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Introducing Business Development Strategy For Any Organization PowerPoint Presentation Slides. Download this professionally created complete PPT deck and get access to 49 fully editable slides. You can make the desired changes to the background, font, text, colors, and background with ease. This PowerPoint slideshow supports standard and widescreen resolutions. You can even view it on Google Slides. It is also possible to convert this PPT file into different formats like JPG, PDF, and PNG.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

A company’s success or failure  depends on  the business development strategies it follows. Strong relationships and increased revenue is the result of a robust strategy.

If you think that starting a new business is mind-numbing and complex, then think again! In essence, launching a new venture is the easy part. How you plan to extend and stay in business is the tricky part. Change is the only constant and businesses which adapt to this tumultuous time  survive in this evolving world. Your business development strategy should be such that they are flexible to change as time progresses.

"It’s not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change." Charles Darwin, Naturalist

While drafting a strategy, the following actions are required:

  • Identifying what your target audience wants and their pain-point is valuable in building a successful business strategy.

  • Analyzing the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses is an essential step towards drafting a strategy.

  • Setting realistic goals and objectives. After understanding the target market and competition, setting realistic objectives  help you stay focused and measure progress.

To draft and align a business development strategy that is profitable for your business, SlideTeam has curated this PPT Template bundle in 49 slides. These slides are 100% customizable and editable and provide you with much needed headstart for your organizational growth. These pre-designed slides provide a structure that gives you the flexibility to focus on what’s more important: the content, rather than the design.

Template 1: Ways to Grow your Business

This Template discusses key strategies for business success. It includes a comprehensive business plan which encompasses sales, marketing, distribution and logistics. In addition identifying target markets, customers, and geographic locations is  mentioned in this slide. Lastly, it emphasizes the need of a unique selling concept highlighting product offers and services, etc. This serves as a roadmap for long-term business expansion.

Template 2: Market Strategy Options

This Slide for Market Strategy Options focuses on targeting, diversification, and profitability. The template highlights the importance of market strategies and suggests getting rid of unprofitable areas, focusing on specialist areas and branching into new markets. To better target markets, you must perform profitability analysis, discover niches, and investigate growth potential. Effective strategies ensure that investments are in line with market demands and maximize their returns.

Template 3: Product Strategy Options

This Slide showcases Product Strategy Options, including reduced operating expenses, less costly product price, and increased offerings. It illustrates these possibilities using a color-coded comparison chart, showcasing benefits such as higher profit margins, lower consumer costs, and a competitive edge. The slide highlights that by lowering costs, more customers are attracted, while increased offerings enhance customer value. This slide  helps consumers grasp a company’s strategic decisions for product enhancement and increased revenue generation.

Template 4: Pricing Strategy Options

This Template displays  pricing methods, including anchor, penetration, economy, cost-based, value, and package pricing, etc. It includes an appealing visual that helps in comprehension and decision making. The attractive layout increases engagement, making it a useful tool for researching and implementing price choices. This helps evaluate the influence of price on revenue, market positioning, and consumer perception.

Template 5: The Perfect Growth Strategy Formula

This PPT Slide includes an  elaborate growth plan formula for business development. It focuses on using  killer product value with accurate segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) to promote business growth. It discusses ways for aligning product excellence with strategic market emphasis, resulting in an ideal growth curve. Businesses that  integrate these features  gain a competitive advantage, attract target customers, and produce considerable growth potential.

Template 6: Eight Key Dimensions of Product You Can Improve Upon

This Template presents eight essential characteristics for product evaluation: Performance, dependability, durability, conformity, features, serviceability, aesthetics, and perceived quality. Each component is essential to company success, providing a thorough framework for evaluating product quality. Employ this slide to analyze and improve many elements of product development, providing the highest market competitiveness and customer happiness.

Template 7: Acquire Competitive Advantage

This Template comprises parts on market analysis, differentiation approaches, innovation initiatives, and optimal resource use.  It comprises an appealing visual that highlights a column on  sources such as first-mover advantage, low-cost, manufacturing, speed, reputation and so on, as well as a current column and a suggested for development column. The slide intends to help businesses find and capitalize on chances to surpass competitors and grow in their respective industries.

Template 8: Analyze Your Product  Vis-aVis Competitors

Use this Template to highlight the product analysis of your offering vis-a-vis other products.  This analysis is based on  product quality, packaging, ease of use, price and effectiveness. This slide also highlights the importance of the product to the customer, the product’s core features and its rating. It showcases columns for two competitors and can be customized according to requirement. This PPT Template is represented in a vibrant color combination of yellow and blue which makes it visually appealing.

Template 9: Identify Your Target Customer

This Slide includes demographic and psychographic information as well as goals and targeted marketing messaging. It includes creating client personas that highlight age, gender, hobbies, and goals. Also, create messages that meet their wants and desires. This complete strategy enables accurate targeting and effective communication methods to increase engagement and conversion rates.

Template 10: Growth Strategy Plan

If you need growth, this slide is a must. It focuses on market analysis, competitive positioning, target audience identification, and strategic activities. A visual showing the Growth Option, Goal and Initiatives are included in this informative template. It provides guidance for developing a complete plan to sustainably increase operations and maximize profitability in ever changing business conditions.


Drafting a successful business development strategy is the key to achieving progress and competitive advantage in the marketplace. A strategy is not a one-time plan, but  one which continues and requires monitoring, adapting and improving. With the right resources like this PPT Template bundle, you can build a solid foundation for growth and build a booming business.


The purpose of this presentation is to provide a comprehensive guide to help organizations align all parts of their company and create strategies to grow their business.

Some of the key strategies to grow a business mentioned in the presentation include market strategy options, customer strategy options, geographic strategy options, product strategy options, service strategy options, premium pricing, sales strategy options, distribution strategy options, and marketing strategy options.

STP stands for Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning. It is important in business development strategy because it helps businesses to identify and target specific customer segments with tailored marketing messages and products.

The Growth Matrix is a tool used to analyze a company's products and identify opportunities for growth. It can be used in business development strategy to help companies focus their efforts on products with high potential for growth.

Companies can improve their competitive advantage by analyzing their product value vis-à-vis competitors, refining their target market, strengthening communication channels with customers, and innovating to lead.

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