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Digital data
Top 10 PowerPoint Templates to Harness the Power of Digital Data

Top 10 PowerPoint Templates to Harness the Power of Digital Data

Kritika Saini

Kritika Saini

June 21 2021

In Victorian times, people used multiple sequences of ON and OFF to communicate over distant places. They achieved it with an electric telegraph by sending messages later converted into morse code (a series of dots and dashes that represented all the letters of the alphabet, punctuation, and numbers) for the actual translation. 


Similarly, the information on a computer is processed and stored in binary language with just the numbers 0 and 1. It gets collected in transistors (switches) as either on or off, just like a digital signal. 


Notably, all this complex information is digitized. So whenever you send an email, read a social media post, or take a picture on your electronic camera, you are dealing with digital data. 




The crux of digital data


Digital data includes highly sophisticated and massive volumes of binary data that capture the physical world elements and stimulate them for technological application. 

It is a server that holds all types of uploaded data such as media files, audio files, customer information, purchase data, behavior patterns, and more. 


According to the Global Datasphere forecast, approximately 59 zettabytes of data was created and consumed in 2020. With the rise in data storage, companies are shifting from traditional storage methods (RAM or hard drive) to cloud systems. 


Consequently, this dramatic change has optimized collaboration, increased data quality, and reduced the labor burden associated with obtaining and analyzing digital data. Besides these, let’s check out the four main advantages of digital data. 


1. Saves cost by canceling the hiring, training, and employment of the data entry staff along with the purchase and set up of heavy machines. 


2. Increases speed and efficiency by reducing the duration of data collection, analyzing time, and distributing the results. Also, the digital data can be easily updated and pushed to the desired individual. 


3. Improves data quality by reducing the possibility of error when the data is being collected and automated for data auditing. Additionally, the digital data can be quickly stored, copied, backed up, and encrypted for confident future access. 


4. Initiates visibility and tracking by providing real-time insights about the collected data. Plus, analytics empowers organizations to manage both assets and people efficiently. 


Therefore, digital data is a perfect fit for companies that gather heavy chunks of quantitative data in numbers, multiple-choice, dates, images, and more. 


Top 10 digital data templates


We present our 10 stunning digital data templates to help you infuse this digital change in your organization and encourage your in-field employees, utility and refinery workers, equipment maintenance staff, and others to use phones or tablets instead of paper. Let’s explore them one by one and train company employees to harness the power of digital data. 

Template 1

Display how raw data is converted to machine-readable form, the flow of data through the CPU to output devices, and output formatting with this creative template. The design is easy to edit. So download it and make the desired changes. 


Digital Data Processing Template

Download Digital Data Processing Template 

Template 2

Share a robust digital data transformation blueprint depicting how an organization moves through a period of significant change. The template exhibits three pointers including customer experience, internal operations, and business model. So download and use it to captivate your audience. 


Enterprise Digital Data Transformation Strategy Framework

Download Enterprise Digital Data Transformation Strategy Framework

Template 3

Identifying and locating sensitive mobile forensic data is crucial for adequately protecting or removing it. This template includes an 8-step data collection process. So download this digital data design and incorporate it in your business investigation process presentation.


Mobile Forensic Legal Investigation Process for Digital Data

Download Mobile Forensic Legal Investigation Process Template

Template 4

Prepare a lucrative process for effectively digitizing future data with this well-structured template. The design includes a plethora of features, of which flexibility tops the list. So download it and help your company to easily preserve, access, and share data. 


Future System Digitized Data PPT

Download Future System Digitized Data Available Resources Template 

Template 5

Pick this template and find a suitable platform for storing your account payable, expense reporting, budget, and other department reports. The design can be easily edited. So download it and help your employees find specific files at the required time. 


Digital Document Data Storage Template

Download Digital Document Storage Template 

Template 6

This handpicked template will help your employees understand the importance of digital data security. Besides, it will help protect your data from destructive forces and unauthorized actions of unwanted users. Download it and strategically remove cyberattacks and data breaches from your company. 


Digital Data Security Template

Download Data Security PowerPoint Slide

Template 7

This exclusive template will help you select the most suitable filtering process for a small time-domain window of signal data. So you can download it and establish a comparison between finite and infinite pulse responses. 


Technology Icon For Digital Data Filtering Process Template

Download Technology Icon For Filtering Process Template 

Template 8

Select this attractive data analytics template and create a four-quarter roadmap to analyze digital data from various sources such as websites, mobile applications, laptops, PCs, and more. Download and use it conveniently to make the desired edits. 


Digital Data Analytics Roadmap Template

Download Digital Analytics Roadmap With Four Quarters Template 

Template 9

With the increase in chronic diseases, it is critical to address the needs of all patients. You can pick this digital data template and increase the productivity of medical research and development over the coming years. So download instantly and use it to drive drug discovery by machine learning and analytics. 


Digital Data Icon For Research And Development

Download Digital Icon Template For Research And Development

Template 10

Explain the process of digital data transfer with this well-researched binary code slide. The template is designed by our team of professionals. So grab it right away! 


Binary Code Icon For Digital Data Transfer

Download Binary Code Icon For Digital Data Transfer Template 


In conclusion


New studies predict that the amount of data created over the next three years will be more than the data produced over the past 30 years. Therefore, to shape your company’s future, you need to adopt, adapt, and actualize data digitization. And these digital data templates will surely help you create forward-looking management.


P.S: Integrate new and improved technologies into your business model with our creative digital transformation templates featured in this blog. 


And to design an explicit and invigorating digital data presentation for your webinars and conferences, you can connect with our design team

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