On 28th October 2021, after acquiring 91 companies over 15 years, Facebook announced its major transition into Meta – an interface encompassing the major social media utilities where people can connect and share their uniqueness with the world.


Notable among its acquisitions have been WhatsApp and Instagram, that granted Facebook a peephole into the customer's choices (not to sideline its intrusive policies that have triggered the whistleblowers and appalled the general public from time to time). 


Nonetheless, Facebook has evolved to become a favorite social media application for netizens worldwide, hosting populations from every age, demographic, or geography. Businesses use social media as a tool to exploit their social, ethnic, and geopolitical diversity to drive sales. 




Adding to the boom of online businesses and presence, the current pandemic has also done its bit in attracting entrepreneurs and brands both young and established towards social media. 


Therefore, it seems only fitting for businesses to start taking social media marketing seriously. In particular, a religious Facebook advertising plan is the need of the hour because with your customer base set, Facebook's economical advertising can influence them immensely. Additionally, you can't deny the fact that online purchasing has become the favorite pursuit of shoppers worldwide!


But Why Facebook and How to Create a Facebook Advertising Plan? 


As of 2020, Facebook covers 2.7 Billion users of the total 7.9 Billion population worldwide, ready to absorb your content and get in touch with you. 


But do you have what it takes to cater to this audience and relish the sales like never before?


The number isn't as intimidating to please as it appears. In fact, the audience lies in a pool of ambiance, lesser restrictions, and a growth-friendly environment that Facebook offers. And with its characteristic incorporations of virtual and augmented reality, you can literally display your products/services and utilize the brilliant cost-effective advertising to promote your brand making it an attractive pursuit for both small and established businesses.


All it requires is a tactical bent of mind, clear visualization of the target audience, and the frequency, budget, and strategic sale of your USP! In fact, the whole idea of Facebook advertising revolves around four parameters:


  1. Round up your target audience.
  2. Define your budget.
  3. Imbibe your USP in the social media content.
  4. Deploy an effective campaign 


Next in line is the execution of these tactics; round up your team and get started on strategizing. If you're on the same page about taking your online business to new heights, we have collected the best PPT designs for you to get started. Choose the relevant Facebook advertising plan template of your choice.


Whether it is creating a working plan with your team, chiseling your target audience, managing your advertising budget, or simply exploring the various advertising mediums – we have catered to each of these requirements with our unique template collection. 


So let's dive right into it!


Template 1: Facebook Advertising PowerPoint Presentation


Introducing this 27-slide company report PPT presentation on Facebook advertising to enhance your online presence and strengthen your business. You can localize your target audience, devise measures to create effective campaigns, manage budget and compare the results with this Facebook advertising Plan template. So download it right away!


Facebook Advertising PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template


Template 2: Facebook Marketing PowerPoint Template


This is another complete deck PowerPoint presentation comprising 12 dashboard slides to compare and visualize your Facebook marketing campaigns. Schedule tasks, perform analysis, and compare results for each campaign with this Facebook Marketing dashboard presentation. Download once and use it multiple times!


Facebook Marketing Advertisement Strategy Dashboard Developing Goals PPT Template


Download this template


Template 3: Types of Facebook Ads PPT Template


Here is a Facebook advertising plan template to inform your team about the various Facebook Advertisements that they can target. You can promote an Advertisement creative with this graphic to boost reach, direct people to your mother website, promote your Facebook page, increase engagement, etc, to suit your particular campaign. Download Now!


Facebook Advertising Various Types Of Facebook Ads PPT PowerPoint Presentation Diagram Templates


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Template 4: Types of Users for Facebook Marketing


This creative PPT template will help you define your target audience by staying updated on the kind of audience that exists on Facebook. You can use this design and depict that the Facebook audience comprises local business people, brands, non-profit organizations, and personalities besides the general population present online. So download it immediately!


4 Types Of Users For Facebook Marketing PPT Template


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Template 5: Budget Setting PPT


Use this PPT design to represent how paid advertising represents a crucial activity in running online campaigns being more effective and responsive than unpaid advertising, drives less effort, and is time-saving. However, it is equally important to define a budget so that you don’t run bankrupt while attaining desirable results. Here is a spreadsheet template to keep track of your advertising expenses spent on different projects to compare the actual vs budget amount.


Facebook Advertising Budget Setting PPT PowerPoint Presentation Ideas Aids


Download this template


Template 6: Quarterly Product Marketing Roadmap with Facebook Campaign


Use this attractive design to schedule and track the three marketing aspects for running ads on Facebook, i.e. content marketing, digital marketing, and product marketing spread over the four annual quarters. Align tasks corresponding to these marketing tactics and use this parallel chart representation graphic to track and schedule the entire campaign. Download now! 


Quarterly Product Marketing Roadmap With Facebook Campaign PPT Presentation


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Template 7: Four Stages of Facebook Ads and Inbound Marketing

A brilliant tactic in Facebook advertising is inbound marketing, i.e. feeding the customers their desirable content. Use this Facebook advertising plan template to focus on the four core stages of successful inbound and Facebook Advertisement marketing – attract, convert, close, and delight. Using this flowchart presentation, coalesce the journey of creating promoters out of strangers.


4 Stages For Facebook Ads And Inbound Marketing PPT Template


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Template 8: Facebook Marketing Strategy Tracking and Analysis


This is an invigorating dashboard slide to track and analyze the performance of your Facebook marketing strategy. Track actions on your ads, conversion rates, the effectiveness of various campaign modes, etc, with this multi-graphical spreadsheet template. Download it without any hassle! 


Facebook Advertising Track And Analyze Your Facebook Marketing Strategy PPT PowerPoint Presentation


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Template 9: Benefits of Using Facebook Advertising Platform 


Knowing the reason why you are running Facebook ads is itself a vital impetus to attaining desirable results because then the enthusiasm runs within your team. You can use this template to share the bounties of Facebook’s advertising platform, such as increased sales, wider reach, engagement, and increased brand awareness, among others. Let the motive drive the results with this template. So, download it now!


Benefits Of Using Facebook Advertising Platform To The Company Strategy Effectiveness PPT Icons


Download this template


Template 10: 9Es for Facebook Marketing


To wrap up this session, here is a creative PPT template to increase your team's engagement in the journey of executing a successful Facebook advertising plan. This schematic presentation shows the 9Es of successful marketing when it comes to expanding the customer base – expected, express, exclusiveness, emotional, enriching, evoke, educate, engage, and entertain. You can download this design to satisfy all these aspects in your next Facebook marketing campaign.


Key Effective 9 Es For Facebook Marketing To Increase Customer Base


Download this template


Download your best fit template and claim the unattained heights of successful Facebook marketing. Whether you are aiming for greater reach or higher engagement, know your tools and, before anything else, prescribe a budget to be used wisely.


With strategy and resources in line, the next advisable step is to design a powerful social media creative with a CTA that lures your audience. Here is your guide comprising editable CTA templates that you can deploy in advertising.