Two years ago, we all were at our wits' end; our businesses took to halt, institutions shut down, and we were confined within the walls of our homes – courtesy of the pandemic!


While a few of us succumbed to the pressure, others found ways to express their individuality. For some, livelihood was the prime instigator, yet for others, boredom drove their inner entrepreneur to be expressive.




As a consequence, reports suggested a 24% hike in entrepreneurship in the US alone since the first tracking began in 200! Undeniably, most startups and businesses directly influenced lives worldwide. Cleaning services, delivery services, and online grocery stores have evolved to become a necessary part of our lives. 


Watching all this startup mania, one is in awe of how a natural holocaust managed to filter the successful entrepreneurs of today, who, despite the adversities, caused their hustle to become indispensable!


Every entrepreneur strives to score the best – if only there was a strategy to adapt to this overcrowding arena – one could prepare well for the next surge in competition.


Actually, there is – Porter's five forces model! 


The idea of Porter's five forces model prepares novice and established businesspeople for all kinds of adversities. It bolsters you right from pursuing a business to delving into a competitive environment, finally securing your stance amidst the competition and the incoming hustlers.




But How Can One Begin Strategizing With The Porter's Five Forces Model? 


Every business that enters the market faces the threat of five forces – existing competition in the market, the threat of new entrants or incoming hustlers, suppliers' monopoly and limitation, buyers' monopoly and limitation, and the threat of substitute products. Let’s explore these five forces!


  • Rivalry or Competition: The competitiveness of a business niche is determined foremost by the pre-existing number and the strength of the competitors. For example, for a retail store brand like Amazon, there exist parallel rivalry forces like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and Costco. So, if a business wishes to compete with one, it ought to keep in mind the competition.


  • Entrants: How do you think dynasties toppled? There was always someone better, more robust than that weak aristocrat, vanquished by the former. This holds true for businesses too! For instance, Tesla has dominated the clean fuel transportation industry for a long. Well, say hello to Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Volkswagen, and Volvo, who are now active in the Electric Vehicle space.


  • Suppliers: If your area of expertise lies in processing, the dependency on your supplier can impact your business substantially. The limitation of raw materials creates an indirect impact of competitors in purchasing similar products. Along with this, other connecting factors in ferrying the raw materials play a crucial role in your growth and overall profitability.


  • Customers: From the buyers' aspect, businesspeople can be sensed as an option in presence of their competitors in the market. Therefore, your PR and overall brand image should be strong to avoid being the customer's second choice. Best, you ruminate in this direction too!


  • Substitutes: Lastly, never underestimate the threat of substitute products that conform to the preference and purchaseability of your target customers! 


Seems like good pointers to start researching and strategizing, nay? If enough is impressed in this direction, we present the top 10 templates to warm up your team for the competitive environment that lies ahead. Besides, these stunning templates highlight the five dimensions of competition that every business crosses roads with.


Let's take a look at them and begin strategizing!


Template 1: Competitive Landscape Model PPT Presentation 


Let's begin with an overall analysis of your competitive environment, with this 55-slide complete deck that can help you explore the in-depth potential of Porter's five forces model. This template includes identifying competitors, their nature, number, and rigorous comparison of products. Use the graphs and charts given in this presentation to perform side-by-side analysis and churn out the best working strategy to fend off any threat of replacement.


Competitive Landscape Model PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template


Template 2: Porter's Five Force Model Strategy PPT 


The beauty of Porter's five forces model is that it applies to any business area, including the domain of marketing and communication. This 12-slide infographic presentation addresses the various aspects of marketing where competitors can cross swords with you. With this visually aesthetic PowerPoint presentation ensures you stay on top by analyzing your strategic position in management, marketing operations, etc.


Porters Five Force Model Strategy Implementation Marketing Communications


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Template 3: Porter's Diamond Elements Structure for Firms


If you want to portray an in-depth assessment of Porter's five force model, here is a PPT template to benefit your team. Use this design to monitor in detail the various factors governing those five competitive forces that directly or indirectly affect your firm. Deploy this business model presentation to drive monetary benefits and determine business strategies with multiple factors at play.  


Porter's Diamond Elements Structure Government Industries Business Organizations


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Template 4: Porter's Five Forces Analysis Capital Requirement

Looking for a single slide to explain the impact of Porter's five forces? Check out this editable tabular format template describing the five market forces in detail. The slide is completely editable, you can alter its contents and even add elements to improve your audience engagement. Get started today.


Porters Five Forces Analysis Capital Requirements PPT PowerPoint Presentation Information


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Template 5: Porter's Five Forces Model for Strategy Analysis


The primary objective behind Porter's model is strategizing. Therefore, we present this stunning template to help you focus on strategies to improve your stance in the market. You can use this design to optimize the best possible moves and deploy them gradually.


Porter Five Forces Model For Strategy Analysis


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Template 6: Real Estate Porter's Five Forces Model PPT Design


Like any other business area, real estate is witnessing a rise in competitors who get better at listing properties. If you are in this business, use this slide to comprehend the competitiveness. Highlight the five types of contests for realtors to claim their share of business like existing rivalry among the competitors, the threat of entrants, etc.


Real Estate Porters Five Forces Model PPT Design


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Template 7: Porter's Five Forces Model for Market Entry Analysis


If you have kick-started your enterprise, it becomes imperative to analyze your market entry beforehand. Here is Porter's five forces model template to analyze your stakes in the game. Use this template to comprehend the five factors – existing rivalry, the threat of new entrants, substitution peril, and the demerit of bargaining in every business setup. 


Porters Five Forces Model For Market Entry Analysis


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Template 8: Porter's Five Forces Model PPT Presentation


This is another competitive model template to analyze the level of competition within an industry and devise strategies to extract your share of profits. Highlight the pressure points for each source of competition and share a crisp, uniquely researched technique to achieve it within this template. Download now.


Porters Five Forces Model PPT PowerPoint Presentation Ideas Example


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Template 9: Porter's Five Forces Model Intensity of Rivalry PPT


Here is another template to put to use and address the competitiveness of your niche. Identify the weak spot of those five indelible competition sources and devise strategies to counterattack them with this design. You can also share examples and visuals to help your team strategize better.


Porters Five Forces Model Intensity Of Rivalry Sbo


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Template 10: Porter Generic Strategies for Healthcare Industry


Lastly, presenting this strategic approach template to combat the various levels of competition within the healthcare industry. Use this XY chart design to understand the scope and expense of revitalizing your position. Know which strategy benefits you well in terms of low, medium, or optimum investment compared with the scope and the ROI. In combination with Porter's five forces model, deploy an optimal strategy for the team today!


Porter Generic Strategies For Healthcare Industry


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Once your competitive environment is mapped, and strategies are devised accordingly, it's time to focus on a full-fledged growth strategy to thrive amidst the competition. Therefore, we present this comprehensive guide stocked with growth strategy templates. Read on to embark on the journey of pre-planned success today!


Download the free Porter's Five Forces Model Template PDF.