand its essence and equip you with templates to devise one robust strategy for your organization! 


P.S: Do you have any suggestions for us? Let us know in the comments section below.