Thankful PowerPoint Slides, Presentation Slides and PPT Template

Christian Sermons on Thankful from the Bible for Pastors. It is always good to be thankful. It ensures that good wishes continue to come our way. Folks will always feel like being helpful. We can be sure that we already have a lot to be thankful for. Right from the day of our birth we have all been consistently helped. In some way or the other. In some form or the other. By somebody or the other. We may not realize this important fact. Some of us do not want to acknowledge it. But the truth is that we depend on others for a lot of things. We like to display independence. We assume that we are completely self sufficient. But life drives home the reality at some stage or the other. Use our Church PowerPoint templates to expose the folly of such a thought process. Prove that being thankful is a necessity. In fact, at times, even our enemies have helped us. Quite often we improve and become better because of them. Thanksgiving to all in our journey through life is called for. Above and beyond all we need to be thankful to the Lord. For this life is but a gift from Him. He has given it to us for us to cherish it. To utilize it effectively to achieve the goals He has set for us. We should thank Him for all the abilities He has bestowed us with. He has given us the power to think. To figure out right and wrong. To act accordingly for the good of all His creation. We must be thankful to Him for sending His Son to us. He came down from the heavens for our good. He took on our suffering and sorrow. He accepted the cross so that we may be saved. He left behind His apostles to guide us along in our lives. He bade the Holy Spirit to descend upon us. To convey His wishes and commands. To give us the belief that He is there for us. His arms are wide open to welcome us all. We just need to be grateful and thankful for all His blessings.
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